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Smash Up is the award-winning game of battling teams of zombies, ninjas & more!

***“It’s a goofy theme with fun art and high replayability, but beneath that veneer of casual play is a great middle weight card game that lives on the line between hardcore gamer and casual enjoyment.” —Jonathan Bolding “The Escapist”

***“Smash Up is smashing good fun, especially among gamers who can relax, revel in the sheer audacity of some stupid-good plays, and aren’t ashamed to let loose and let their geek flags fly.” —Dice Hate Me

Smash Up is an award-winning shufflebuilding card game designed by Paul Peterson, now available in a beautiful digital adaptation so you can play on the go with friends all over the world. In Smash Up, players draft two faction decks from their choice of pirates, ninjas, robots, zombies, and more, and combine them to create a hybrid team that is a force to be reckoned with!

The ""shufflebuilding"" game Smash Up starts with a simple premise: Take the twenty-card decks of two factions, shuffle them into a forty-card deck, then compete to smash more Bases than your opponents! Each faction brings a different game mechanism into play – pirates move cards, zombies bring cards back from the discard pile, dinosaurs have huge power – and every combination of factions brings a different play experience.


During play, Base cards (each with their own difficulties and abilities) are in play. Combine wisely your characters and actions' cards to obtain the most power! You attempt to have the most power on the Base from your minions when the Base is smashed. Sounds easy?

How easy is it when an opponent's Alien-Ninja decides to Beam Up your minions to other Bases - flat out Assassinate them? What about when the Pirate-Dinosaur player Full Sails in and releases King Rex to stomp your minions into the ground, or when the Wizard-Zombies use their Mystic Power to create an Outbreak, suddenly flooding minions onto the Base from the discard pile? Or what if you faced a Zombie-Dinosaur player instead and he created an Outbreak of massive beasts all at once?!?


When a Base is smashed, each player in first, second and third place scores points. Fourth place? Sorry, bro – try harder next time.
With nine different factions, Smash Up includes dozens of combinations to try. Pirate-Aliens play different than Ninja-Aliens, for instance. Which will you use to smash up your opponents?
And did we mention the dinosaurs have laser beams?


- Online Cross-platform multiplayer: 2 to 4 players
- Play with 4 players or solo against the AI
- 9 faction decks, including the base game set and more: Zombies, Aliens, Dinosaurs, Ninjas, Pirates, Robots, Tricksters, Wizards & Geeks
- Random or manual faction selection
- Fully automated scoring
- Tutorial system plus ‘Step Through’ and ‘Review' modes to help players learn
- Leader boards & Achievements
- Contains 16 Base cards to compete over

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Latest Ratings

Hoth 1
I own and enjoy several Asmodee Digital games. This is the first game that I am rating 1 star. It doesn't fit the whole screen of my tablet and it makes the game too hard to see and play. Ive tried adjusting the settings, but nothing works and ive never had to do anything with my other games. I don't have a problem with any of my other games! Very disappointed because I really enjoy this game, but if this doesn't get fixed I'm getting a refund.
Bintang 5
I love this game. I've been waiting for it since it's first announcement. After the update, the cards look bigger and there is an additional option to forbid other player play with same factions with another player. Which is great.
James 3
I really like Smash Up, the board game. This does a great job approximating the game in a digital version. My chief complaint is the interface for viewing a large amount of cards at a time. I end up barely sliding back and forth trying to hover over a single card. I also wish there were more expansions in the game. Even 2 player matches with the computer are redundant after a while. Also, I'm not counting off for this but it isn't super clear how many cards the opponent has in their hand. I might be over looking something.
Jennifer 4
There needs to be a way to clear stats. First because they are buggy and the total number of games don't match the numbers when you add up everything else, second because figuring out the game mechanics can make your stats off in the beginning.
Myke 1
Paid for, installed, doesn't open, uninstalled, reinstalled, still nothing. Just get a black screen with "starting..." which never goes anywhere. Shame as was looking forward to this.
Kyle 3
My family and I play smash up every weekend. I own every expansion and look forward to the sheep and all stars coming soon. I think I might of set my expectations to high for this game. Tonight my sister and brother in law sat down to play the app we got 25 mins into the game and it crashed for all of us at the same time. Super disappointing with no way to continue it felt like a huge waste of time. Also while playing earlier I noticed that people could pick the same faction.
Bloodsquire 5
This is the Game we have been waiting for. The system works well and it's a great way for players to get into the game and also sharpen your tactics. I'm a little worried about possible expansions simply because I own so many physically i can't justify spending a large amount on them digitally, so I'm hoping they are fairly priced and released within a reasonable amount of time. I also saw a complaint about not being able to skip the tutorial? But I skipped it. The game puts you in a match for the tutorial. All you have to do is quit the match to skip the tutorial. If you play the game IRL then you will be able to figure out the game mechanics very quickly. All-in-all fantastic work guys. Now I can play a game I have fallen in love with anywhere I want.
Steve 4
Well made game. But one hiccup I noticed. When choosing to play an action on a minion, there is no confirm or undo button, so if you accidentally hit a minion next to it, there is no way to correct it. Would highly suggest adding in either a confirm action button or an ability to rewind a card play or two.
christian 3
I love the concept of the moblie version, but the bugz need to be fixed. The game kicks you out mid game and doesn't save the progress 😓. Wait to get the game until they fix what is needed.
Benjamin 2
Controls not well thought through. Need to be able to read cards without hovering over them, and drag and drop makes more sense for this game. I do not enjoy playing this adaptation.
Walker 4
Love the game. Added to but can't play with friends. Their phones saying incompatible device. And they using s7 edge. Don't know what problem is. Would love to be utilizing local Play

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