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Subdivision Infinity - Best HD Android Gameplay - by Crescent Moon Games

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Massive next-gen sci-fi 3D space shooter!

Subdivision Infinity is an immersive and pulse pounding sci-fi 3D space shooter.

**ATTENTION** - Play the first location for free!

Ready your ship and cruise the great expanse of space in over 40 engaging missions in 5 distinct locales. Hunt down and destroy enemy spacecraft, crush capital ships, mine asteroids for rare minerals, and find blueprints to craft amazing new vessels.

Subdivision Infinity features stunning graphics and tight spaceship game play. Beyond the story's main missions, you will have an array of optional goals to keep you cruising, including space exploration, bounty hunting, and mining operations.

• First Location is free!
• Over 40 Missions in the main storyline
• 5 unique locations, each with a different feel and atmosphere
• Unique bosses! Capital ships destruction is not just included, but encouraged
• Side-quests galore! Take a break from the main story and engage in some rewarding side activities including:
• Exploration - Find lost relics like ship blueprints to outfit and improve your ships. Or, build a new ship!
• Free Hunt - Take on hostile spacecraft and hone your combat skills
• Mining - Harvest asteroids and sell their minerals for profit, or use them to craft unique ships
• Diverse selection of weapons and ships available to buy and upgrade
• Beautiful 3D graphics! Perfect for exceptional space combat

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Michael 5
I have been playing space combat games since the early 80's and this one is impressive so far. Great graphics and smooth controls. Mining, story and free flight combat missions for variety. Decent upgrade system. The bosses are challenging, but not impossible. I did find the game too short though. Finished it in maybe 10 hours. Bug found in Cat's Eye, exploration mission to get 5 blueprints, the one next to an asteroid is unobtainable because you get destroyed before reaching it.
Shane 5
Awesome game so far. Easy controls, realistic graphics and you're able to gain enough resources so it's not pay to win. Loving it. Noticed a bug. You have to let go of the joystick to be able to use the missiles. That makes it rather annoying to fire on the move. Once the HUD locks on you just let go of the joystick and you're then able to cut loose with the missiles. Should be able fire those while moving tho. UPDATE: I reported that bug and you guys jumped right on it! I'm EXTREMELY impressed! Great game, great support, you guys have a loyal player in me now! KEEP UP THE OUTSTANDING WORK!!
Unsheated 4
This game isn't perfect. Hitboxes on meteors and stationary objects are bigger than they're supposed to be and gameplay pretty repetitive. However, the game is gorgeous, runs well and gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. A small payment must be made to unlock more than the first system, but I'd say it's fair and worth it. Fixing the hitboxes and varying up the gameplay would make this a 5/5 game.
Rob 4
I finally got the installation to work after several tries. The game is mostly pretty cool so far. Having played this dev's other fighter games, I found this one easy to get into. Graphics and ship designs are great! One big gripe is that the directional controller is too close to the left edge of my screen, and this severely limits maneuverability to a 180-degree arc from top to right to bottom. I'm not fond of tilting my phone to play any game, so this doesn't solve the issue so well. Bluetooth controller support would be a great addition to this game. MAJOR BUG: in one level, I found some invisible objects that keep destroying my ship; I will be submitting a report with photos to help get this fixed.
Jayson 5
Great game! Controls can be a little frustrating, but all in all worth the little money I put in it. Up to now, not pay to win, so pretty stoked! Edit:. There is a bug in the cat's eye exploration (final one) where there is a blueprint next to an asteroid... No matter how or in which angle you pick it up, your ship will crash.
david 1
Don't bother spending to continue if you do download This is the most annoying game ever, turn, turn, turn, match big circle to little dot.... with no control over your shop other than turn and accelerate it becomes unplayable after rank 10 because the difficulty increases but without a decent frame rate or any real options to use maneuvers with my Ship in combat. I can't even play this choppy, nauseating and anxiety inducing piece of disappointment.
Mitch 2
Way too difficult after awhile. I have the best ship you can buy, fully upgraded and I still can't pass Atria's gate(planet 5) level 6 for a week. The only other better ship I can get I have to "craft", but I can't search for the "parts" until I complete all levels in Atria's gate. I bought a different weapon for 70 000 to see if it will help. But that was a waste of money because the only way I can use it is if I unequip a better weapon than the one I bought. I will be uninstalling soon.
Wade 3
So I am really mad. I paid the money because I couldn't advance in game. So I beat all the world's and now can't go any further yet again. Why make people pay if the game is not 100%. I had more stars but changed because of latest issue. It's been about a month I can't play no new maps yet. And no way to contact support for the game.
Dick 5
Learning curve, but not too steep. Reminds me a bit of the original Elite for the C-64 from around 1984. Only finished the first chapter, so don't know how $ hungry the game will get. But, the first part will get you moving your fingers and possibly checking your blood pressure! If you like flying your junk and know how to do it, you may enjoy this. But dang, I really miss a joystick like the old Wico Bat. EDIT: WHAT A GAME! CAN'T STOP PLAYING EVERY SECOND I GET. IT'S ROUGH AT THE START, BUT LIKE THE OLDER SPACE GAMES YOUR SHIP, WEAPONS, AND CARGO CAPACITY GET BETTER. I HOPE THIS GAME MAKES IT. I LOOK FORWARD TO BUYING A WEEKLY OR MONTHLY PAK TO SUPPORT THE DEV'S WHO DID SUCH A GREAT JOB!
Orion 5
Colony Wars, Freespace, Wing Commander! Oh how I missed those games! This has got a lot of that nostalgia factor in it, the ships even drift around a bit in zero g, very cool!
Simon 1
The game seems fun however I have a big problem tilt controls are going nuts. When I tilt left my ship turn right and when I tilt right my ship goes right again it is NOT inverted whatever side I tilt ship turns right Xperia z2 tablet 6.0.1 (in Galaxy on fire 2 ship turns normally so not my tablet problem)


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