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Description & Details

Soccer - top scorer 2 is a physics based flick soccer game,to be the top scorer.

★ Soccer - top scorer 2 is a physics based 3D soccer game, which provides you real simulation of everything that happens on the soccer world.

★ You are able to score world-class goals through simple controls.

★ Hundreds of clubs in the top leagues are awaiting your challenge.

★ Enjoy the fun of dribbling, passing, free kick, penalty kick, corner kick, shot and celebration like a real player.

★ Smart keeper and defender AI make the real feeling of soccer.

★ Join soccer - top scorer 2 to be a new soccer star.

★ You can share your replays or watch others replays.

Some leagues:
- Spanish La Liga
- England Premier League
- Italy Serie A
- Germany Bundesliga
- French League 1
- Brazil Serie A

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Latest Ratings

Derek 3
Too hard at times. You need to perform a 20yrd pass through 4 apponents. No power in any shots so you always need to hit high to get anywhere. Also too much focus on asking you to spend money to either draw or avoid defeat. Too easy for teams to claw back 4 goals in 15 mins. Now unfair. Spend most seasons finishing bottom or not far from it. Please fix
Siraj 4
How do you join a 5 star Team???? Despite finishing as too scorer in Spain, Italy, England and Germany - I have never has the chance to join a top team - really like the game but this will end up being a deal breaker for me soon!
Ricky 3
Has the potential to be a great game but the entire match is set up for you to buy the option to get goal attempt... Guys, focus more on getting fans and an enjoyable game rather than pointing towards people paying for stuff. You will just lose custom. The game is rather entertaining though just needs cleaning up. And if it's 1-1 at end of game stop giving me that annoying timer for a goal attempt which I have to wait to count down for full time... Bad decision guys
Greg 4
Everything is great except upgrading the skills takes too long. EDIT: I don't like how I can only choose between two skills to upgrade, instead of prioritizing myself (I want to upgrade power first). Also, there seems to be a massive drop off in the number of chances you get each match from the original. It's frustrating when you get two chances a match, your teammates get two non-playable chances, and your opponent gets like 8.
Solomon 2
This game used to be good, now it's just ridiculously unbalanced. Oppostion scores goal in almost every first 15 mins, you miss one chance and they score even more. Doesn't even matter if you bought all the boosts. The chances you get are from stupid distance and angles.
Kurt 2
This game is a load of garbage. Things you buy in the store don't work. The "chances" you get in the games are rediculous... half of the time in the top leagues you are shooting from beyond the 18, around 4 defenders with wind and a goalie that can cover the full net and make diving saves. Players on your team track passes like little league children, i make a cross that will land right by them, they don't move until after it bounces and then just miss. No such thing as rebounds unless you buy the "Lighting speed" buff or some other bs. The game is rediculously challenging in an attempt to make you spend real money for chances or perks that "even the odds". My team was a 5 star and got beat 3 to 1 to the 19th ranked team and my onky chances to come back were shots from china with strong wind. Plus i am in my 11th season and still only rank 47... you can buy experiemce boosts of course. Give me a break. Don't waste your time.
Michael 2
First of all it's a dead rip off of new Star soccer and the games mousebreaker has been doing for years. Secondly after your first season and a half it becomes nearly impossible
George 1
Some of the shots are literally impossible as when you pull the shot back it cancels it. Usually love these games.....hate this one.
Stephen 3
Great game but no way of getting any extra chances at goal without paying even though their are adds.
Vahe 5
Cups and other leagues like champions league and europa league would be cool, you would have a reason to be at top 5 :)
Reece 3
You have to spend money or you won't get the season objective. I had 3 chances in one game scored all and lost 4_3 as I won't pay for the spare chance


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