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Eliminate noisy notification sounds while using the phone or listening to MUSIC.

Dingless is an absurdly simple notification manager that solves a problem you probably never realized existed. Notification sounds or vibrations aren’t necessary when you are already looking at your screen or listening to music. Are they? Why getting noisy sounds when watching your youtube videos, chatting with your friends, streaming music to your bluetooth device or doing some sports?

Dingless is a notifications manager, that does the following:


1) Eliminates notification sound alerts while using your smartphone. Alerts will be restored automatically once the screen is switched off.

2) It gives you the ability to control your vibrations along with sound notifications and get rid of the unnecessary ones.

3) Music mode disables sound notifications while listening to your music or streaming from your favorite channels.

4) Pre-set time lapses between two successive notification sound while you are away from your smartphone.
a) If you have a rush of notification sound within a certain time frame, only one alert will be played.
b) Control how often you need to be notified when smartphone is being charged or nearby. Pre-set time is defined in app settings.


For Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Viber, notification sound are great to draw your attention when you are away from your phone, but are they really useful when you are already looking at your screen? Moreover, have you ever been tired of receiving multiple notification sound in a short timespan? This might get particularly annoying for yourself and your surroundings. Dingless is a simple application that runs in the background and offers you the solution to these problems.

With Dingless there is no need to silence your phone anymore, or totally switch off notification sound in order to avoid annoying alerts coming from your chatting application like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Viber. Be discrete, Go Dingless!

***Works best with***
Facebook Messenger

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Latest Ratings

Ben 5
Dingless is an excellent app! It helps you to silence your phone in a quick and easy manner! You do not need to any longer go to settings and then go to sounds and then navigate to silent to silence your phone the app takes all of those steps out of the equation! You can also put your phone on what is called music mode to listen to podcasts or music. This app is a must-have for any experienced Android User or someone new switching to Android from iOS.
Bhagyesh 3
Sir, this isn't matter about lock/unlock sound & vibration. It's about turning on vibration controls, the device vibrates two times. 1. For default vibration, which does not part of your algorithm and 2. Additional vibration occurs, owing to the Dingless app (That should eliminate to improve app). Otherwise, it's great app to make device SMART.
Nick 4
Really useful. But after most recent update, my phone ringtone gets cut off the moment screen wakes form the call. Has been an issue and I've been missing calls! Please fix!
Eliodoro 5
Gave it five stars because I love this app, but it's bugging out. It keeps my phone on silent. It doesn't want to turn notifications on after shutting off screen.
sahil 1
Good app but expensive, two in app separate purchases. One for vibration and other for time. Are you kidding me. It should be not more than 70 rupees in total.
Eeshaan 4
The fact that you have to turn this app off to turn on Total Silence is the only reason it got 4 and not 5 stars.
Omar 4
It's not working correctly after the last update ,the app doesn't work sometimes My phone is Huawei mate 9
Teoh 5
Very best app. Eliminate the noisy notification away from my phone
ravi 3
All is very gud but After activating this....multimedia sound button doesn't work .....on youtube ,music etc....
ZhiZhan 5
Wonderful!! Finally an app that blocks unnecessary notification while I'm listening to Spotify
Aizad 1
While only setting the don't disturb when music is playing, it disables the same for games, and while opening games i feel vibration indicating that ringtone volume is minimized, i want to disable it,


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