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By DogByte Games Category Racing #2

Zombie Offroad Safari | Android Open World Gameplay

Description & Details

Explore massive landscapes, complete challenges, smash zombies, it's up to you!

Leave the urban area behind and explore a dangerous world packed with zombies, challenges and loot! Take the wheel of 4x4 off-roaders, Monster Trucks, Six Wheeled Gas-Guzzlers and climb the
highest mountains where no man has gone before! Deadly weapons await you in this post-apocalyptic open world off-road sandbox game.

Do what you please: explore massive landscapes, complete challenges, smash zombies, find secret locations, unlock and upgrade cars and weapons, it's up to you!

- 5 regions to explore, filled with zombies and fun!
- 12 vehicles to unlock and drive, each with unique abilities. Police car, fire truck, APC, monster truck and much more.
- Machine-gun, shotgun, rocket launcher, electric gun to unlock and use against the dead
- Many challenges to complete: checkpoint hunt, path finding, boss fight and much more!
- Find hidden treasure chests scattered around the world
- Find "explorer flags" sitting on the highest mountains
- Awesome power-ups to use to your advantage
- Various zombie types to fight
- Fun driving simulator model
- Moon map with low gravity fun!
- Open World design, drive freely anywhere

All-terrain vehicles are going to be your key tool to survival and progress, upgrade them to be more durable and fast!
Take control! Tackle the challenges laid before you as you choose!

Start Driving! Welcome to Zombie Safari!

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2.3 and up
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100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Han 5
Filled with good ideas taken here and there and from your own experience you managed to developped a really pretty good game here. Far from the average feeling of boredom on the store nowadays where all the games look alike. And doing something attractive with the zombie theme is a real challenge ! Excellent job :) Keep it up.
Mukesh 4
You should have to add more chest slots. Because it is hard to reach the epic chests because they are on top of the mountains. After a hard work when I reach it. It says chest slot full. Wtf? But otherwise massive open world driving game. There are many stuffs to do. Great work
Michael 5
This game is awesome and so easy to get into and the thing is you don't have to be a kid to play this game to enjoy it because i can see the style and look of this game would obviously appeal to younger kids but in all honesty i am in my late 30's and find this game really enjoyable and fun to play
New and improved Dead Venture I loved Dead Venture but the story line was so small But this my friend is the most awesomest adventure game in play store Keep it up and try to add more stuffs Ohh and the camera should become straight after stopping and add a free cam mode so that we can take some awesome screen shots
Stuart 5
Excellent, can't fault it. Good driving physics, looks nice and plenty of stuff to do. I think the buttons could appear bigger. I moved them into my ideal position and didn't ever miss them but they do look small. I'm also a developer and I think this game will do really well. Also nice to see real screenshots! Looks good and plays good.
Lord 5
Like the graphics and the destruction but wish there were tilt controls or I could make the current controls bigger for my large screen. Multiplayer would be cool too.
Wojtas 5
Perfekcyjna w każdym calu.👍 PLUSY: +Świetna grafika +Fizyka jazdy samochodem +Piękne tereny do eksploracji +Duża różnorodność misji +Dużo pojazdów i innych rzeczy do ulepszania +Dużo Osiagnięć +Fun MINUSY: -Brak(maybe multiplayer in future)☺
Nantano 5
5 star for everything. But can you fix graphical glitch, and graphics crash. I can run smoothly on ultra graphics but crashes in about 15 seconds. Please fix so i can play at longer durations
Spadraig 5
Great open world driving game! Good graphics, good controls, and is just fun to play! I really enjoy the driving physics! Only thing I could ask for is more content! Cars, maps and weapons!
Gray 5
Amazing, this game is super fun with cool art and challenging game play. My only request would be that there be a Windows store port of the game. I would make purchases in that game as well 😁
Nancy 3
The game is good and very addicted but unfortunately don't have gamepad support.. please add gamepad support the i will increase my review

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