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One man is The Man 2 (by Ilya Yashin) - Android Gameplay HD - YouTube

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Shoot a gun and stop the attack of the Nazi troops.

The second part of the popular game One in the Warrior field.

One in the field warrior is an artillery simulator, impregnated with the spirit of the history of World War II.

The new version improves the behavior of enemies.
Added new types of equipment (moto technology, artillery).
A new system of damage to tanks (added incendiary and a burst of ammunition).
The chance of breaking through and ricochet depends on the angle of the projectile's impact.
New combat missions.
Improved graphics.
And not only.

If the game hangs on the download. Enable recording on the device. !!!

Go to the front, use competent tactics and win!

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JJbrooksjr 4
I like the second version better than the first graphics have gotten a lot better. Of course I would rather purchase to get rid of any adds on a game like this.
Jai 1
I really want to play this but when I open the app it just displays a black screen. I've reinstalled it but no difference..
Glyn 4
Not bad really. How do you get better shells to destroy the tanks etc
Smug 5
Russian bias > German steel any day
Scott 5
Love it. Good progression thru tank killing.
Maximuus 5
Fun, challenging and a great way to waste time.
Patrick 4
Need a better tutorial because it is a somewhat complex game. Other than that it is really great.
ScopeGaming 3
Others might be good at this game, but I'm not. If others can defeat this ennime tanks more power to them. The problem with this game for me is the control is to slow and the cannon shells has not enough power to eliminate the tanks with one shot when there is so many of them and moving fast. This game can be fantastic if any of this problems can be improved. FASTER CONTROL AND MUCH MORE FIRE POWER AND SPEED LOADING SHELLS. 😎
Kraut 5
Love it, great for passing time and overall enjoyable. My only comment is the traverse rate for the gun, motorcycles can out run me all the time and it's game over. Maybe adding something like tank traps to block a bridge but don't stop larger tanks? Also would love to see more cannons like the Pak 40 and 43
Martin 5
The controls in simulator mode are super you can go quick with them but not arcade they are a bit slow if you ask me but overall a great game.
Nickoboy 5
Interesting concept. Also realistic because of ricochets, non penetrating hits, and ammo rack explosions

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