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Bringing Android Oreo + Pixel style Adaptive Icons to your phone

Please note: currently AdaptivePack only works when used Action Launcher. Please see this FAQ for full details:

AdaptivePack is an icon pack that allows Action Launcher to display Adaptive Icons on all devices running Android Lollipop or later. For Android Oreo users, AdaptivePack provides Adaptive Icons for a great many apps that currently don’t officially support Adaptive Icons.

Unlike most icon packs, AdaptivePack’s icons are intentionally designed not to have a style or theme, but rather to offer Adaptive Icon variants of your most popular apps that look and feel as if the original app developer made them.

Key features:
• Adaptive Icons for ~500 of the most popular apps.
• Maximum resolution icons (up to 432x432). Compare this to many typical icon packs, which max out at 144x144.
• Dedicated search mechanics, allow you to search for icons by name, developer or even Play Store category.
• It doesn’t have a potentially gimmicky style you’ll likely grow tired of.
• Tiny 6MB download size.

Be sure to install Action Launcher:

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Latest Ratings

Nico 2
I mainly bought the App to support the developer and I'm fine with that. But honestly, I expected more from this Icon Pack. It only comes with 500 icons right now (compared to over 2.000+ icons from other Icon Packs), and there is no option for Icon masking or something similar. And worst of all, Icons for many common Apps (like Feedly, IMDb, Wikipedia or Microsoft Authenticator) are missing completely. I hope we will see regular updates that add more Icons in the future. Keep that in mind, bevor you buy!
Phillip 2
;tldr - only buy it to support the dev. I'm a long time follower and purchaser of apps from this dev so I bought this to support him and because I thought even if it's limited to start with, it'll soon improve. However, it's a brand new icon pack that hasn't had any updates for almost a month now, which is massively slower than other icon packs or even updates for his other apps. I couldn't in good faith recommend this to anyone atm...
Kobi 2
I want to love it, but I just can't. The selection isn't great at the moment (missing some very popular apps such as Pulse SMS and Flamingo), but that could easily improve over time. I do wish it would fall back onto an icon mask for your selected shape. It is able to do so with circular icons enabled in Action settings, so why can't I do it with this pack applied? Perhaps it will get better, but for now, I'm sticking to a dedicated icon pack for my desired shape.
Peter 5
Great app. Found a small bug though. I'm a developer too and added adaptive icons to my apps awhile ago. However, they don't seem to change shape with the adaptivepack icons. However, I can confirm they do change when I use the pixel launcher and change settings. Edit: as soon as I long pressed on my apps icon and clicked edit, it was fixed. So maybe it doesn't redraw or something.
Philip 2
It's obviously very early days, so be prepared for an extremely limited (and puzzling) selection of icons. There are also some mistakes in colour and design of some of the more popular apps. Worth it to support the developer. But long term will need much work. Edit: Reduced rating because, for a high price item, you would expect better updates
Rashad 4
Just bought it cause of the developer. You are an awesome guy with amazing talents. Keep going! P.S. This app right now is not so good with very little icons. But I have my trust in you. Update it with more please.
George 4
This is a decent icon pack. The only problems I have with this icon pack is that it looks too flat compared to your typical material design icon and that some icons for apps I have installed don't apply automatically. Other than that, keep up the good work.
Matthew 3
Can't adjust legacy icons, or at least that functionality is unclear. Many icons in my all apps drawer are unthemed. I thought this would actually replicate Adaptive Icons; instead it seems to be an adjustable icon pack that has a limited selection.
붸니 3
this thing has too little going for it and its 7 bucks. it only did just release so hopefully more will be added in time (oh yea and there's no calender icon dafuq)
Zachary 2
Needs to support other launchers. I bought it largely to support the dev, but I did want to use it. Now, while it did cover most of my apps while I was using AL3, I can't use it while I'm trying out Nova, and that shouldn't be the case.
Anish 2
At this point disappointed because stock apps look horrible. Not the developers fault. Apps with supported icons such as Amazon or stock apps look decent. May switch back to this once more icons are supported.

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