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By Broken Reality Category Simulation

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Build your business empire by clicking and become the world greatest capitalist!

Welcome to The Big Capitalist, our Young & Ambitious business investors!
You are in the right place to fulfill your craving of establishing and expanding businesses, and to become the world greatest capitalist!

Start your worldwide monopoly enterprise from the most basic product - wheat. You can accumulate capitals by clicking to produce more wheat, and by investing your money to other industries.

In this idle game, the only thing you need to do is clicking, clicking, clicking, and then watching your capital growing rapidly.

*Yes, it’s your chance to pay less and win the world!*

There will be more opportunities and challenges waiting for you in Big Capitalist! You can hire managers to help administrating businesses, or introduce new technologies to boost profits; and more to discover!

To be the Oil Tycoon or Federal President? That’s not a question! With Big Capitalist, you can dream big to win big, and take the world in your hand!

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4.1 and up
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Latest Ratings

Tazo 1
I updated and Africa is still not working please do something!
fishyfloppy 5
Nice graphics defiantly and humour
Alexander 1
Game is seriously broken. No response from devs. Stop adding things and fix what's broke first. 1. Upgrade benefits disappear when app closes. 2. Money glitches - cannot see how much things cost. 3. Offline time bugged - close the app and re-presented and all times reset. Eg. Oil well has 2 mins left out of say 1 hour. Close app and re-open to have time reset. 4. Ffwd 1 hour does not work. Gives a basic amount of money. All other worlds appear to not experience any of the above. Just the main world. Fix it!
Auron 3
Please fix Europe. The update just came I know. But it either freezes the game completely or goes to black then freezes. Other than that I have no complaints. Please fix.
Billy 3
The game every time you watch a video it will tell you how much money you are supposed to get but you don't get that amount, you only receive half. The new Europe part let me play it when I first clicked on it and when I left the game and went back it won't let me play Europe at all, it just shows a black screen.
Cody 3
Europe still goes blackscree and freezes. Upgrades love to disappear when app is closed..
waytofunny 5
ehhhhh it's ok I'll give y'all 5 stars but pls do better up dates PLZZZZ
John 3
Game does not give you what u earn. If you watch video to skip 1hr it only gives you half of what your suppose to get. Other than that it is ok game
Kieron 3
Its okay i suppose bit of a copy of adventure capitalist and way too many ads in ya face but its alright
Border 1
Every time I close the app I lose all my money and all the angels that i earned. Please fix other then that i enjoy the game
AlfieAlbert 5
Don't these people look like their from family guy Jenice Connier is Louis and Louise Lassen is Peter

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