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Description & Details

Climb the hills! Deliver passengers! Survive! Run away from Evil Mudu!

Evil Mudu is an ancient spirit that hunts travelers who have ventured to cross the Wastelands. After the Apocalypse, he wanders all over the Earth, and people have to hide in shelters.

Use all your skills to survive, climb the hills, jump on the dunes and ascend the mountains - only this way you can travel from one shelter to another.

Earn gold to buy new cars and collect parts to repair and upgrade your vehicles.

Let's go!

Now you can customize your cars! Use paints and wheel rims from chests.

You can find free chests on tracks and by viewing video ads. Each free chest contains one paint, or one wheel rim, or some coins.
Each of the purchased chests contains 2 colors and 1 wheel rim.
The colors drop out with an equal probability of 1/36.
Wheel rims fall out with a probability of 1/27.
Preference is given to the wheel rims to those cars that are already unlocked.
If all unlocked cars have all the wheel rims unlocked, a random wheel rim will drop out for any other unlocked car.
In that case when all wheel rims for all cars are unlocked, the wheel rim from chest will be replaced with a random color with a probability of 1/36.


In future updates:
- more tracks!
- more cars!
- achievements!
- leaderboards!
- and many more!

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Michael 3
Evil Mudu is as mediocre as most mobile games. It's a great time burner but becomes repetitive very quickly. Gameplay was ok, but the cars physics were a bit off.. Quickly rotating backwards but not forwards? Very frustrating. Graphics are pretty basic but work for the game so no real issue there. No ads! This game is pretty ad free unless you go for bonuses. That's definitely a plus. It's worth a try but it gets tired quick.
Neil 5
The atmosphere and graphics in this game are excellent, gameplay is simple but highly addictive and progression is well paced and satisfying. Highly recommend, also would recommend purchasing a bit of in game cash to support the devs so they can make more games like this :)
Rezaul 1
Still cant cross one stage. Bogus
Jidhin 5
Well... very nice game... NOT PAY TO WIN... u can simply unlock everything by playing... very nice game... thankx to devs...
The game is good i got no problem
TheYamahadevil 5
Loved this game. I liked this game jut because it has the vertical play mode. The camera angles are great and trippy. Random generated road is challenging. Getting coins is a bit slow but that's fine as we go on finishing levels. Thanks.
Sammakeslego 4
Some sports and/or hyper cars would be awesome also if you drive on dirt your car should get dirty! Also I know I'm asking for Alot but if you could customize your with spoilers, bumpers, windows, etc it would become one of my most loved games of all time!! (And This game is already awesome!) Also some scary tense sounds should start get louder when the mudu gets closer!!! Reply what you think (Also Great first game congrats!!)
manu 1
Really really bad. Just press the gas and sit back while you watch a car drive nothing more. This isnt a game its a joke
Gareth 1
If the levels were not random generated I would love the game. But instead each time you reset the level you don't know how to improve on it. Stupid idea
Pat 4
Dont know why people are dogging this game. It is enjoyable execpt that you have very little control in the air like other driving games. I look forward to the dev making it better.
Pouranan 5
Nice game but grass textures needs some improvement. The car is HD with nice reflections and stuff but please improve the world graphics and the physics too


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