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The Sprint Car game from the creators of Dirt Trackin' is finally here!

The long awaited Sprint Car game from the creators of Dirt Trackin' is finally here!
With 410 Winged, Non-Winged, and Midget cars, you'll be sure to find all levels of competition.

6 Fictional tracks, covering different parts of the world.

Real World Drivers in all 3 classes.

Highly Competitive Multiplayer mode, race your friends, your foes, and see how you stack up against the best in the world!

Career Mode: Race your way from the United States to Australia in a grueling 108 race mode, in which you must win each series to advance to the next. Simple, win and you're in. Win your way through the ranks from Midgets up to Full Blown 410 Wing Sprints, and unlock rewards!

Control your way: Choose from Arrow, Tilt, or a virtual touch steering wheel.

Day/Night/Dusk racing modes, pick your time of day to race!

Time to get dirty! Your car will not only get mud splatter and you will need to use tear offs, but your car will also build dirt as you race, just as a real car would on the track.

Stats tracking and XP. Track your stats throughout the entirety of your racing career, whether it be Single Player, Multi-Player, or Career, rack up your wins and top 5’s and track your overall skill progress! Earn XP points for races won, Career series completed, and big bonuses for completing career mode.

Your race results are ranked on a global leaderboard. Check out the privacy policy for more information.

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ampgamer 2
If the controls were like the first dirt trackin game the game would be the best sprint car game out there
Ryan 3
This game could be really awesome. I have dirt tracking and I love it. I hoped this game play was the same. The cars steering is so hard to control. That needs alot of work. Just make it control like the other game(Dirt Trackin) and it would be worthy of 4 or 5 stars
Jason 1
Terrible controls on the cars. I have been playing racing games for a long period of time and cannot control the car whatsoever thought it would be better since I had to pay for the game would love to have a refund.
Chris 5
Thank you for making the steering better it still needs some work and the midget and non winged sprint are still acting like it was before this new update the winged sprint improved the best steering wise. Keep it up if you add one track I'd love to see Knoxville raceway (the sprint car capital of the world)
Tyster 4
Through throttle control and sensitivity you can counter steer or drift. Just add track deformation so I would say steering is annoying at first just mess with setting. And Sprint cars act differently so please don't make it the same as last game
I'll stick with it for a bit longer but cars do not steer. Once the start sliding you have no chance of countering it. No where near as good as you late model game. Like I said I'll stick with it for a bit cause I know it's new and will have things to work out. Really thought it would be better with how great the LM game is......kinda disappointed so far !!
Buzz 5
I love the new update thanks for fixing the steering I love the uncontrollable feeling that the game gives you like you have to ease the car into the turns and being able to slide
Matt 1
Man I was super let down with this game and I'm reluctant to be critical cause I love that someone has finally made what will hopefully be a great Sprint Car game. The graphics are top notch and it's super realistic. Trouble is the controls are horrible! I've been playing racing games for 25+ years and I'm usually halfway decent at them. Not on this one! Heck I can barely make a few laps on easy without spinning out or completely brought to a halt from the unforgiving walls or infield. The other cars completely destroy you if you barely touch them. This takes the fun out of it. Hopefully the Developers can get the controls lined out cause it has the makings of an epic racing game that finally pays homage to greatest racing that exists. Sprint Car Racing! Another awesome touch would be to add real life drivers/cars from the World of Outlaws!
Douglas 5
Love the game great graphics I love dirt track racing but can you make the steering a little more controllable but other wise great game
Cameron 3
Hey, I totally love the idea you guy have had the past 2 years and this game is so fun. I wish there was a way to counter steer these cars and I be able to correct it and not hitting the outside wall head on or spinning out on the straighaway. Looking foward to the later updates.
Kenneth 1
I want my money back this game is garbage miget gets sideways and you try to correct it and it still heads straight for inside wall no turn at all after update love the game but just cant turn car back after it gets loose

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