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Stick Squad: Sniper Battlegrounds (by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG) - Android Gameplay HD

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Every bullet counts in the next epic entry of the Stick Squad saga.

Take the Shot!

Every bullet counts in the next epic entry of the Stick Squad saga.
This time around, world-class sniper Damien Walker and assault specialist Ron Hawkings are on a suicide mission to save the world.
Embark on a breakneck journey across battlegrounds around the globe and uncover an over the top story that does not take itself too serious.

Shoot your way through hordes of bad guys or take your time and eliminate them from a distance.
Every mission requires a unique approach but always has the same result: dead bodies dropping on the floor.

To get the job done you can choose from 20+ weapons, each with tons of upgrades.
The possibilities are nearly limitless!
The Stick Squad guys have the right tool for every encounter.

Download the best free stickman shooter game right now!

- Hilarious yet engaging story
- 15+ Weapons with tons of upgrades
- More than 30 diverse missions
- Full character customization
- Slow Mo and bullet time effects
- Compete against friends on Facebook

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Pls! Fix the Energy! It wasn't recharges when I left the game,I dont receive any notifications .. I love this game but fix the recharge energy,make it recharge pls.. I used to play this up after my School. Anyway the gameply and the graphics are Awesome... Only the energy is the problem. Tnx!
Flood 5
The game is very fun to just sit down and play for a while. The controls are nice, except the steady scope mechanic is not highly liked if I say. The graphics are similar to other stickman based sniper games, or etc. In the end the game is fun to play, although maybe not the greatest.
Siddharth 4
The game is addictive but I am unable to figure out to get pass through mission 20. This is really annoying and i am unable to find the method on Google too..So I request the creator to please tell me or else soon I am going to uninstall it...
Sajid 5
Amazing game! Finished the game in 2 days. Hope you add new missions soon. And whoever finds it difficult to clear mission 20, just tap the gun when Ron throws it and shoot Clark immediately. That's it!
Ian 5
This is cool! But theres a little bit problem with the scope. Its moving!! I cant stop moving it up and down. Its hard to stay focus on the target. Or maybe that is a part of the game? Answer plss!!
David 3
Big red firing button but doesn't register half the time. Very frustrating to have a shot lined up go to fire and nothing happens.
Zaheera 4
Good graphics and love the con trolls but what would make this game a dream is that if the developers could add a consept were you can challenge other players around the world according to your rank. The more online/multilayer games you won the higher your rank. Pls add this feature it would be my dream.☺
Reza 5
Hey creator!! Really awesome game to play!! i will say that this game is the coolest game ever! just one little thing,only one little thing, when i close the game it won't refill the stamina by itself,so can you fix this?? make the game can refill the Squad's stamina by itself,thanks 😊😊😊
Lakshay 5
This is amazing! I have been waiting from many weeks for the fifth version of stick squad, and now it is here! But there is a problem, whenever I quits the game, the energy does not recharges, it only recharges when I have started the game, please fix this.
Z 2
Controls are challenging. But O hope energy continues to raise even if the player leaves the game. It zeros out if unused and thats disappointing.
Takato 4
I'm a big fan of this game I love this game so much but I give 4star because the new stamina system was completely annoying when I come out of the game the stamina will not restore just keep in 0 can you do something for it I will give a 5 Star in other words this is awesome game


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