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Pet Alliance 2 Android Gameplay

Description & Details

Begin the adventure in Pet Alliance World along with your dearest Pet companion!

Fight in real-time, challenge other players and make sure you have the best strategy to defeat them all. Combine the stamina and the rounds to make the best moves against your enemy and become the top Pet Trainer! Follow our Facebook Fan Page for more updates!

Pet Alliance is back! Pet Alliance 2 is presented with huge improvements in gameplay, graphic design and addition of new social features! Prepare to capture your monsters, join a league, collect emblems, and fight in real time and more on this new monster adventure, completely free!

It’s time for you to discover the colorful Pet Alliance World and set on the journey to be the greatest Pet Trainer of all!

Game Features:

★ Choose from a wide array of cute and feisty Pets and add them to your collection;
★ Evolve, enhance, and upgrade your Pets into more powerful and complex forms;
★ Cast spells, throw flames, shoot lightning bolts and more;
★ Solve puzzles and FIGHT in this round-based strategy RPG;
★ Compete in PVP arena and duel with others in real-time;
★ Learn life skills and build your homeland;
★ Choose your character’s apparel and style;
★ Talk to your friends in real-time voice chat;
★ Explore new domains, unlock new powers and obtain valuable goods;
★ Develop your own strategy and team up with your buddies.
More surprises waiting for you to explore!!

Prepare to launch into the new Pet Alliance World!

Languages Available: English and simplified Chinese.
More languages (Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, etc.) can be expected in the near future.

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Latest Ratings

Christian 5
Very accomodating. They always made sure that plauer inquiriea are always attended, this is also the first game app that I played that invited regular and willing players to become game masters or GM, for the purpose of helping the beginners to enjoy the game better. I also experienced bugs and purchased problems, but after I reported it both to google play store and PA2 thru FB message, in less than an hour, PROBLEM SOLVED!!! That's how fast they are :) and becausw of that, even though the game ia still developing, I gave them 5 stars :)))
blair 5
At first i had crashes everytime i tried to login/play since the new update this issue for me has been resolved and i have no longer experienced any crash of any sort. I recommend others that have had this crash to reinstall and try now since the update. It's highly addictive once you get the hang of it and reminds me alot of the pokèmon sort of gaming. I got really good service when i sent these guys an email about the crash and they did a wonderful job with helping me through. Look forward to further updates :)
Mangesh 1
The reason for 1 star is do you guys even have a customer service? I tried contacting you regarding deleting my account and refunding purchase that was unintended and yet I received no reply. I would caution everyone again if they are thinking of spending some money in this game. If you get your money taken without receiving benefit there is no customer care to complain to...
Geoffrey 5
After 3 times trying to play the game, I'm not impressed. Each time it says login failed and starts to go to start screen, What I've seen so far looks okay. I have made it to the Lab to pick a monster. If it could actually play it would be alright. After reading someone elses review on here, of which I say thank you to the person. I went through the various servers that come with the game and found one that sorted out the problem. I have now started playing,the game and found it most enjoyable. Thank you for getting back in touch with me, Iam sorry I never saw your reply before. I have amended my star rating to a 5 because I have been playing it now and found it a good game to play.
Hmd 4
I cant login. It keep saying that the network is unstable. But my coverage is above good. Help me
M2 5
Enjoy this game. So far everything good. Hope you can add name change and country or clan fight. Mybe it will be fun.
Dan 5
Had me hooked from the trailer interesting game so far but only played through tutorial as of yet can't wait to see what S ranks look like
Charles 5
It's a great game but hoping it can play offline, can transfer pet from other server to another server and a high chance to get a double S Class pet in gachapon.
Aris 5
The best monster game i played...coold graphics..easy to olay the only downside is energy based game but overall great..deserver to get 5 star for me
Official 5
Plz dont give the ss for those who only reload
Russendyll 5
I love this game!!!! But can you please fix the bugs when logging in😅😊😊but overall this game is so addicting


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