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Description & Details

Not Not is a new addictive puzzle game based on logic and orientation.

Ready to push the limits of your Brain?

Not Not puzzle game is the ultimate brain-busting challenge based on logic and orientation.

Follow the written instructions to swipe your character towards the correct direction (up, down, left or right) and victory. As you reach higher levels in the game, increasingly complex and varied instructions will require use of both your logic and dexterity for you to succeed.
And sorry (not really) for any mental inconvenience this may cause :)

Two game modes are available:
- in the classic mode, discover a new concept on each level!
- in the challenge mode, go as far as possible following more and more complex instructions

* NotNot last version includes a color blind accessibility mode.

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Latest Ratings

Shanise 5
Please Read: The game helps relieve stress and is a great brain teaser. But I must tell you, if your a person that DOESNT LIKE ad's this game is NOT for you. This game has ad's for you to watch to save your life and even if you choose to die you still have to watch an ad. Personally the ads don't bother me. I look forward to the ads it's nice to see what new games have come out. Fair Warning if your CHEAP and DON'T want to pay to have the ads removed. Then this game is NOT for you!!
Christian 2
Game: Do I wanna watch an add to continue? Me: No. Game: Ok, that's cool. Here's an add... Here's a tip: provide a grace period where no adds otherwise the first impression will always be negative. The "pay to remove adds" is a business model I can live with, but after 5 minutes and 4 adds you've already lost my trust.
Tijana 1
I literally cannot even play the game, i launch the game and, well firstly i see adds, but then the main screen comes and that's it, can't go pass that. I try pressing the buttons to play or to go to settings or anything and it doesn't work at all. The game looked fun but guess i'll never know now since i'm about to uninstall it.
T1me 5
Pretty great, interesting and a time waster. No story but it's the type of game that shouldn't have a story. You just sit there and play increasingly hard levels. One issue: Touch to get reward. I touched it a lot trust me and the screen still showed, so I couldn't play the game.
DaVampyBats 5
It's fun! Sometimes challenging, I enjoy it as it makes me quickly think in a short matter of time. It's sometimes slightly laggy, but thats usually my phone acting up. I enjoy this very much!
Hunter 1
Upon launching the game, I was asked to provide access to my photos. I denied that access, was shown two ads, the dev's logo, a loading screen and two more ads, all before even seeing the main menu for the first time. I promptly uninstalled
Robert 1
There's often lag that causes you to lose. Example - I swipe, but then it lags so nothing happens. Because nothing happens, the timer runs out, and I lose.
Balsyn 1
Those ads are so insanely invasive! Open the game to an ad to have a banner ad across the top. Play a game? Have another full screen video ad. Yeah, three levels and I am done. Uninstalled
Jeremy 5
I like this kind of game. Simple, classic, and challenging. And for y'all who complain about the ads, don't pretend like an old man. Just turn the damn airplane mode on and you won't be bothered ever again.
Carlos 1
Challenging but... way too many adds, you can't play a single level quietly... 2 fails and an annoying 30 sec ad every time... ads are fine but not at this level... if the ads were every 5 fails it could be even better to play
Liz 5
Found this while browsing wanting to find something similar to a "Simon says" type of game and I personally think it's better than just a memory game when you're in the mood for a little time crunch fun. Not knocking Simon! Lol, loved It!

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