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Bomb Hunters Android Gameplay

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You're about to experience the life of a bomb disposal expert.

Get your brown pants. It's boom-bang bomb-hunting time!

Grab a pair of pliers and keep your cool. You're about to experience the life of a bomb disposal expert. Always racing against a ticking time. Always wondering if it's the red wire or the blue one.

Which gets easy anyway. After a couple of successful bomb disposals, right? Not in Bomb Hunters! The bombs are spread out on a battlefield with enemy snipers and grenadiers guarding the bombs, obstacles blocking the way and heavy-traffic roads that need to be crossed.

Some of the bombs will get your head spinning as you need to manually defuse them with the right plugs and wires.

Still think you're the right one for the job? Then report to Bombquarters immediately!

>> Pick from 10 bomb-hunting characters.
>> Crawl through endless battlefields, one bomb at a time.
>> Lose your head in one of 5 different environments.
>> Increase your skill, become faster at bomb defusing.
>> Enjoy bomb disposal minigames.
>> Complete achievements, compete in leaderboards.
>> Use life-saving power-ups.
>> Have nerve-wrecking fun.

Still here? Get Bomb Hunters now. The bomb is ticking, don't drop it!

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Latest Ratings

Aye 2
CONTROL SUCKS even after the Joystick update,why? Because infact its same as the D-pad, nothing flexible. Game is fine and fun but damn the controls is just irritating and the player moves like a robot which sucks,Why would you developers do that. Please make the player to be able to move freely and not just like a robot with one step at a click, and it will be much better and addicting.
Waleed 3
Hi guys, how can I get my old saved data back. I did the cloud save even maybe 2 or 3 times from time to time. I had to reset my fone for some issues and when I installed the game back, the load tab in cloud save is like black and white. Means I cant load my data. I even did connected it with facebook. Please Help.
Patricia 3
Controls are terrible making game play laggy. Takes a lot to earn money too, that's if you don't want to pay out of pocket.
Jelena 1
Since the new update from 1 hour ago the game won't launch, it crashes immediately. And the controls should be configured, either change position and make them bigger or implement some other kind of controls.
Alex 4
This is an awesome game. Great time waster too. Easy to learn and the gameplay is amazing. Only problem is the controls. I can't get used to any of the 4 options. Please improve. Thanks. One suggestion: level editor. Please add a level editor and my dream will come true.
Jasper 4
It's Crossy Road, with objectives. Which isn't a bad thing. To be honest I think it would have benefitted from using Crossy Road's control scheme as well, the current control setup is very imprecise. Fun game so far, though.
MeGeRe 3
control need to be flexible than this... and I have problems with some minigame, I can't cut color wire, can't press on botton A B with landscape
Tristan 4
Its pretty fun but the controls are whack and you die way to easy. Itd be nice to have the joy stick controls instead of having to physically press each button a diff direction.
Gorka 4
Great game, you never get tired of it, adverts also seem optional. Controls are not the best but the game makes up for it, a fun game overall!
yash 4
Forced to play offline...once i connect to google play, it crashes. Controls can be improved a bit. Overall its a great game..completely new concept.
Arthur 5
Updated earlier today. App crashes and won't even reach main menu. Rebooted phone. Reinstalled app. Results are the same. Phone mentioned having issues is an S7 Edge. I want to play but I can't. T_T


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