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Zombie Offroad Safari | Android Open World Gameplay

Description & Details

Explore massive landscapes, complete challenges, smash zombies, it's up to you!

Leave the urban area behind and explore a dangerous world packed with zombies, challenges and loot! Take the wheel of 4x4 off-roaders, Monster Trucks, Six Wheeled Gas-Guzzlers and climb the
highest mountains where no man has gone before! Deadly weapons await you in this post-apocalyptic open world off-road sandbox game.

Do what you please: explore massive landscapes, complete challenges, smash zombies, find secret locations, unlock and upgrade cars and weapons, it's up to you!

- 6 regions to explore, filled with zombies and fun!
- 12 vehicles to unlock and drive, each with unique abilities. Police car, fire truck, APC, monster truck and much more.
- Machine-gun, shotgun, rocket launcher, electric gun to unlock and use against the dead
- Many challenges to complete: checkpoint hunt, path finding, boss fight and much more!
- Find hidden treasure chests scattered around the world
- Find "explorer flags" sitting on the highest mountains
- Awesome power-ups to use to your advantage
- Various zombie types to fight
- Fun driving simulator model
- Moon map with low gravity fun!
- Open World design, drive freely anywhere

All-terrain vehicles are going to be your key tool to survival and progress, upgrade them to be more durable and fast!
Take control! Tackle the challenges laid before you as you choose!

Start Driving! Welcome to Zombie Safari!

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2.3 and up
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USK: Ages 12+
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1000000 - 5000000
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Latest Ratings

Superior 5
Truly amazing. Best open world game . But I'm surprised how to manage to make such a massive game in just 65 mb. It would become even more amazing if u make boss zombie to defeat in a mission for each landscape. And also u could add zombie animals if u want like dogs and wolves or maybe birds. Rest is awesome
Peter 4
Great game, but I 100% all the levels and still didn't unlock a tier 3 car. In fact, I'm only 8/60 towards unlocking one. I can't even open the badlands level, and I've watched tons of adverts for rewards. Shame it's not fully accessible to non-payers.
Cool game, runs smoothly, I like that you can configure the graphic quality. Wish I could to run and jump/climb objects to get away from zombies, also the ability to equip a weapon while on foot. And on foot only challenges 😉
Adam 4
FI really like the game, but getting to a point where I'm at a stand still. Cannot access a certain map without a tier 3 vehicle, but accessing the need upgrades within the game seem impossible. The other option is to purchase the a vehicle, but I am not about to drop cash on any game. I wish that you would at least give access to certain vehicles once you reach a certain level. Due to the time playing the game, I'm sure you received enough profits from all the advertisements that we had to watch to reach those levels. Something needs to be changed, or I'll find something else to play.
Aditya 4
The update added a lot of cool things but I would like to see multiplayer through Apple and Android cross play, a joystick control for movement, and a third-person view when walking. All-in-all it's a very good game!
Nick 5
i love this game it was great fun playing it. you had challenges that give you gems and flag posts that guve you gems as well and you used those gems to upgrade your you car and guns that you could kill zombies with. i really loved playing this game
Best game Ive played in month's there are some similar games like this on x box were you kill zombie's with cars but this is way better than those overall loved this game
Elio 5
Amazing game I love the fact that you can get out of your car and walk around and that you can repair your car without having to pay anything. Keep up the good work :)
Charmaine 5
Awesome who eva says this games sucks you betta look for another life cause gaming ain't yourz....this game is awsome and addictive.....it ain't the best but you know what I mean
Josh 5
The only game I think I've actually written a review on but for mobile this is one of the best games I've played in a LONG time. Would like to see some multiplayer with a game like this but keep up the work devs!
Amazing game...loved the updates so much...hope that this new update that i am requesting would be created...i wish that when we get off the car we could hold or have some interesting weapons that we can use to defend ourselves...hope this would be invented in the next update...

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