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Cricket Megastar (by Distinctive Games) Android Gameplay [HD]

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You are a rookie batsman making it big as a professional Cricket player.

Cricket Megastar puts you in the pads of a rookie batsman trying to make it big as a professional Cricket player.

Do you have the talent to progress through the ranks of playing for an amateur team right through to playing for your country – to become the ultimate Cricket Megastar!

Create your player, play your best cricket and get noticed by the big teams.

With easy pick-up-and-play swipe controls, story led levels and accessible game-play this is a Cricket game that everyone can play, without the demands of a 5-day test series.

So, are you ready to BECOME A MEGASTAR?!

This game is free to play but does includes optional in-app purchases that may be bought with real money.


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Ratinder 2
Controls are not good. Cant play desires shots properly. And speed of boekers is also not knan. Same shot to same bowler is sometimes too early and then bxt ball it becomes too late. And perfect shots are also not getting boundaries more often. Also improve running between wickets. It will v better if u provide mnual running.then this game will deserve 5 stars
nasib 2
I would love to give it 4 stars as it is a copied cricket version of Score!hero.but the pop up ads really annoyed the hell out of me.always popping up after finishing a match and sometimes it closes the apl forcibly. U should really work on this one and decrease the amount of ad in the game.and u should work on ur controls as well.
Daniel 2
Absolute con of a game and waste of time.. its sole purpose is to get you to spend money.. i will not watch all the bloody adverts every 30secs, tbh this game should be 100% free with the ammount you are shown.... id rather quite the game and start again... The game isnt consistent unlike soccer hero.. regardless of what shot you play if you need 1 run you will be cought forcing u to use all your rewond credits.. UNINSTALLED
Santanu 3
There are certain level which is almost impossible. Like 32 runs in 2 over and 78 in 5 overs. And only spinner do ball. Even if ur timing is correct still it shows late or early. Which is really frustrating. And it is not a complete game. It stating coming soon since last decade
PS 3
One of the best cricket games in Android. Especially the graphics and limitations to hit boundaries. First class. I wish if there is a full version of the game also. Few Major issues: 1. Sometimes the energy not filled even after a day or so. You wait for a day to play again and you see empty energy bars! 2. Few impossible tasks. 3. Some shots are wrongly moved and it happens quite often
jon 2
Horrible game it's potluck whether you win the game not thru skill through whether the batsman responds to your swipe or just stands there and let's the ball clatter into the stumps. Now since last update there is adverts galore. Shame coz could be a really good game.
Stuck on 41st level where it is impossible to score 78 runs from 5 overs, came close many times but always missed it. The bowler bowls at varied speed which is impossible to predict as there is no meter to show the pace of the delivery. Will rate it better if they add a meter.
Gaurav 3
Tell me one thing, why don't you let me the score when my timing is perfect? Also while playing with my Megastar batsman on strike, I cannot play shots the way I can play with partner even though my timing is perfect in both cases. Please make it work correctly and it will be become a wonderful game.
andy 2
Well, you really mucked up this game on the last update. Suddenly there's adverts all the time. You've properly spoiled the game now. Too many adverts. I understand the need to make money but the balance was right before. Now, it's become unplayable.
Nirmal 4
In real life if I get out I move on to the next match and not given a chance to play the same match over and over again. Granted this is a game. But I don't like that aspect alone. If the game was more dynamic I think it will become more fun.
Sayantan 5
Nice game. Very addictive, it's just like the legendary game "Score Hero" packed with cricket gameplay 😀. The game is a bit laggy at times, please developers look into this. Rest assured "A Very Enjoyable Game"

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