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Animated AOD is the original and most flashy screen off app for modern Android.

Animated Always On Display adds 2D or 3D a superb animation, date, time, notifications or your text while your screen off. Moreover, it is fully customizable.

Animated Always On Display

Themes: Every day we produce new animations, you can download the theme from the themes section and start using it immediately. You can see our themes from our youtube channel.
Create Your Own Theme: Create your own theme with a picture of your choice or our source and impressive animations.Also, if you do not want animation, you can create your theme with only your picture. How can you create your own theme? Please watch this.
Community Themes: You can use themes shared by our users.
Performance and Battery Consumption: Battery usage have been minimized. LCD, IPS or AMOLED displays may also vary. The highest efficiency is measured on the AMOLED screen.
Set Schedule: You can choose the time interval you want to run, or you can always run it.
Pocket mode: Automatically zeroes the brightness and remove elements from screen to save power when you put the device in your pocket or turn the screen upside down.
Personalization: You can change a lot of settings such as fonts, colors and brightness as you like in Settings section.

Animation Layout:
Full → Calculates the screen dimensions and adjusts the layout to the boundaries.
Boxed → Calculates the screen dimensions and adjusts 70% of the placement screen.
None → Only date and time with full layout.
Animation Play Frequency: Unlimited, Once, 1 per 20 sec - 30 sec - 1 min - 5 min - 10 min - 15 min - 20 min and Never -- Which one you want to use.
Fonts: 30+ fonts are ready for use.
Font Size: The size of all fonts is adjustable.
Colors: All texts can be adjusted to 16m + colors.
Music Player: Control all kind of music player on screen.
Notifications: You can see missed calls and unread messages on the screen.
Social Media Notifications: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat.
Your Text: You can add smilies or text you want to see on your screen.
Time Format: 12 or 24 hour formats
Wake Up: Double tap or Power button( You can disable double-tap from the Settings section. ).
Boot Start: Enable / Disable
Charging: Turn it on/off while charging.Also work only charging mode available.
Brigthnesss: Adjustable screen brightness
Anti-Burn Mode: Positions and colors change so that the screen is not burned at an adjustable time interval.


➜ Make sure you give all the permissions.
➜ If a time interval is selected, it will not operate except for the time interval.
➜ For music player and/or social media notifications must be turned on from device setting sections. Some device needs restart for notifications service.

Please comment or email us for your request and suggestions.

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Latest Ratings

AgentHarm 5
Fun app to customise your AOD and have a larger easier to read clock at night. I would rate 5 stars if I could have a setting to only turn on app when charging. (as I have my phone on a wireless charging stand at night) I noticed theres already a setting to turn off when charging so the opposite shouldn't be too hard (I hope) - updated to 5 stars
Stephen 5
Nice app better than standard Samsung aod even lets you use your own photos as well looks good and works well on my S8+
Nate 3
It keeps saying that I have new messages and there is nothing there that's new
Aldwin 4
Absolutely love the app, great work, the only thing I wish it had is the hard press to unlock feature, like on the normal aod, and a search bar in the app
Pattarapong 4
This app is cool but battery drainage. The minimum level of brightness should be adjust to be lower and should have pocket mode to close the screen when in the pocket.
Jared 4
Pretty neat. Functions well on an S8+. My only complaint really is that I can no longer access media player controls from the lock. Before I could double tap and it would bring up controls, but now it just goes to the unlock screen. Please fix this.
Nice App but Ultra Excessive battery draining in Galaxy S8! From 100% to 5 % in just 5 hours! Is it possible to update this problem or can I get a refund?
Kadir 1
Program çok güzel ama şarj çok gidiyor, pişman olursunuz resmen şarjı bitiriyor
A 3
App is unstable and it takes forever to find *no animation* in gallery. I get kicked out of app before completing my theme creation. Please fix I paid SGD $4.48 for this!!
Abou 1
It's not working on my s7 edge at all what ever I do I try a lot but no way to work
Aimran 5
Love it and so cool! But when i create my own theme, the picture doesnt show up. Only animation. Please fix it. I'm using note 5


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