Escape Room: Escape the Castle of Horrors

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By chance Lily met the handsome painter Jack...

By chance Lily met the handsome painter Jack. The two fell in love at first sight. Jack invited Lily to spend Christmas at his castle. Because of Jack's need to leave, Lily strolled about alone in the castle and unexpectedly uncovered many secrets. A sleeping Egyptian girl, a girl frozen in the cellar, and an immobilized Japanese geisha. A female character beset by monsters.

All the mysteries you must uncover!
Begin an exciting and terrifying castle adventure, a thrilling challenging escape and save the imprisoned girl. All the puzzle levels are progressive, and more fun games are waiting to challenge you!

We also made it user-friendly with cheat codes. At key moments you will be given a small hint, allowing you to smoothly advance. Beloved mystery game of young players. Don't miss out on such a classic mystery game!

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Candice 5
Best game ever!! Love that it ALWAYS saves your progress!! Just hit play and your right where you left off. Hints are always available although I've noticed when I watch a short ad for extra hints I never get them. But everything else is perfect!! Love how you are moving back and forth between rooms with puzzles that make sense. I've made it pretty far but still have 2 hearts to find for the tree to unlock the next 2 puzzle sets. Can't wait to see what this game still has in store for me!! I will definitely download more games from you!! Keep up the amazing work!!
Jaime 4
Cannot get past the puzzle with red and gold gargoyle. Tried hundreds of times to get free hints so I can pass it. No luck there. I watch the videos all the time but never gives me any more so I can skip it.. What a waste of time.. Do not get this game!
Devika 2
The initial intro story is obstructed by an ad right in the middle of it. You can't close this ad nor move it. Then the game claims that you can get free hints by watching a short ad. But however many times I watched the ads, I never got the free hints. Annoying, to say the least. The game is actually quite interesting and fun. But the ad annoyance is too much to ignore.
Kristin 5
I've been playing a ton of these escape the room games lately and this was by far the best one I've played so far. I loved that I had to go back and forth between multiple rooms. A few of the mini games were not my taste, but overall I had a lot of fun playing.
Aleksandra 2
Annoying! Never hints, always the same messy puzzles. If you get stuck on sth, you can just uninstal
Darren 3
Absolutely hated games where I couldn't move the object. I'd wipe my already clean phone screen only to get the same swipe or drag of nothing.
Heidi 5
Game just kept opening more levels. Loved every minute playing this and recommend people who like escape games to give this one a shot. Nice puzzles no hard math puzzles. I love games that get you thinking but with maths I don't get along with. 10/10
Melani 1
Game froze on puzzle about half way through, uninstalled and reinstalled and froze in the exact same place. Won't play again. Was liking the game up until this point.
Kiva 1
I couldn't read the intro story due to the in game ads for Best Buy that could not be closed or moved. How do the developers expect people to play when we can't even read the initial story?
Becky 5
One of the best I've played. Not too hard, not too easy. Not repetitive, tricky but playable games. No purchases needed. Absolutely spot on.
Samantha 3
Watching ads for free hints doesn't work. Really need to fix that to get a higher star rating.

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