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Medal Heroes : Return of the Summoners - Android Gameplay

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Casual Strategy RPG!The essence of one-handed team action RPG!

Summon and awaken the heroes that lay dormant in the medals to defeat the demon army and become the true medallion summoner! The Medallion Kingdom that has fallen into chaos is seeking summoners like you.

◆ Game Introduction ◆

▶ Fast and dynamic battles with unpredictable outcome◀
Action packed unpredictable battles played with 5 heroes in constant action!
You can enjoy strategic team plays with simple control by pressing the skill buttons!

▶ Summon original heroes unique to Medal Heroes ◀
Enjoy collecting more than 300 unique heroes!
Check out the heroes who are eagerly waiting to be summoned right now.

▶ Easy and fast character development through the Training Camp ◀
Don't worry about probability! Don't worry about efficiency! The heroes develop even when you are not playing the game.
Develop your heroes easily and conveniently through the Training Camp!

▶ Never a dull moment through diverse contents ◀
Endless contents through 10 strategic PVE and PVP modes are awaiting your engagement.

Real-time Casual RPG at your fingertips!
Come see Medal Heroes right now!

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Tyler 1
These new owners ruined the game. Nexon has scammed tons of people out of real life money and so much time and then dissolve the servers and sell the remains to Enfeel to force anyone that loved the game to start over. Gacha rates were worsened and the whole game has been nerfed to suck out money from you before they delete all of your characters and tell you they apologize for the inconvenience. Don't fall for it.
Matt 1
Don't waste your time with anything this dev makes. They screw up and then penalize their customers by locking their accounts. Its truly a scam, warning avoid them at all costs. Reporting this app to Google Play, hopefully they will get their apps pulled from the store.
Linaly 2
The game itself is a fun game, but unfortunately a lot of the content is under a steep paywall. A new champion is released at least per month, and the cost is always 200$ upwards to obtain it. Over time you feel frustrated not having these premium characters because they have significantly better performance than the standard characters. I really do like the game and I am willing to make purchases, but this cost is just too extreme for me to pay.
Jenny 1
Extremely Disappointed!! Your company screwed up big tonight and now we have to Pay for it by "Account being Restricted" I put actual money into the game for weeks now! Punishing players for your incompetence is the worst I've seen yet in a mobile game app! You could've taken back all the 999 gift box wins from players. Did you think gamers really believed we're gonna keep all of prizes?!? I'm uninstalling besides summon rate is awful and not worth hard earned money!
Jaks 1
Account banned??? Due to the Developer's incompetence? I did nothing wrong...i just started playing a couple of weeks ago. I received an in-game reward for completing an event...and WAS BANNED for opening what the game sent me...will request refunds for ALL in-game purchases - the game is unplayable.
Ryan 3
2 weeks I play just normal, i reaally like this one.. but last time i cant get it in with my home wifi otherside my wifi is in normal condition and there'se no connection problem on other games, but i cant get inside medal heroes with my wifi then i try turn to mobile data.. i can enter the geme, but when i turn to wifi back, its stuck again.. Please, why become like this, i can get in normally before with or without wifi
Fluffy 5
The game is very well made with vibrant characters and amazing art. The balancing feels just right and there is no "one team to rule them all". Not to mention there are a lot of communication mediums that are very useful to players. Making inter-game communication important. Developers are also very generous with the daily coupons and logins (though I think the logins could use a little more improvement). Now for the cons: Annihilation war in home screen sometimes produces blue light that envelopes the whole screen. Battle sanctum eats up too much CPU, maybe they can reduce the amount of background effects running. Guild currently only has two options, guild battle and subjugation war. It would be better if they opened it up a but more to encourage companionship. All in all a very underrated and amazing game. Been playing it for more than a month and I've been enjoying it more than I expected to. Kudos to Enfeel and Princess Eriel
Bhart 2
2 week and no luck on hero summon and even in option cards... i think the rate for summoning change to a much mo defficult rate... lots of free premium single summon but it always gives 3 star heroes.. now im checking for a new game. Im starting to hate this game..
Jeremy 1
You suspended my extremely active account for a mistake you made? I've dumped enough money into your game as it is and you're going to ban my account for your screw up. So because YOU messed up, you're banning me, making me lose time, progression, lvls, loot, and log-in bonuses. I did not "abuse a bug". If everyone got chests from completing the dailies, then how am I supposed to know any better? You're banning me because YOU goofed. And you're gonna give me 100 gems to make up for it? I can get 100 gems in an hour. You're doing 72 hours of damage. I have friends and co-workers who were playing this. Yep. We aren't gonna play or pay you another dollar! You like to burn paying customers? We don't like to get burned. Easy uninstall.
banning my guild mates instead of just doing a full server roll back after your coding mistake is complete trash... you're costing us subj rewards, gvg, rewards and ranking rewards with this mess.. and no 100 gems isn't going to cut it... this seriously needs to be addressed before you lose too many users and destroy your player base
Arriz 1
Please fix the crashing problem. Optimize the cpu usage. It uses too much ram for a tiny game app.

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