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By Ayehusca Studio Category Simulation #18

Description & Details

The best CS:GO case opening simulator with Jackpot, Upgrader and Coinflip!

The game lets you feel as if you were opening CS:GO cases - now you can do it for free!
You will also be able to play Jackpot, Coinflip and Upgrader games, and even make realistic Contract trade-ups!
This is the best CS:GO case opening simulator.

Hop in, choose your case, press the "Open" button and enjoy gaining new items.

What makes the app so perfect?
• All CS:GO cases, including souvenir packages! - Most recently added cases: Spectrum 2, Operation Hydra, Spectrum
• 1 premium case containing only knifes and gloves!
• All game functions available from the start - no need to level up!
• No time limits - you won't have to wait to play another jackpot/coinflip/upgrader round!
• Realistic case opening and jackpot animations
• Amazing, good-looking and easy-to-use user interface
• Inventory tab with statistics, filters and sorting options
• CASINO with:
• CONTRACTS - trade 10 items for one of better quality
• JACKPOT with win chance choice option - bet your items and win the entire pot
• COINFLIP - bet your items against 1 opponent with ~50% win chance
• UPGRADER - upgrade your items with chosen multipliers
• Item system that includes item quality, wear and Stattrak™ + Souvenir options
• Smooth performance with up to 60 fps!
• No overwhelming or frequent ads!

Disclaimer: All in-app experience is a simulation. Gained items cannot be added to real CS:GO inventory.

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Android Version
4.4 and up
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Installs (Google)
10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Le 5
Did the big one Then I realized it wasn't 800 dollars cause the market is more bipolar than Miley Cirrus
Lubos 1
instantly crashes on lenovo p780 while loading
anonymous 5
It's a fun game when your bored!
Chuck 5
Achieved a 500k inventory and then had to uninstall and reinstall. Add more features
Andrei 1
You cant win a lot and is boring
Suprm 4
Really good game and really enjoyable but ive got some improvement ideas i want to share. First you should change up how the jackpot works right now you have no clue what opponents throw in jackpot or what valued items and its all mixed so i would recommend some "difficulty" settings for jackpot like for what value of skins you can put in cause first time i joined jackpot i did put like 30$ worth skins and apparently there came like 500$ jackpot so its kind of annoying when u cant know what value skins there comes. And second would be cool having such a gambling games like roulette, crash and etc where you could deposit your skins and get balance to gamble and then you could buy some skin with balance and 3rd thing why isnt m4a1 knight able for trade up contract? I think it would be cool to be able trade up knights for dlore.
Александър 3
Fix the lag. After a while, the game gets so laggy! Are you serious?!?!?!?! It stopped 8 times near a Souvenir Dragon Lore !!!!!! I didn't get it neither time !!!!! Why am I getting only Well-Worn and Battle Scarred AWP Dragon Lore(s)? And is it even possible to get a SOUVENIR AWP Dragon Lore?! I wanna ask if I can get a factory new Dragon Lore as well. And why the hell my M4 Howl(s) Field Tested are not upgradable? They are worth 2179.38$ and I can't upgrade them anymore... I really want answers on those questions!
Matt 4
If you go to contracts and select something then switch to the cases tab it deletes what ever you had selected in contracts.
MarkleSparkle 5
Its very additive when you start opening crates
Yougotnomilk 4
Please add an auto roller for the case opener and make it keep everyweapon pleases thanks
CallMySnip 5
I'm just doing this for the case tbh

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