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Enjoy the sand and surf alike while you get your Bingo fix!

Enjoy the sand and surf alike while you get your Bingo fix! Now available for Android Smartphones & Tablets!


Bingo Beach combines classic bingo action with exciting fast paced power-ups, collectibles, unique new items, leveling up, chat, and a lot more to create a true sunny delight!


Connect from anywhere and play against other Bingo Beach goers. Chat in real time with other players in between rounds or while you daub your cards. Play 4 cards at a time on tablet or up to 2 cards on your phone.


Use new and unique items like the Daub Spotter and Bingo Spotter to make bingo even more fast paced and fun.
Once you've used a Daub Spotter you will never go back!


Collect collectibles, trophies, and custom daubs from around the world.

Play Bingo Beach for FREE and begin your your journey with Lucky Cat today!

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Latest Ratings

Til 4
Fun kitty game but ..... Very cute game. Easy and great for us cat lovers. Problem I don't like is the lack of Bingo's. It is very hard to get one and it makes me not want to play. Graphics and game moved smoothly. No freezing yet. Have moto x 2 plays fine. Would gladly give a 5 star if you would make the wins more frequent. Would not spend money on a game that rarely allows a win. :)
Victoria 3
Again, Had To Revise Review Cute game, nice graphics. Too long a wait for chips so I started buying them -. I HAVE LOST CHIPS ETC due to the game disconnecting!! Please fix this, or have us pay one time for the game and be done with it. There isn't any way to get the chios back after you reconnect, and THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!! I am hoping i do not have the same problem with Bingo Cats...but if i do i might stop playing both games 😞😞
Marie 3
Think of Everyone plz Loved the game but not alone. Some have deficiency or illness (shake) numbers neer the bingo buttons are close and they accidently click bingo and they lose that card. Have u thought of how its a bummer for them. Makes them feel sad. So I would get with the program and to be at least one that thinks of EVERYONE .
Wanda 4
Time lapse between new tokens 6 hours between partial reloads of bingo chips is ridiculous. Means you can only play once a day when you get to higher levels. If this is a tactic to get me to spend REAL money on new chips, won't work. I'm also not going to download a bunch of crap on my phone and be bombarded with ads or have to reach certain levels of different games to earn more chips.
I agree with Melonie Y. Plus I monitored the player to card ratio before a game started. Near the start player number decreased by 3, yet the card number increased by 34. Odd that the max cards playable is 4. These so called "guest" players win around 98% of the time. Sure it's for entertainment, I get that, but it's the misleading part that bugs me.
Truth 1
Kept freezing in middle of game! In addition to freezing, I happened to glance up & saw a ball that had not been called. I had the number on both cards & since I only recently installed it, wondered if it was a new twist on the game! Tried playing it last night but quit cuz it kept freezing, then it says connection lost & there goes price of cards with 45 Bingos left. I have played many bingo games & have never had one freeze.
Sarah 4
Keep having connection list issues... all other devices are connected and surfing the web so no problem with my internet. Really frustrating especially when I used 5 special lightning, had first and second place and all four cards had a bingo. Upon reconnecting I lost everything 36 bingo credits, my credits for first and second place and all my bonus specials I used.
Seana 1
Still Can't Get It 2gether I have 478 powerups/"abilities." It still asks me to "Buy More" because according to them I've run out! MULTIPLE emails & screen shots to them later,... No response or glitch fix.
Rachel 5
Extraordinary It begins with an ad every time that is easy to close. There is no stupid annoying tutorial at the beginning that makes you do things that you don't want to do. They assume that you know how to play. And, you do. The cool down on the power ups are low, so you don't have to wait that long. You can play up to four cards, as far as I can tell. Bingos are not impossible to get. Overall, is very fun, cute, and not annoying.
Tonja 2
Still will not connect to facebook, it just says connection lost, long time now Same thing as bingo cats every time try to log on it goes straight to connection lost. Only these two do that please fix
Melonie 3
It's ok Very hard to win a bingo and I'm tired of seeing guests winning all the time. Why not have a room for people who signed in? Also, what's up with doing things for bingo chips and not getting them? Happening too often.

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