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Dragonstone: Guilds & Heroes (By Ember Entertainment) - iOs / Android Gameplay

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A true MMO RPG on mobile! Explore an open world and battle in real-time PVP!

Jump in and recruit your heroes to explore the open world. Take parties from your city into enemy lands and battle epic monsters! Take up arms against others in synchronous, real-time PVP! The action is endless and the treasures are plentiful!

Carefully assemble the greatest team of warriors, archers, brutes, and many more!

Defend your city and crush your enemies!


[Real-time PVP]
Battle others in synchronous, turn based battle!
Spectate live battles of other players!

[Open World]
Build out your village or start encampments anywhere in the world!
Endless places to explore and enemies to destroy!
Constantly changing world, always new adventures to be found!

[Enormous Campaign]
Battle 15 bosses in the epic campaign mode!
Battle through increasingly difficult dungeons to acquire resources!

Start or join a guild!
Share troops with guild members to win the toughest battles!
Plan your attack against enemies in guild chat!

[Earn and Discover New Loot]
Win chests in battle!
Complete raids for resources to unlock chests faster!
Every chest contains valuable and useful items!

Chat with all players in global chat!
Share best tactics and strategies with your guild!

[Customize Your Heroes]
Choose your hero’s armor and weapons!
Hatch Eggs and get Pets for your hero!
Level up and evolve your hero and their equipment!

• Items are available for purchase within this game.
• Feel free to contact support for issues or to report a bug!

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4.1 and up
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USK: Ages 6+
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50000 - 100000
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  • Dragonstone: Guilds & Heroes - Preview

    (4 months ago)

    Dragonstone: Guilds & Heroes is a game in progress by Ember Entertainment, the guys that made Empire Z and Bingo Beach (with cats?) and others. The game is available now on Google Play and the Apple app store. It is very kid friendly - until you look at the in-app purchases, more on that later -



Latest Ratings

RageAholic357 1
THIS GAME IS JUST A CASH GRAB! Been playing since day 1 and initially loved the game. But since then all support for the game has stopped and it is quickly dieing. Dont waste your time unless they decide to care for their game again.
Michael 1
Well this account is now bugged, there are no menu items at the bottom of the screen. Uninstall/reinstall did not fix
The best game ever!!! Hope there quest and more looting tia
Jason 5
Fun game, I highly recommend it
Ben 3
People writing headline game descriptions in google playstore should at least get a glimpse of gaming vocabulary! This game is TRULY no MMO RPG, nor does it offer open world gameplay or real-time PVP! The game is quite average in overall. Its best feature is that you can freely adjust one extra skill on your units by supplying them with a freely choosable pet. There exist enough different pets with various skills to provide you a tiny bit of modification possebility to your squad. However, except for the pet feature, this game cannot offer anything else than you have already seen in thousands of other mobile games and there exist no good reason to suggest you to play it (except you are having plenty of extra time & are too lazy to look for something a little more innovativ).
Nirmall 5
Good game.... Somewhat similar to summoner war. Having fun.... Sometimes slow stating as loading assets other than that good game.
Bangzhige 5
Its like coc and summners war hihi i like it
Abe 5
Good game needs more heros pets weapons etc
aadam 2
Customer support is a joke. They started friendly, but when i realized they were just dodgeing my questions, thats when they just ignored me all together. I've lost out on over 10k gems and they've done nothing to help. Don't waste any money on this one. Edit: My friends have the Android version as well and they had the ads 2 weeks before you got around to dealing with my issues. Then to add insult you give a measly 250 gems in apology. You can't get anything for that except early completion on a few items. Seriously, the 3rd paty is 500 gems and the 4th is 5000 gems. I changed it to 2 stars cause you're at least pretending to care.
Tommy 4
Great game but holy hell is it ever glitch you. As we speak my game freezes 2 minutes in and sometimes doesn't load at all. Fix that and you've got 5 starts my friend.
cameron 5
When will this game be fixed.. got 5 minutes play yesterday when it came out, was really happy with it but the server and connection speed was horrible.. i know you guys are in the process of fixing it (i hope) but will give better rating once everything is fixed. Btw when ill it be fixed?

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