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New Tower defense game

Tower Defense: Battle Zone is the most anticipated and visually stunning Tower Defense game in the theme of Battle Zone. We hope give you enjoy an incredible game experience.

Easy to play hard to master!


* 40 maps Campaign levels; enjoy the endless fun!
* Interactive terrains with the open path like the fieldrunners' gameplay.
* 20+ types of enemy units
* 7 types of towers, GunJet, Slow Tower, Missile tower, Laser tower, Bomb Tower, Sunray tower, Beam tower Each tower has 4 upgrading levels.
* Free combination of all turrets.
* 2 game modes: Campaign& Endless.
* Best Time Killer
* You may upgrade power of tower on upgrade shop, which will offer you more fun.

Thanks All !!

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Chris 5
Brilliant! My new favourite game. Picking your own route is nice. Lovely colourful graphics. Level progression seems spot on. Only criticism is that it doesn't have achievements.... No biggy though considering how much it is. Thanks AniBox. Oh, and regarding paying to play...... You don't need to. The currency you need is patience. A small amount. ☺️
DarkMagius 1
The game keeps failing me automatically for no reason at level 10. No emenies are getting thru. One second I have 20 health and the next I have 0. Have been loving the game so far but I cant progress any farther now. Have redone the level about 6 times wont work.
Miguel 4
Fun and simple tower defense. Getting to pick which way the enemy routes to gets to its destination is cool. The difficult rises steadily as you clear stages. The color are vibrant but the stages are some what similar when it comes to the background. Over all I think the game is great and is a fun way to kill time if you are bored.
Eliot 4
I would like to be able to turn the BGM off separately from the sound effects. If this game had an option for sound 5 star. I love the game itself, it is simple but satisfying with the required strategy. A great trial and error game. An awesome tower defense game. Developer, please contact me if/when there are sound options and I will buy No ads purchase to support you.
Jon 1
Wow... All time low. First thing you see is a typo. 'Fist' when it is meant to be 'first'. Also there is no tutorial or guide or anything to tell you what to do at all, I had no clue what to do at all, didn't even get to complete a level because they fail to explain anything. Avoid this
Brett 1
How about you fix the bug where if you pay for no ads THEN NO ADS SHOW UP! People do not waste your money on this like I did. This is nothing but a fake game and the devs are thieves stealing from us and advertisers.
Jon 4
Pretty fun game that gets difficult quick. Dont like waiting to unlock endless until after beating 20 lvls especially when they get extremely difficult around 13 or 14 without major upgrades. If you don't want to spend money you will replay some of the easier levels just for the in game credits. That gets old fast. Also, not being able to increase the starting credits was annoying especially as you get to the levels where they come from two spawns.
Anthony 5
Any game that lets me free place towers and route the enemies how I choose gets 3 free atars. The other 2*'s are for the learning curve and simlle but fun design and gameplay.
Jordan 4
A decent tower game, pretty straight forward play pattern. I'm a big tower gamer, and am enjoying this. Would only suggest that how to select & place towers be more pronounced for new players. Maybe more unique towers/abilities.
Josh 2
Awful tower defense game. There are dozens out there with better gameplay. Don't waste your time.
Pedro 4
Controls are a bit dificult. Sometime it does not pick up the tower I want to use. Other than this, its a good way to pass the time


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