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Number Sandbox coloring app, Color by numbers with the pixel puzzle game

Sandbox coloring game is popular among children and adult!
It’s a free number draw APP for everyone.
There’re many interesting pixel pages and number books for you to coloring.

Super easy playing way:
Just paint by numbers in this interesting sandbox game,
Color drop in the same numbers’ blocks.
That you’ll finished a cool pixel works.

Whether develop child’s recognition of colors and numbers,
Trains your concentration and steadiness
Or just want to color your own way, practice your drawing and coloring skill.
Or release stress, want a time killer,
No.Draw sandbox coloring app always is the best one for you!

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Sadie 5
I love this app becaus it takes a lot of time to do one of the pitchers. The secon reason isitvfun and the pitchers are so cute when their done and there very colorful to its so fun to do . The third reason is if your on a long car ride this is the perfect game to play on to keep activ on the way and not being bord. That's my opinion to this app you can disagree all you what but we all have our opinions.
Eric 4
Love it! I love this app overall, but I do have 2 suggestions to make it 5 stars. First, make it so you can upload your own photo. Second, include a feature where you can click-and-drag if you have a large group of the same number instead of clicking each cell individually. Otherwise I think this game is just fantastic.
Kaylee 4
I like it but I think that the more detailed works shouldn't be free but everything else should so people can do more of the artworks if they can't afford the subscription but just not the really hard ones. You should also be able to take pics from your gallery and change that to artwork for free. Other than that I love the app
Josette 4
I love this app. It's almost identical to Sandbox, another app I'm completely addicted to. Only a few things would make this better, and worth 5 stars (in my opinion)...make this so that only the number you're working on, is highlighted in the picture. Also, once you've finished all of that number, place a checkmark, or some kind of indicator in the number's box. Even better? Once you're down to only 1% of the puzzle left to finish, make it so that, by clicking on the 99% box, the game will automatically jump you to an unfinished group of boxes. While this particular item won't make much difference in the smaller puzzles, it could be an enormous help on the larger ones. Also, I really don't like having to use 2 fingers to navigate the screen. (I'm sorry to compare, but in this instance I sort of have to) In Sandbox, I'm able to navigate with 1 finger. I actually make less mistakes using 1 finger, then I do using 2. I would really appreciate However, I'll rate 5 stars with the first change (only the color worked on, highlighted, and checked off when finished), along with the 1 finger as opposed to 2 fingers navigation.
Leah 3
I wish it didnt have so many pics where u had to pay it just ruins the game. Im sure a lot of people dont want to pay the subscription its too expensive I dont think you should have to pay for the majority of it please change it
Maybe, 1
This game is plagarism. You did not credit OR ask the original creators for permission, so you can be sued for the said reasons. Shameful. Try to make an original game before going all out on nothing.
Bop 4
Really enjoy the app, Definitely a nice relaxing and easy way to pass some time or to chill to while doing other things. My only complaint is that I wish non-paying users had more detailed and intricate pictures to colour, as there are some beautiful pictures that only come with the subscription. I have absolutely no problem with the idea of a paid subscription to get more pictures and the amount of free pictures you provide is fine but I find that a good chunk of the free pictures (especially more recent ones) are overly simple and dull to colour. Such as heavily reliant on giant spaces of 1 colour and only 4 or 5 different colours. Other than this I do quite enjoy the app and do like the frequent picture updates.
Marissa 5
It so cute who cares if it was a copied game all games are keep up the work I love pixel apps like this idc if it was a copy of sandbox just take it how it is. Anyone who hates it haters back off! Good rules bad loses everytime
Katie 1
Rubbish! Rip off version of the real game sandbox! Stop copycat ting and actually come up with your own game instead of stealing other people's good games and ideas
This app is good. It doesn't have tons of pictures but it is good. Idc if people say it's a rip off of sandbox. The controls are much better and, the pictures have good quality.
Lo 4
I really liked it until I tried to colour a banana and it told me to upgrade to premium. since then all of the ones I want to do are premium.PLEASE CHANGE SOME!If you do I will rate 5 stars

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