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By Daniel Franko Category Role Playing #5

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Challenging experience that combines tactical turn-based combat and RPG elements

Erin: The Last Aos Sí [e:s 'ʃi:] is a challenging experience that combines tactical turn-based combat with RPG elements. Set in mythical Scotland, the game follows Erin on her quest to defeat Balor, The God of Blight and save the world from ultimate destruction.

If you enjoy fantasy worlds, Celtic mythology, deep turn-based tactical combat that requires well thought out strategy, hordes of monsters, powerful spells, RPG elements, rewarding loot and challenging gameplay, you will love this game.

◈ Fluid turn-based combat
◈ Deep tactical system
◈ Skill-based spell casting
◈ Light RPG elements and progression system. Level-up and improve your abilities
◈ Challenging battles with clever enemies
◈ Difficult bosses
◈ Rewarding loot
◈ Interactive bestiary and spell book
◈ Tons of spells and charms that use the power of water, earth, energy, air and fire elements
◈ Dozens of monster types
◈ Over 15 different environments
◈ Based on Celtic mythology and both real and fictitious places in Scotland
◈ Really long campaign
◈ Epic orchestral soundtrack
◈ Cheesy live action intro :)
◈ Pixel art graphics

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egocarib 5
Creative concept that makes for very fun, tactical battle. Lots of spells. Lacking in complexity a bit which could be improved by adding more story or a more complex spell customization system. For example, maybe allow swapping out rune letters to enable casting different spells (while disabling others that required the swapped-out letter)
OO 5
I will say this is one of the most unique turn based game I've seen on mobile with the time line system.So good job with that but if you want to have a spell book and have runes there when both do the same thing, why do you have runes there? Its just a minor detail though, either way keep up the good work!
Fate 5
The game is good in a way that reminds me of Avatar Legend of Aang and Korra.. Lol,, In order to have a fast skill you have somehow remember the casting pattern of spell.. I think it is somehow original idea for that.. And it takes time if you don't know the pattern.. I have only problem with graphics but again,, it's retro.. Overall,, It's good..
Cody 4
Really liking this so far -and recommend it- with only a few areas for improvement. Environments need more multiple variations, swiping between spell pages in the spell book, and a better visual cues on runes when auto-casting spells. I appreciate the battle music can be changed, but I wish the setting would save between levels and have an ability to randomize them. Lastly, an option to exit the game would be nice! Overall excellent work for a one person project!
Joshua 5
Really nice combat reminiscent of some of the "active time battle" system from some Final Fantasy games, combined with solidly animated retro graphics. Very fair monetisation, just one IAP that unlocks the full game. But whatever it blocks off is quite a way in, so you have lots of opportunity to experience what the has to offer before you pay.
Piotr 5
Just purchased the full version and it's well worth it. The combat system is very unique and enjoyable - it combines elements of tactics and arcade - timely swiping and taping to enchant spells. It is not really a full-fledged RPG with dialogues and exploration, the game is linear and focuses on combat. To me the formula works great on mobile platform, as one stage takes just a couple of minutes - you can play the game wherever whenever, no matter if you've got a few spare moments or many hours. I recommend it to both RPG veterans and new players - tutorial is thorough and done as well as the rest. The game deserves going viral and I am going to follow Daniel Franko's future projects.
Rheo 5
Absolutely Fantastic. I found this game by pure chance. It's the best thing I've found on any app store in years. My only issue is that I wish casting spells using runes was slightly more effective than using the spell book, either in speed or power so that I feel rewarded for remembering.
Cale 4
Interesting so far, not sure I've played enough to really review, but the game encouraged me to. First impression is good though - seems like a solid effort by a developer who cares about their game. It's a little straightforward up to the point where I've played but seems to be introducing new mechanics at a fair pace. I might have to update my review once I've seen a bit more.
Ray 4
Ok so what this game has it does incredibly well. Combat mechanics are great and art is simplistic and well done. Unfortunately there is not enough game feature diversity to class this as more than a fun repetative combat simulator. Key features that in my mind should be in place are glaringly missing. Dialogue for example. The game could really do with some sort of story/quest system. Also loot. What is currently in place feels lackluster and tagged on I am afraid. Lastly...the side scrolling rail from A to B system reminds me of Oregon Trail / Tales of Illyria etc...minus the events. Events could really liven things up with some much needed RNG. Despite the dissapointing lack of actual game feature diversity I would still rate this 4* however, as like I say at the start of this review...combat and art atyle is well made and fun. Good luck dev(s). Hope you take this constructive critisism on board and continue to build on your title.
Colin 4
Really really digging it so far. My only complaints are that the after the intro, the story becomes non-existant. I'm only on like the 5th or 6th stage so maybe I just need to give it a little more time. Still, would like to know just what her plan is. Like she's trying to escape...but to where? Again though, I just started. This might become a complete non-issue shortly. I'll edit my review if so. Only other complaint is that the battles can get a little monotonous. But again it's very early in the game. That could definitely possibly change as i pick up more spells and face different enemies. Still a quick and easy repeat spell button might be cool. So yeah as I said, I'll edit my review as I get further into it. Promise.
Richard 4
Really ambitious, creative game. Some pieces could be simpler, and the text is hard to read, but definitely greater than the sum of its parts.


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