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Description & Details

Add custom animations to your phone's Navigation Bar without Root or Xposed!

If you are looking for an app to Customize and Enhance your phone's Navigation Bar without having to Root or install Xposed, you are in the right place. Navbar Animations offers awesome custom animations that will add some life to your boring old navigation bar.

Please read the entire description before leaving a negative review. Also, if you are facing an issue, please mail us first so that we can can help you out and improve the app.

If the Pro features don't work after you purchase, please uninstall and re-install the app from Google Play Or reboot your phone.

If the app doesn't work on your device try disabling the Developer options.

Note for new LG device users : Set the app scaling for Navbar Animations to 'Fullscreen 18:9' in the settings. The default is set to 16:9 which is why it will not work.

What does this app do?
Navbar Animations is a personalization app that adds cool animations to your navigation bar which can be configured to make it your own. Choose from a wide variety of custom animations packs and never let your navigation bar be boring again! We are constantly working to add new features and improve app performance, do stay tuned for weekly updates.

Features :
• Enable Navbar Animations and choose an animation pack.
• Set animation speed, color overlay and animation triggers.
• Auto start on boot option.
• Pro Features :
• Remove all ads.
• All Animation packs(Current and future) available.

How does this app work?
Navbar Animations adds a layer under your existing navigation bar where all the animations are played. Due to restrictions in the Android system, it is not possible to add a layer above the existing navigation bar.

Will this app work on my phone?
If your phone already has a Software Navigation Bar (like this : ), then all the animations will work as they should.

If your phone does not have a Software Navigation Bar like in Xiaomi Mi phones, this app will not work.

This app does not work in some apps like Google Chrome!
Yes, since this app does not have root access or special privileges, we cannot overcome these issues. Nevertheless, we are constantly woking to make this app better, stay tuned for weekly updates!

Have any issues or suggestions?
Chat with us on Facebook, like the page for offer codes and updates :
Send us an e-mail :
Official website :

Help us with translations here:

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Latest Ratings

Stelios 3
Can you just make it scale nicely on portrait mode and also not appear when changing between apps? Also make the animation playing as long as we touch the button and not play the full animation always. (Like the pixel home button.that the longer you press the more it plays from the animation and in the end of the animation the Google Assistant appears.) Otherwise it's the most accurate animation I've found, it is pretty light and also it doesn't crash. Good job anyways. And I do hope you will fix those issues so that I can keep using it in the future.
Scott 5
Simply outstanding. 10 seconds in and the decision was already made. To be clear, I may be distracted by the animations and turn them off someday... But I happily paid for this app because of the unbelievably gorgeous UI. You deserve as much credit as possible and I am not even mad that I purchased the Pixel Navy app of yours just moments before this one. I installed both and tried that one first. Whoopsie! This is a ten star app in every way. I am excited to see the ways you expand in the future!
Phillip 5
What an amazing application. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to customize their phones in a unique way. All animations are great. Good selection. Hope to see many more added as we go forward. Great job. :-) Look awesome on my Note 8. And the fact you don't need to be rooted is great too. Happy customer here.
susan 5
Awesome! I had trouble understanding exactly how this worked or what to do so I emailed for help. In a very very short time the developer reached out to me and explained the app to me and sent me a you tube link to watch. After following the directions the app worked perfectly! Really jazzes up my cell phone experience! Thanks.
Neo 4
Was using this for quite a while now and realized that the animation doesn't stay accordingly to how it was aligned. Even after realigning (again n again) the animation, it always ends up offset by a few pixels or so. Other than that, the animations are fun and is a nice touch.
Theo 4
I think the idea is good but sometimes the animation gets stuck and stays unless I reboot or turn this off then on. It happens often as well. The animations could have an option to be shorter. Also the animation is for all 3 buttons, not just the home button. It does look a bit odd as the animation is based on hethe home button. I don't expect this so soon, but I really enjoy it. Keep it up!
Lyle 4
Really good app. Can't wait to see what new animations will be added. There is an issue were it stops working if I go into apps and need to open Navbar again
Micah 5
I love the effects that are included and can't wait until what's next to try. Definitely creative and brings just the right touch to the otherwise boring nav bar section of the phone!
Jacob 2
Thought the animation would come up everytime I got a notification, which would be nice, but instead it just comes up I press the button. We already have an animation on the pixel! Notification animation would've been great, but nope.
Samuel 5
I love this app but sometimes the animation gets stuck and I have to force close it. But, it has tons of cool animations and looks cool. Hopefully the Dev can fix the animation stick problem.
Ratnakar 1
I have a pixel and it doesn't work for me, I click on the animation list, I can see the boxes with no display of any animation. I can't even know what I am choosing, and not only that, even if I manage to apply the animation it just doesn't work for me.


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