Crazy Candy Bomb-Free Match 3 Game

Crazy Candy Bomb-Free Match 3 Game








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By Yunbu Game Studio Category Casual #48 Brain #19

Description & Details

Collect these charming candies,use lollipop and marshmallow to make amazing bomb

On this cloud of sweet cotton candy, the candy maker will guide you to collect all kinds of candy, such as tasty lollipop,red heart candy, sweet and delicious, broken ice, bear biscuits, charming butter cookies, you can scoop sweet candy into your mouth to meet your greedy tooth. You can also create only a variety of interesting bombs, so that bombs can get more candies.

Crazy skills and props:
* Lollipop: sweet lollipop can help you smash the candy you want to crush.
* Artifact of the rocket: a small rocket can let you crush a vertical column of sweet candy.
* Magic wand: Almighty Magic Stick allows you to re-arrange the candy interface.
* Magic gloves: This glove from the hands of magician, you can let you exchange any two candy.
* Spacecraft from space: This ultimate skill can help you collect all the same candies at once.

Match 3 Gameplay:
* Move sweet candy and make three of the same candy on a straight line, which can collect and crush them.
* Get four or more of the same candy together and make a magic bomb.
* When you collect and crush the candies, you can break the ice below, or collect the cookies below.
* If you're smart and successful in making a bomb, letting the bomb explode will make you feel a lot of shock and crazy.

Crazy Levels:
* If you're afraid it's hard, then our smart candy makers will patiently guide you
* There are more than 330 different levels in the game, through them you will get rich rewards.
* The lovely bear is buried under the ice, crushing the ice to save them.
* There are a lot of delicious cookies, crush them and you can eat your mouth.

* WIFI FREE! You can play this match 3 game anywhere!
* We are ready to Facebook landing more, and when we launch Facebook, you can login your Facebook account and play with your friends!
* in game starts, we will need some of your rights, we have to make in terms of privacy, we will promise to protect your privacy, so please relax, this does not affect you!
* If you have good ideas and suggestions, you can send us an email or evaluate us!

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4.0.3 and up
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Latest Ratings

Lynelle 5
I love this game and have been playing for a few weeks. I love the boosters and how they help complete a level. It is a game you just have to keep playing. However, I can't for the life of me, complete level 278. I can really see no way of getting the red hearts and boosters are next to useless. It saddens me that this may be the end of a beautiful friendship. 😭
Terry 5
Great work i can't wait until break time so i can play
ria 1
I got to level 186 but then it just freezed and can't be played anymore
Bobby 5
Great game tends ta freeze occasionally but great game all in all
Fenancis 5
Great game to pass time and mentally settle down.
Vero 5
Wonderful game keeps one occupied and it's fun baiby
Lechele 4
Cute little game..needs to get more challenging like add a race against time level
JackAnd 4
Not too hard unlike candy crush
Good way to pass the time. No issues yet
LaJoyce 5
This game is fun. Just to many ads . Get rid of the ads please. Other then that it is fun . When has this game update . Never update for me yet. .
Irma 5
I love it, it an awesome game!!

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