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By DOOMSDAY Studio Category Arcade #7

LAB Escape! Android Gameplay

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Consume, Mutate, Devour... help your baby specimen escape the LAB!

Welcome little specimen!
You're the unstable... thingy captured by scientist.
Consume meats, select random Mutations, and Devour all bad guys in your sight!

Every time you gain meat, you can select mutations to make your specimen stronger.
Rogue-like style running game with dynamic mutation features.

Every mutation cards can stack up to 3 times for better effects.
Collect Set of hats to enhance your specimen.

We're planning to make hardcore survival games in the future.
Meet our games here!

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Sam 4
Great game! Reminds me of something by the behemoth, like Castle Crashers, or Alien Hominid. I love the tounge in cheek humor, too! I just have one little suggestion. Maybe the mutations are a bit more... visual? Like the third eye actually sprouts a third eye, etc. If it would be inconvenient I completely understand. Great game, and thanks for it!
KrimsonKartoffel 5
I like it, it is very similar to burrito bison and effing worms. This is a quite enjoyable "launch" game that includes mid-"launch" upgrades. It includes a silly atmosphere. My only complaints are the inability to double your coins more than 20 times a day.
DarkDerpSkillz 5
Very fun. On the surface, it's goofy humour, but there's a bit more to it. I'm always going back for more, because it's not too hard but not super easy like most endless runners. A bit reminiscent of Castle Crashers. To sum up, this game is a humourous masterpiece.
ian 5
Really fun game! It's funny and keeps you wanting to beat your run each time because it's not TOO easy. The random elements make it even more fun and keep you on your toes.
Petra 3
Pretty okay for an endless launcher style game. The enemies and the progression are a little frustrating, and some things could definitely use a better description or explanation. Does upgrading the Voodoo Effigy even do anything? I've sunk almost 15000 into upgrading it, and it still says "Gives one permanent health per meat." Why can I upgrade it if it doesn't do anything? Little things like that keep this game from being as good as it could be.
Dylan 4
The game is really addicting and the art style reminds me of games made by The Behemoth (Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, etc). Only thing I dislike is that you have to watch ads to get items from boxes. I rarely find them anyway, why is this the case when there are already ads randomly in the menus and to double gold?
Scott 4
It's a very well put together runner. The randomized RPG elements combine luck and skill in an elegant albeit chaotic way. That being said there are still flaws. The ads, while not obtrusive, and desirable for the bonuses, are tallied per 24 hours. Not that this is a bad thing, but I find it a little annoying that I hit my limit doubling gold when I should have waited for boxes. The other thing is that consumable items are basically a trap. I can get them in boxes and I can spend gold on them, but I don't ever actually get the item if I use the gold. It's upsetting, but not a deal breaker. All said i still recommend it. Definitely a lot of fun.
McCree 3
Addicting, but flawed. No Invincibility frames after being hit means getting multiple defensive upgrades is crucial. Leveling your upgrades is a neat idea but they also end up being needed to survive later on. Playing offline or on limited data means no boxes and 2x gold (since you can't watch ads), which means much slower progression and completely locks off any chance to get temporary powerups or stat-boosting hats. And finally, the enemy placements can just outright screw you over, forcing you to tank a ton of damage or use your ability.
Cody 3
Game becomes very repetitive within the first few minutes. I picked two boxes after the first but never got to open them. The fire rate from the enemies is rather annoying. They often shoot as soon as I am about to eat them, especially the riding ones. I like the upgrade system and overall an okay game.
Steve 2
It says I can watch 20 ads a day but it only allows me to watch 1 ad until the same message pops up again.. Its not enjoyable when I cant progress without the boxes
Hirens 5
I don't like endless games but i LOVE this one. It has an awesome progression system !

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