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Flippy Knife | Android Gameplay 2017 HD

Description & Details

Enjoy flipping knives in beautiful nature! Try our new 3D knife simulator game!

Flip the knife in the forest! Become a great Master of knife flipping using the best knives from all over the world.
Stick the knife back into the stump and collect combo. Jump on the shelves and collect treasure bags. Climb the trees and catch drone. Hit the target to open golden chest!
Leave the routine for a funny adventure with Flippy Knife and remember - never give up!

- physics-based realistic knife simulator game
- over 35 world famous blades (knives, sabers, swords, axes), collect them all
- different locations for flipping: camping, forest hut, tree tops, stump on the meadow…
- one finger control
- share and compete with friends to become the best!

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Latest Ratings

Joshua 3
Careful with this game. It installs another unauthorized application that will not uninstall, even after I uninstalled the game as I didn't find it that fun anyway. The game also tries to access your location data and your media files, which shouldn't be a thing for any mobile game. My antivirus even warned me of this as a privacy risk. If you like the game then fine, but I won't take any chances.
Sackkid34 5
Amazing game to play when bored, or in free time. Pop up ads being removed is an incredibly, but hard decision. It means we can flip these knives without an advertisement popping up. This is an incredibly rare occasion, but this is my favourite app of all time! Keep up the great work
Cam 4
An incredibly fun game! Though.. Might I request a refund? I purchased "Fantasy" hoping it'd boost my coin gain and discovered its.. A great pain in the ass, and I feel it was sort of a waste of my money..
nathan 4
A fun and simple game with multiple features and a large amount of knives to choose from. The ads did not pop up too often and buying ant set of knives removes ads. I would have given this game 5 starts if it didn't cost nearly $100 to purchase every feature and knife. That's rediculous and greedy. Games lose thier value when they are designed to suck every penny from the consumer.
EDIT: Mechanics can get a little touched up, so yeah, I play a lot of card and /or strategy games and I wanted a game that requires timing and aiming and generally mechanical skill, this did that job pretty well. Certain things like only the very top piercing, difficulty and kinda weir controls, just make a line using the in game controls in the place you normally would and try to visualise where the knife is gonna go... Ya. With muscle memory and practice it can be done but still... The devs or dev, actually, is a pretty cool dude, if you watch the channel "kurzgesagt" on YouTube, it's like that, but better, really nice, the fan base is a little meh, a lot of kids and, I can't really discribe it... You know that one group of kids who always fell into the new trends and loved yeezys and supreme... Ya... Some cool dudes too anyways, a little work on this game and it could be an easy 4.6/5 (imo) It has potential.
Tim 3
Was an amazing game... Until they made pop up ads go away and now there's always an ad at the bottom of the screen. This ruins the look and makes my phone laggy. Please change it back to pop up ads
popshed 5
Great game shame the ads are over intrusive. 5 stars if the ads werent so long and interuptive. UPDATE REVIEW. ads are no where near as bad after update. Good job ddvelopers
Just 5
Never have I thought a game about throwing knives can be so calming. I just wish there were more modes to throw your k-nife ether way I love this game, it's great.
Dark 2
Although a great time waster, would not recommended spending money early on as it gets very repetitive having no new features with the exception of different knives most of which needing a considerable amount of time be invest in. The sad/upset emojis also personally annoy me (pops up when you miss several times.) Although there are no forced ads, the game attempts to mask this ad filled world by forcing anyone that gets into the game to watch on average, a few hundred ads. Knives dont always stick in their target either as that requires a straightforward hit instead of just the edge hitting the wood. In arcade, there is sometimes not enough view space although the fact that the advertisement button is not disguised as something else through simplicity is admirable.
Epic 4
Like the art style controls can be a little wonky sometimes although it does basically become doing the same thing over and over again after a while. But all in all a good and fun way to waste time.
David 5
Ok, its a great game but i have an idea. What if you had certain types of wood logs on combo and if you break one you go on to the next. Or something like that. :D


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