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Seek my love, Hold your hand!

Golden Plume Award for best picture quality
2017 Mobile Online Game Award for Best Writing
4 Asian Game Award Nominations includes “10 Creative MMORPG”
The Most Expected Mobile Game of Global Kingdom War Players in IGN Research
——The most romantic 3D Kingdom War mobile game in 2017, Sword of Romance

Lv Dongxuan, the No.1 master of swordcraft, reincarnated and fell in love with the daughter of the infante but they were finally pulled apart. When they met again, the poor girl was about to die of sickness.
To save her life, Lv took up his sword and killed countless immortals. He finally swore to the god that he would give up his life, instead, the girl will become immortal.
---"I keep seeking my love, but finally I find you and will keep holding your hand..."

---Find lover for years---
Wander on earth for thousands of year for the girl in red! The most beautiful marriage in mobile games of 2017, romantic encounter, gorgeous wedding, for you!

---God of Kingdom War---
Will not regret to die for the nation in the Kingdom War! With Command System in game, you can direct the kingdom war yourself. Win the war definitely!

---Anchor plays with you---
Lovely dimples smile, fine eyes blink, exceeding charm awaits your admiring! Anchors from China mainland, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia gather in the game to play with you!

---Eminent 3D world---
Holographic of 720 degree brings you an eminent world with Dynamic particle rendering. 6 nations, 12 sceneries are in the map. Wherever you go, fantasy world is there.

---Set the trend with Fashionwears---
Fairy style, Girl-next-door style, Uniform temptation, or swimming suit, there is always a suitable for you.

---Equal drops, fair trade---
With the equal drop rate, non-top-up player can be powerful! Players can trade fairly without any intervention of system


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4.0.3 and up
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100000 - 500000
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ryan 1
Time to Uninstall, new server open every week and nothing new about the game. Lag and disconnect every 3-5 min. It's got worst after S17 open.. this game is the same as Loong Craft just different skin. But at least loong craft server is much more sturdy. Please DON'T tell me to check connection or reinstall the game, because I already did it 3 times, connection it's perfectly fine, cuz all my other game I play run just fine.
Mandy329 5
Love this game. Leveling is quick and easy. lots of daily quests. Most things are 2hrs off for US user. Like a boss will say appear in 2hrs and then he appears. When time at zero and it is time he should appear nope he did 2 hrs ago. It hard to get hang of just ask a Asian player to help with time. I would like more items besides gold in packs to. after first top no more added bonus for spending.
duckapolusa 2
I like playing the game other than it disconnecting constantly and now any time I go to do anything it freezes and won't allow anything to work it's reasently started happening since I hit lvl 51... please fix this I like the game just don't want to have wasted space in my phone if I can't play it anymore due to it freezing right after entering the game
Lizabeth 5
This game is good and my favorite, but i hate those people who always used VIP to become more strong to normal gamer like us. We have the same Level but they're more stonger to me. -_- cheater.
Spamano 1
I just feel like this is pointless since theres an auto button so everything is being done by itself so its pretty boring. I wish theres more to it than just have my character going around and do things by itself, i could just have the app on and let it play by itself instead. So in other word, the game is pretty boring but the art is beautiful.
Just 1
unbound/bound gold system is a scam, cant topup and expect to buy what you want because the gold has two forms, usable and unusable, game eats all the usable without asking. deliberately left out im sure.
Malik 1
This was one of the best games I had on android and soon as the new update came out I can no longer play it freezes soon as I get choose the player I want the force closes I don't know what happened to this app but fix it or its gone
Mae 5
I like this game but every 1-3 minutes disconnect why? I check my wifi connection 10 times but I don't know what's the problem my wifi or your game please help me because I like this game. Then sometimes log in fail. Please I'm wnaty to play now but how? 😑
Blake 4
I really like this game, it has so much to it. But the game keeps crashing every 10-15 minutes. Please fix this. Ingame name: Koloth
marc 1
Im lvl 64 and uninstalling the app.. *Daily quests are soo many and its the only way to get strong unless you pay money., *Monsters are useless because they are too weak and only use for quest., and doing this everyday makes me get bored., *Events have very very low chance of getting rare items or no chance at all? I have spent my entire 5k gold (not bought) since my first play and did not get high prices., only useless ones that can be bought by silver., *Marriage is not free to do, you need to get high lvl and do certain stuffs have high intimacy lvl by getting many many flowers etc. in short you both need to pay a lot of real money to get married.. *Many costumes are locked until you pay money to get one or stick to typical standard uniform per class., *And one more thing... I HATE THE CHINESE GIRL SINGING AND TALKING EVERYDAY., i dont understand why put something like that in the game? (Bad idea) makes me play the game in silent mode., but anyway good graphics...
The grapphics is good but i cant play after i completly download it. Always failed to server.. Pls fix it

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