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Counter Terrorist 2-Gun Strike Android Gameplay

Description & Details

One of the best first person shooting game 2.0

Thanks for our fans' love and great suggestions to our Counter Terrorist - Critical Strike(CT-CS).

Our team has collected all the feedbacks and spent great effort in the last a few months to bring the "new boy" to our fans here.

(Counter Terrorist 2) which combines our fans' and our team's great ideas.
now is available for download.

2.0 New Features:

☑You can turn "Auto Shoot" ON/OFF in battle.

☑You can modify "Aim Sensitivity" in pause button.

☑More weapons, in 2.0 we have 20 weapons, some are really the "monsters":)

☑More levels, in 2.0 we added 2 more levels which contain gorgeous environment.

☑More smart enemies, in 2.0 we will face much smarter enemies, you'd better not despise them.

☑Harder level means more rewards.

Game control:

☑Left 1/3 screen is for moving,right 2/3 screen is for aiming.

☑When you aim the target,your weapon will fire automatially,giving you a much easier FPS game control.

☑You can prepare your bullets before battling,or auto buy bullet in the battle.

Game tips

☑You can tweak your control sensivity in your pause menu,fit all the android devices here.

☑Auto buying bullets in the battle,save your precious time

☑Aim the head,give your enemy the critical strike!

☑Enemies' life and damage grows when you select a harder level.


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Prince 3
I think their is a lot of things the 8Square Games needs to update on this game because on the original game of CS or CounterStrike their are grenades, teammates, changes on guns (what I mean is when you are walking you get the dropped gun on the floor) and the controls too. But I think the 8Square Games needs to change it all, I think if the game developer wants to copy the CS or CounterStrike I think the developer must make it unique and great. Even though it's not a so good game, it's still fun to play.
julius 5
There's a lot of potential for this game! Great model rendering, also the environment and resources light effects is something you wouldn't totally expect from a game with below 80mb size, just amazing! I suggest that u guys add more weapons and variants not just the classic overrated ones, add something new like UZI for smg, or SCAR L or other FN series. Overall all, near perfection!
doug 4
Im also experiencing the bug on hell mode which makes me spawn half in the ground and moving makes me fall through. i haven't been rewarded my 3x coins for most ads either, and now there are no more ads it seems they ran out lol. Gameplay is amazing, replicated the counter strike feel very well. a few minor challenges shooting enemies from certain angles and whatnot with the auto shoot, though its easy enough to switch to manual for a few kills.
Tharishka 3
Please fix the hard mode levels..unlike counter terrorist swat, in this version, the hard mode is kinda using galaxy s7 edge.. there is no way it could lag on this device..the hard mode levels in counter stike swat are okay..something is not right in this version..please fix it
Kashyap 3
This is one of the nice game but I would suggest developer to fix bugs . There are lots of bugs. I am not able to play hard mode when last 10lvl are remaining.after playing sometime, the button to play video ad and get 3times bonus not working.
Okidan 5
Amazing real feelings of HUNTING, How intense and relaxing it is!!!! Love the strategy aspect of this game the beauty of the design are stunning!!!. can you put a flashy MARKER upon terrorists not aisy to notice them from far in a smartphone. Also can we keep our levels even if we win just for to play it again later. Those who want a pick up gun must ask for it in settings not everybody like THAT, it is opportunist and we like STRATEGIC .. When changing gun the knife comes always second which makes us loose times to get another gun....THANK YOU
G019 3
The game randomly laggs, and you can jump out of the map or get glitched out, also slightly difficult to aim. But overall great CS remake for phones
Paragon 5
Beautiful game. One of the best phone games in the current industry. Pros- Good graphics Challenging gameplay Options everywhere Cons- Close range weapons are broken (they suck) Highest drag movement is really slow 4.5/5
Saadiq 3
This game took me by suprise it really did, however the amount of ads are annoying and sometimes the points multipier doesnt work, hell mode? Extremely hard thanks to the sensitivity, it needs to be more sentivity
Don't bother, it's one of those adware apps that spam ads for gambling games. It's not worth the data for the inevitable disappointment. Ignore the positive reviews they're mostly paid reviews from fake accounts.
Agib 4
I have some advice... how if you, added flashbang, grenades, or medikit...but give a currency for that, like.... diamonds. Well graphics, though. And thx for removing the glitch out. Its very disturbing


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