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Emoji lock screen is best way to protect your phone!

Change your default lock screen with emoji lock screen and ready to increase your privacy security with smiley.
It is allowing you to lock your phone with photos. Set photos on locker. Also set your photo with different cool shapes like love design.
The world’s best DIY screen locker in the style of material design. Emoji DIY Lock Screen is application to protect your smartphone through using pin/passcode or pattern, no one can enter into your phone without correct four digit password or current pattern.
This is perfect lock screen application. Some applications do not perform the origin of the HOME button, BACK, RECENT while this application can do that.
Lock your phone using unique style with DIY Locker! The best thing is that you can DIY locker with your favorite photos. Set smiley on every buttons of keypad.

★ Styles:
- Emoji Lock Screen
- Photo Pattern Lock Screen
- Lock screen pattern
- Lock screen keypad
- Solo DIY Locker
- Photo Love Locker-DIY Locker
- DIY Locker-privacy protection
- Wave photo lock screen
- Heart photo lock screen
- Love locker
- Locker Master
- 91 locker
- Custom photo locker
- Couple photo lock
- Photo Grid Locker
- My name locker
- DIY lock screen
- PIP camera lock screen
- Slider lock screen
- Lock screen like Iphone

★ Features:
- It is easy to use
- It is beautiful
- Set photo on keypad buttons.
- There are lots of different locker style. You can change everyday! It contains many themes like square, fruits, glass, flowers, etc. Set PIP style of themes.
- Customize your lock screen photo,you can put your friends's/families's photo on your lock screen.
- Set water wave on photo
- There are lots of button shapes like heart, oval, round, love, romantic, etc.
- It has keypad like iphone
- Let you set password
- Change background of lock screen with many beautiful wallpapers
- Change color and size of date/time
- Add your name our your love sentence to lock screen
- Support phone, tablet devices
- Consume less memory and battery,simple and clean design.
- Slide To Unlock,can edit slide text,you can put your name or your friends's name on your lock screen.

DIY emoji lock screen is a very beautiful application. It protect your phone.

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I actually edited this review, at first the app was working perfectly fine (yeseterday) but today, it isn't working. When I woke up today nothing was shown on the lock screen, and then I went on the app and it said "Lock screen activated". After, I went back to the lock screen to see it's working again.I find that really unpfrofessional, I don't think it's neseccary for me to check the app everyday to see if it's "working". But I may be doing something wrong so... anyway other than that the app is good.
I loved it i got it and then did all the settings and Wala it worked unlike some of the other people who got it and reviewed it! I checked if it worked every time by turning my tablet off and then on again twice i think you should get it but if it doesn't work I don't know what to do to helpπŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ’«πŸ’€πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
This is an edited review. I have tried SEVERAL different types of lock and it still doesn't come up right away. You may have to wait at least 30 seconds for it to come up. I am lucky I have another password. It doesn't allow maximum security. That is why I rate 2 stars. I am displeased. 😬😬
super 3
I think its good, I like the emojis, but I miss the animal emojis, so mabye they could add them. The app hardly works, the lock screen NEVER comes up, ok ok it comes up rarely but that is still not enough.
It dosnt even protect yout phone! The lock screen was cute but MOST of the times I got my phone it took it more than 30 seconds to come up and I could go into the app and turn it off before the lock screen came up so if some took my phone they could go into all my personal stuff i dont trust it and neither should you
So I thought it would be cool but it doesn't do anything!! You still need to do your actual password anyway so there is no point. I only got this cos I didn't wasn't to have boring numbers!! Don't download this app!!!
Seren 5
This app is great, I don't know why people are complaining about it. All you need to do is to open the app and wait for it to say 'lock screen activated' and it works! It's a very good app πŸ˜„
BAD. It wouldn't even protect your phone! If u type in the wrong order, u can still get in. I do not suggest getting this unless u specifically want it for looks.
Annie 5
Luv it Best thing ever There were no bad things about it except u have to make ur real password "swipe" so it actually works. But still awesome ( if u didn't guess I luv emojis)
WatermelonLover8 1
THIS IS HORRIBLE! i wish i could give it 0 stars,it was barely good plus when i went to unlock my tablet it would't work i was lucky to get into it.
Stephanie 1
!!!I ALMOST WAS LOCKED OUT OF MY PHONE ,also if that happens to you push the came a button and do. The password. I also didn't like it because you have the slide then the apps password THEN your password that you had before . It had bad emojis too!πŸ‘Ώ THIS APP WAS HORRIBLE!

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