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Stickman Skate Battle by Djinnworks - iOS | Android HD Gameplay Trailer #stickman #skate #djinnworks

Description & Details

Stickman Skate Battle is a PVP game all about skating in beautiful landscape

Pack your skateboard and join the ultimate Stickman Skate Battle multiplayer PVP experience. Battle with your friends and all people around the world in 1vs1 matches in astonishing, beautiful, hand designed skate parks. Perform spectacular tricks and combinations trying to beat your opponent to get his coins and get a chance to participate in the best high stake world events. Daily and weekly tournaments, freeride, 1vs1 matches, challenges and domination are just few of the awesome features waiting for you right now.

Fluid fast paced skating in well designed, hand crafted environments.

◉ UK #3 Top Overall App
◉ Top #100 Overall in more than 50 countries
◉ This games excels due to the perfect physics incorporated into the dual stick controls. (review)
◉ This is a very fun high quality game for free so I would download it if I were you (review)

• 1vs1 high score battle, who performs the best tricks and gets the most points in one minute
• 1vs1 domination battle. Colorize all obstacles like ramps, rails, etc.. by performing the best tricks on them. Player owning the most obstacles wins
• Training mode. Train you skills whenever you want
• Tutorial. Learn the basics
• Daily and Weekly tournaments for all events as well as special League Tournaments
• Offline mode. You can play even in offline mode

• Realtime multiplayer PVP
• 10 beautiful designed and hand crafted skate parks
• 22 different skilled characters including Stickman, Spaceman, Foxy, Beach Girl, Ghost and many more
• 32 skateboards with different abilities including Danger, Natural, Arrow and Hoverboard.
• 15 special tricks including Christ Air, Method, Rocket Air, Stiffy and many more
• 10 events to battle against all players around the world
• Full controller support
• Leaderboards, Tournaments, Daily Prizes, Player invitations, Friend Challenges, Revenges, Leagues, and so much more

• Android TV and Nvidia Shield support

Check out the video trailer :

Feel free to post your ideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible

Thank you very much for all your support and interest in our games! We would love to hear your suggestions!

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Latest Ratings

Muhammad 5
I love the game because it's awesome So I gave it a five star I hope you reply.
Brendon 4
Best game, but unfortunately I must say that I can't think of a possible way without paying more than 10$ to get ahead in the game, because I'm a 11star rating while I have to play against 25 star skaters. I do a few legit moves and the other ekater comes and do two moves and win. I understand that the player upgraded his gear, but how can you win coins without winning? I get 2/10 times a skater rater lower or the same as me. I also can't find a way to reset my profile to start from the beginning? That is the only way that I can think of to handle this situation. Regards
perveen 1
Totally time waste, I noticed that my opposite side high ranked player if my lvl 10 then opposite 20, 22, 23 why, i waste my time to get coins but when I get some coins then every search found a high lvl player and always lucky wheel show 50 to 100 gives aahh just hate it
TheDiamondKillerz 5
Cool like a fool BUT u needs to make much easier ways to make money and lower the coin prices to buy someone AND make videos of u drawing the characters, characters w/their boards, AND the boards in general PLUS you needs to make more characters like a ninja and a rock guitar player ALSO you needs to make more boards like the ninja board and rock god boards AND ITS IMPORTANT THAT U make more tricks like the rock out and the ninja ⭐ and stuffs like dat AND DON'T FORGET to make your own shop with those boards plz (make the boards then sell them)
ExplodingEntity 5
I had issues with the game but overall I just want to say some suggestions You should make it so you join a server full of skaters where you can practice and talk and also play You should make it so you can customise your own character. Like for example you ask us if we are male or female and give us basic hair and clothes like for female long hair, white t-shirt, jeans and for male short hair, white t-shirt and jeans. This makes it so when you win a game you get money that you can use to buy clothes. The more you level up the more clothes you unlock. For boards make it fully customisable so it has a close up of your board and has lines pointing to everything. So you can change the wheels, board and stickers on it or design.
Andrew 5
Great game. Controls are a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it very fun. Great game to interact with people. 5 stars all day long.
Jordan 1
Itd be really helpful if we can turn off and on certain tricks . please make it possible guys ? Love the game very recomended 5 stars
Michael 5
Just bought the 30,000 coin pack and 5 cash thing for 2.49 real money and it didn't give it to me my ID #25D3E0EC5C29183 thanks
ra 5
The GRAPHICS for a mobile game is just beautiful and the controls are just as good my one complaint is that sometimes when I challenge my friends it just randomly stops working but it seems to have been fixed
Game really annoys me the Internet cuts out which automatically Makes You Lose even if you're winning instead of just allowing you to get back into the game then on my next go puts me up against the level 30 who is basically impossible for a level 10 to beat you really need to fix it cause that cost me 1000 coins also the spin feature never allows you to get more than 250 coins which I think is a joke because I'm not going to spend my legit money on this game maybe you guys should keep a log of how many times you disconnect people from your server because it seems every single time I actually start building up money your service starts disconnecting me from the game
Jamie 4
So stupid that you have to play people way out of your league. Other than that it's the best!


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