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🔥 Dig Away! - Idle Mining Game Android Gameplay

Description & Details

💥An In-Depth Retro Style Incremental/Idle/Clicker/Tapper-Game. 🏆 #noADs #noP2W

'Dig Away! - Idle Clicker Mining Game' is retro-style, relaxing Idle/Clicker/Incremental/Tapping -game for everyone!

Top three tactics for playing 'Dig Away! - Idle Clicker Mining Game':
- Tap, tap & tap more!
- Click, click & click more!
- Idle, idle & idle more!

"Why are the miners so fat?" (*in real life they are fit)
"Does ores really come out of the ground?"
"Why there's a wizard on that drill?"

Do it your way, tap, click or idle!

#1 Reason you should 'Dig Away!'
Everybody loves mining, right? This is the craziest mining simulator you'll ever see! Drill that rock like never before! Unlock lots of weird miners, drills and more! Click or Idle!

Don't feel like tapping? Just idle and your miners does the dirty job!

Main features:
- Fast paced, active gameplay with lots of upgrades
- No ADs! Ever!
- 100% FREE!
- No purchasable Pay to Win -currency (There's an option to go "premium" and support the development and gain a small boost to production)
- Leaderboards
- Crafting
- Achievements

You can play the world's best idle rock breaking simulator anywhere on your mobile!

Some user feedback:
"I was having a dinner with my girlfriend and I couldn't let my phone down because of the stupid miners!"
"First time I opened the game, I played eight hours straight!"
"The most addicting tapping game I've ever played!"
"Aww this is so cute!"

Dig Away is a great game for everybody! Perfect clicker game for short sessions. Are you bored? You can easily waste hours and hours tapping and clicking and watching that drill breaking the ground!

NOTE: No previous mining experience needed!

Please leave a review or feedback!

Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DigAway/

Want to help with translating? I am looking to get this Google Play info page of Dig Away translated to other languages. If you would like to contribute your translation, please feel free to send your translation to ruotogames@hotmail.com or via Facebook.

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1000ssundee 5
Hello Developerment! Your games is very fun! But I hope you can fix this, 1. please add a way to get autotap beside than buying permanent thing. 2. Please add some diamond grinding, it too hard to get diamond! 3. Yes, Add Some events, pls add online like competition. Also please add this. 1. Please add new code or more diamond in the code. 2. Tutorial so people have fun. 3. Autotap is not permanent. 4. Changed the graphic, gameplay button, screen, tap, number, items, people and more. I rate all 5 because it a good time waster! Please update it, I hear u soon!
Anon 3
Insanely repetitive. Took nearly a month to prestige and nothing has changed. Research trees are the only choices you really get to make, and it offers nothing over a more advanced game like Armory & Machine or any of the classic incrementals like Kittens Game. Not much to hold your interest, and the interface is rather clunky as well. Still, it's better than most of the other garbage in the play store.
dysfunctional 5
I like this game. But my issue is controls. Buttons dont always work and trying to retire the game acts like it doesnt know what to do. Ive only been able tp retire once and im ready again but cant because of the controls.
John 5
Great idle-incremental game! Dev - please consider adding separate buttons/sliders for music and sound. Also, can you make it so that tapping the grind stone icon (the one that appears when grinding ore is completed) automatically starts grinding another ore? It would save a lot of tedious taps ;)
GoldenGun007 5
Very well made incremental idle game, which does not have many In-App purchases, never begs you to buy their stuff, no need to ever buy anything. Retro style, good progression. Players with good paicence can get into this game and not have any problems. No annoying bugs so far, well balanced and overall great game. I also love the fat miners and gnomes. 11/10 IGN (and me)
Oakley 5
I know a time glitch that can skip up to 10years at a time . You have to go into time and date in your settings and turn off automatic time and date then set time forward. Easy right💲
Johan 4
Like the game a lot, but a few minor improvments could make it better. For example i would very much like to be able re-enable the grinding from the main screen or make it possible to stack/que multiple grinds at once. If there could also be a diamond - stone exchange that would make it more fun to progress further, as it is now I have 500+ diamonds and 0 stones.
Darran 1
Your last update wiped my saved data for the game. I really enjoyed this game and after 4 retirements and the latest update I'm back to the beginning of everything.
Wadzillah 3
Hey, love the game, only problem is offline production doesn't seem to work after unlocking the research. This is for both Research and Grind. I close the app at say 30 mins left then when I open it no time has gone down.
George 5
Great time sink that keeps you busy and entertained. One thing I'd like to see changed is when I click on the science guy, I'd like it to tell me what I'm currently researching.
Ethan 4
Great game, but I would love it if there was a way to backup the game so I didn't have to restart from the beginning whenever I reset my phone. Also maybe a restore previous purchases as well. Other than that, I really like the game. Keep up the good work!


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