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By 1DER Entertainment Category Adventure #41

Flora and the Darkness (by 1DER Entertainment) - Android Gameplay HD

Description & Details

Help Flora in her adventure in this spectacularly artistic 2D platformer.

Darkness may never win!

Darkness covers the whole planet. The light beings are either lost or trapped. Saved by her mother, only one survived, a little light girl: Flora. Help her in the adventure against the Darkness in this spectacularly artistic 2D side-scrolling platformer. Show the world that her mother's sacrifice was not in vain!

Discover the amazing living world of her planet. Reach the end of the levels with the help of the special plants and with using the abilities of the ancient Gods.

Activate all the ancient gates to chase the Darkness away! The future of the planet is in your hands!

Game Features:
• captivating stunning art style
• intuitive and simple one-touch control
• 21 challenging, carefully crafted levels
• special abilities for strategic options
• boss fight finale
• epic music
• various moving and static enemies

The Darkness is spreading!

Don't wait, save the planet!

Reach us at: info@1der-ent.com

Website: www.1der-ent.com
Facebook: facebook.com/1derent
Twitter: twitter.com/1DerEnt
Youtube: youtube.com/user/1DERentertainment

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Monica 1
It was a bit boring and there was no story at all. Sorry, but all you do is collect life things and sometimes I don't even touch the darkness and I STILL die! But if this makes you feel better, the graphics were awesome. It's MY opinion and you have yours.
Valeria 5
This is a great game, in fact one of the best that I played this year!! It's so cute, graphics are beautiful and controls are smooth. The game play is very interesting. What is important for me there are levels, a "boss" and a mission to free the planet from the darkness. I can olny recommend it, I hope there will be more games like this! love it!
Buddha 1
Sometimes when i want to jump it just doesnt do that... Bad controling... That why bad game. .. That is why after 2 days bye bye and uninstall... you will see me no more
Ebrahim 5
The game is simple, fun and time killer. Keep up the good work! For those who find it difficault, I tell you thats what classify the game, otherwise it becomes stupid and boring.
Xristof 5
So good, very entertaining, simple game but very addicting and im hooked on this. Thank you for making this game, is there any plans for the add free version because it's worth for purchasing.
Ashad 5
It was so awesome! It is one of the best platformers I've played. And even though it didn't need one, it told a cute story. I loved it.
Irina 5
I really liked playing so far. I am at level 10. The controls were easy enough to handle, and i like it more compared to other running games because after you die, they send you automatically to the last checkpoint. You don't have to pay or else you start over. So yeah it's fun. Give it a try!
At first I liked it but after a while the levels seemed impossible to beat. Fix this and I will give a better rate.
Helen 2
Its gets on your wick after two goes then it crashes big fat no
Abhay 1
Of course Hated this app The Only thing in this is to jump My expectations were more from this game looking the photos but now.......
Nisan 5
This game is good. It is like altos adventure

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