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The BlizzCon Guide mobile app is a fast and easy way to help you make the most of your BlizzCon experience. With it, you can:

Plan your day – Review the details of the official events taking place at BlizzCon, and add them to your calendar. You can sort your events by day, time, game franchise, and more.

Catch your favorite events – Set alerts for any event on your calendar to make sure you get to it on time.

Chart a path – Zoom in on the exhibit hall floor with the BlizzCon map. Use it to quickly find a panel, meet up with friends, or just figure out where you’d like to go next.

Get Updates – Receive instant updates on the happenings, see the latest availability from the BlizzCon Store and get latest news from the official BlizzCon news feed.

Live Streams - Access the free and paid BlizzCon video streams via the mobile app. Now you'll have eyes everywhere!

Videos-on-Demand – Missed an event? Or just want to relive some epic hype? Now you can access on-demand free and paid videos and event recordings.

©2016 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and BlizzCon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S., and/or other countries.

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Jason 2
Chromecast? David Kim please!! It's a nice enough app for home viewers, but if you're putting an app that streams on Android YOU NEED CHROMECAST SUPPORT. Not acceptable.
Chris 3
Video delays too much Every year it's the same crap...virtual ticket holders get the shaft. Videos aren't loaded fast enough onto app. Opening ceremony didn't appear until 7 hours after live opening. App works okay, mostly. Would like to see bookmarks on live feed and back 30 sec button. Chromecast support button too.
Joe 1
Da fuq? Wtf was the point of creating an app that wasn't able to be installed on an android player? Or even more, streamed on a medium that I could Google cast onto my TV through my player. Automatic fail.
Phil 1
2015 version sucks Constantly crashes, audio cuts out or constant buffering. I'm sorry I bought the virtual ticket, this app is useless regardless on high speed 4G or Wi-Fi connection on my Galaxy S6. Don't buy the virtual ticket expecting to watch content on this useless POS app.
Niclas 1
Scam What a useless piece of crap. Even paid for premium stream.. To watch what? A stage! Is this some kind of joke? Stream from twitch is better... And where is Chromecast support?
Jesse 2
Using LG V10 and audio only stays on for about 30 seconds before cutting off. I have to keep restarting the stream and then audio cuts off. Stream still shows in HD and I receive audio alerts for other apps and notifications.
Eric 1
Terrible Lacking chromecast is bad, but when I tried to cast my device screen u fired up the videos and they wouldn't rotate out of portrait. Is this some kind of joke?
Jess 1
Couldn't hear stream audio after couple seconds Tried clearing cache. Several pages of complaints on forum and twitter w/o response from blizzard
Nate 2
Audio issues Main and panel channels are fine, but the esports channels' audio cuts out after about 30 seconds and forces me to back out and restart that channel
Gina 1
Awful Video starts in low quality, then changes to HD while losing sync with audio before crashing. Seriously? Why can I watch the first days stuff on the website, but not stream? I will be do disappointed if I miss the concert cause of this....
Janine 2
Worked for me on Friday blizzcon with no streaming problems at all. On Saturday the video works fine but the audio cuts out pretty quickly. Tried this on my tablet and phone, still cuts out. Atleast i can catch up tomorrow...

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