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Drift Fanatics is a Drift Simulator, Race day and night, smoke tires drifting

You can select from 13 cars, and you can fully build them to be the ultimate drifting machine.

-E46 Compact


If we talk about building a drift car, what could be the easiest and most cost-effective thing to do? Well, weight reduction. You can reduce weight for each and every car in 3 stages. By equipping the Stage 3 weight reduction, you also equip a roll cage.


Engine mods come in 3 Stages. With the first stage, you replace the restrictive factory exhaust system, install race cams, improve intake, upgrade to individual throttle bodies, upgrade injectors, and have a custom tune installed on your ECU, which you get some nice exhaust pops and backfires with. The second stage uses some E85 mix and of course some more aggressive ECU tune, with forced induction, and turbo boost level is at the lowest for maximum engine reliability, which still brings some serious WHP. And here comes the third stage of the engine mods, full ethanol and highest possible turbo boost with forged engine internals, forged pistons, and forged connecting rods, things that make the ultimate Drift car build a real race car. Hit the tracks and try it out for yourself.


The suspension can be set up completely to your liking, set ride height, offset, camber, and test it on the tracks.


Tyre smoke system has been fully rebuilt from the ground up. Tyre smoke doesn't just come from the wheels and that's it. With dynamic tire smoke, you get realistic smoke amount depending on your speed and angle, making it as realistic as possible. We took it a step further, not really a huge deal but small things matter, so here comes the brake disc glow. Depending on the load the brake discs get, which comes from speed and weight, your brake discs start to glow red as you heat them up with aggressive braking.


You can select from 5 tracks to Drift at, both available day and night. We tried to give some freedom to drifters, so most of the tracks are big spots and you can drift wherever you wish. Drift your style, freestyle.


There are 20+ random weather conditions, both day and night, which gives a different feel to each track every time you play.


A huge selection of wheels is available to purchase for every single car.


Select from 7 garage styles to make yourself at home.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us!

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Latest Ratings

Marko 3
So the game is overall great.. it has alot of potential. Scoring sistem needs to be improved because when you go fast then you get most points not when you go more sideways. There needs to be more car customisation added. Like bumpers, spoilers and so. Handling needs to be improved too. Adding gear shifting would be great... I like the game but it needs alot of work put into it to be perfect.
Delmar 5
You did a good job with this game but please add more customization to the cars like spoilers, body kit, window tint etc. Also you need more camera views like first person camera view. I dfind a bug with the controls when I choose tilting control and I finish the game and start another game it goes back to touch control please fix
CyrusTheGreat 3
Giving it 3 stars for now coz I have just one problem: L A G. I like the physics as weird as they are, car roster is decent (glad the RX-7 is there : p), potential is great overall. Could use more customization tho, but the main problem is lag. I can barely pull off proper drifts with the current state
Youssif 4
I loved the game, but it could be better if you add speedometers and automatic and manual gears control. This will help in make donuts Also add decals Then this will be the best drift game
Zach 4
I think that this game is really good as is. I love how there are different sounds for different cars and how the character inside the car moves around with the car. I would like to see some more tracks if possible and more customization options for the cars in game and some more cars e.g. Toyota altezza/Lexus is300, Nissan Silva s14. Thanks for making a great game.
Well its a awsome game but anytimei try to go on the map facotry it goes black then lags out going to my home screen please help
Parker 4
It's a great game it just needs more customization options. Things like wings,body kits, front and rear bumpers, hoods, and underglow. But other than that it's pretty good
Anas 1
Not what I was expecting from Profisoft. I downloaded this game thinking it would have the amazing physics oF BMW drifting. This is just horrid
Lee 3
I liked the game but I had to delete it as the adverts were driving me mad and there's not a lot to do go the game
Michal 1
Doesn't start . Gets stuck on loading screen
Its a good game, try to add some ai bots so they can drift and you shoulf make a downhill mountainious map and that will make it a good game

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