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Mouse Simulator (by Avelog) - simulation game for android - gameplay.

Description & Details

You mouse! Family - find mate, make baby. Collect, Build, Upgrade, Explore, Fun!

Feel yourself in the skin of a small rodent - mouse!
- TWO LOCATIONS. Huge Forest and Cottage. Live in your secluded hole in the forest or in the cottage. In the cottage you will have to show all your agility, climb the fabric surfaces, jump from the shelf to the shelf, from furniture to furniture, on the way to the necessary object.
- A SPOUSE. At level 10, you can find yourself a pair. Walk with your mate, raise her\him mood and your spouse will help to collect resources.
- THE BABY. At level 20, you can have a baby. Feed it up, and then teach an independent life, showing how this world works. After which he will stay with you for some time, and then go to create his own family!
- FINDING, COLLECTION AND STEALING RESOURCES. 19 different resources. Collect resources in the forest - nuts, berries, branches, mushrooms, hay, (do not try to eat amanitas). Or steal them from people in the cottage - cheese, bread, cat food, coins, handkerchiefs, spounge, toy, rings, paper, threads ... Anything! Even a mousetrap XD!
- BUILDING. 11 different constructions. Crafting from the resources of various constructions that will give you different bonuses.
- UPGRADE AND REPAIR. Upgrade the nest both in the forest and in the cottage, repair the nest, because it collapses with time!
- QUESTS AND QUEST CHAINS. Perform tasks and gain experience! About 50 different quests!
- BATTLE. You can fight other animals or with spiders. Avoid predatory animals! Although, perhaps someday you will be able to defeat the cat!
- SKINS. A lot of different skins, some of which work not only for you, but also for your family. Skins give you SUPER bonuses. For example, you can become a ghost, a house mouse, or a mouse-knight to fight cats and so on ... It is not necessary to spend real money, all skins can be bought for the usual food that you have collected!
- ACHIEVEMENTS AND THE LEADERS TABLE. Do "Achievements", compete with friends, there is also "Leaderboard", improve yourself and show who is the best mouse in the world!

1) All purchases made for real money are automatically restored in the event of an application removal or deletion of the save.
2) If you find an error (bug) in the application, please write to us, if the error is confirmed, we will thank you by disabling the banner.

Have a good game! Sincerely, Avelog Games.

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Thebit 4
Well I honestly love the game. It's very addictive and fun. But I can't find the third mouse trap piece. And I also don't understand how to combine skins. Please help.
L 5
Love this game. Hives you a variety of things to do and the golden cheese is a really nice touch. One question, where is the third part of the mousetrap? I've looked in literally every nook and cranny in the cottage and can't find it.
Livi 5
This is the best simulator game I have ever gotten!! Even better than the squirrel one! But I may have an idea to make it even better, like make the forest bigger with new terrains add seasons like winter, fall etc maybe more houses and a city far away. And could you guys maybe make a robin simulator like make it related to your games. The robin lives in a nest that you make and it has to journey far away to survive the winter (or be hardcore and try to survive the winter cold). There could be a house that has bird feeders to eat from but there's a cat that you have to escape. That would be really cool if you made a robin simulator. Thanks for this awesome game hope you keep updating it! 😊😊😀🙌😸😻👍
Magicstorm 5
I LOVE THIS! Ive been waiting a really long time for a mouse stimulator; the few that existed were so awful. This is amazing. i love the burrow, the skins, having involved family members, its just so wonderful X3
Amazing. I'd love to see the developers make more games like this. Definitely the best mouse simulator out there. However I have one complaint. For points to buy skins, i randomly loose them all the time. And its not a 'oh i forgot to save' issue. My points just....dissipate. I'll lose anywhere from 5 to 50 at a time. I don't know if its something I'm doing but it can get very irritating.
TheSackmans 5
I relly enjoy this game. I think there is only one flaw. Your gender I think you should be able to choose wether you can be male or female. Other than that I love this game and I hope you make more simulators like a robin one. Red Robin YUM jk
Amazing 4
I put 4 stars because that's not a mouse he lives out side not in side a house it's a rat ok fix your game change the title in to rat simulator i will change 5 stars I promise if you will change ok
Ana 5
I think the game is amazing! You should really make another game! Maybe you could make a game about another prey but a bigger animal or a big preditor. Or a Robin game where the seasons change and you have to travel!
SlimJim 5
You guys had made by far the most entertianing simulater that is free. I would like if you keep updating this game with more entertianing fetures forever :).
Robert 4
I think, it was cool, and I liked that you could do quests and store food. Just like a real mouse would do! It's pretty good so far. If you are reading this and you haven't downloaded this yet, please download! Just think of what you will be missing :).
Waiting is not my thing. I hate waiting and to get past the waiting you have to play these mini games and watch ads. I hate ads and those mini games


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