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Who is this long hair princess? Who's this prince? Find out in this magic story

The queen gave birth to a princess that had hair with special healing powers. We call her the long hair princess. The evil witch stole the princess because her hair could keep her from ageing and kept the princess imprisoned in a secret garden for many years. One day, an unknown man accidently stumbled into this garden with severe injuries.

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Product Features:
Oh! Who is this man? How did he get in? OMG, he's seriously wounded.
-Please help princess to take care of this man
- The man is tangled with vines, cut it off
- Mix the herbs to treat his wounds
- Collect the droplets from lotus leaf
-But the man still haven't waken up
- Cut the hair and cast the spell to save him
The witch drove the princess away because she cut off the magic hair
- Finally princess can get united with her family
- The man promised to bring princess home
- Use magic lotion to grow the hair back
- Use the hair dye to make your hair look gold again
Make a beautiful and convenient hair style for a long trip
- Braid the princess long hair
- Highlight some fresh new colors to the braid
- Decorate the braid with some flowers
- Make a beautiful wreath with the roadsides flowers
Dressup well to meet the King and Queen
And so much more! Come on and join us to help the princess and the prince.

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Latest Ratings

Such a horrible game because I need to do the same level when ever I open it. ... I never saw such a horrible game. ....... and please add more levels. ... all items are not available and they say to buy all the items. ...... please don't install this game. ..
Neha 5
It was awesome but there were only 6 levels. So please add more levels in the next app. There is 1 more thing that all the things are locked. Otherwise the game is brilliant. Please fix these two things in the next app.
asal 2
the grahic is cool and the game is diffrent type which is super good but at the first of the game when the man is in the garden one of the options is lock and when you are online and you want to watch adds it don't let you and say we don't have video and without doing all the options you can't go to other level i really love to play this game but unfortunatly it have problem
Angela 1
I gave it one star because if you went up to level six,it dosen't save,and my daughter said to me can you buy this in each level. So i hate it 👎👎👎
Dalina 2
This is okay I wish u didn't have to pay for everything if u would pay it would be a waste of money if u do make another one make it more fun and don't have me pay or I won't get it and also it was boring sorry to say that
Ok I will be there at home and I will be there at home and I will be there at home and I don't have to be in at work but will not working and rod are the best I don't have to work tomorrow I miss your voice I will get the phone you to bye to
I like long hair princess beacause princess are very Beautiful and that game is Relaxing and very cool Beacause iam given five stars Ok . Bye bye friends
Angelo 4
ADS WAY TOO MANY FOR each. Level u pass 29sec ads fix it or ur game is like🔥💩get it
It so a really nice game loved it .but the thing is that to unlock every levels ,everything by watching ok
Yashfeen 5
It is really nice game,loved it .But the thing is that we have to unlock every levels, everything by watching an advertisement 😊
چرا قفلاش باز نمیشن من الان هنوز مر غله 1 هستم اگه تا فردا فعلا در نشه دیگه من میدونم و شملما ؟


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