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Ethereum Mining – Free ETH Faucet








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Start the Ethereum mining for free! Your Ether and Finney are waiting!

Gain Free ETH within our free Ethereum mining application. This cryptocurrency faucet app is unique opportunity for everyone to mine some Finney without spending any money on graphic cards. You can just do it on your smartphone by completing some easy tasks and watching short gaming videos.

How our Ethereum Miner works?
- Mine Finney regularly with our ETH timer button
- Boost the Timer to mine more
- Mine the most Finney with the 6 Sponsored Buttons
1000 Finney = 1 ETH

The app is devoted to those who has passion to cryptocurrency, you have a chance to enhance your crypto investments and build the funds in a most fast-growing currency in the world!

Ethereum is the well known cryptocurrency which is based on smart contracts and is checked by special program which guarantee total fairness and transparency. ETH is also used for large companies’ ICOs to gain millions of investments. Ethereum price is growing very fast, you can check it anytime within the Ethereum calculator online. It’s time to try new possibilities to earn funds on Ethereum wallet online in the fastest way ever. Buy ethereum is announced as key trend of 2017 for gaining money and be totally independent of banks and other financial organizations. Forget about useless spending time on non-paying and non-controlled make money online apps, just start mining Ethereum cryptocurrency on fair conditions.

Be informed that changing your IP or trying to boost the balance in any other way possible is the conditions’ violation and can lead to ETH withdrawal refusal.

Make sure that Ethereum Mining apps are permitted in your country before launching our ETH faucet application. By using and installing our application, you approve that you are responsible for any legal issues you may get inside of your area.

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Latest Ratings

Tyler 1
DOES NOT PAY. Rated 5 stars initially for the free Finney. Collected 2000 Finney from legit offers, mostly videos, burning cellphone data to do so. Didn't break any TOA. Same IP the whole while. No trickery for more offers.. was told 7 day wait for cash out. Been 2 weeks now. Don't waste your time, clicks, bandwidth, or data. Only one making anything is the app developer by lying and taking advantage. Often to good to be true it is.. for a minute I actually thought I was going to get roughly 65¢ per video. Ha
Александър 1
Still haven't received any ETH in my wallet. They said "7 WORKING days". I sent the 1000 Finney on 26th of October (which is Thursday). Been 4 working days until today. So I have 3 more to wait. Basically Thursday, Friday and on Monday, I should already receive the ETH. If not - I am flagging this app as a scam, also messaging support to remove it, so people don't get scammed. I will notify you on Monday (about what happened).
Ahsan 1
I have earned 1000 finney and ask to withdraw they said that it will b done in 7 working days but sitll i haven't received etherum in my wallet after 7 working days. It is totally spam they use us to earn mony ill wait one more day then i ll complain about them. Don't waste your time it is fake
Manoj 5
Its a scam of the highest order. These developers are using our time and money to earn money for themselves through ad clicks. Why can't these selfish thieves share some of the revenue with people like us who spend their valuable time watching videos and performing tasks to earn ethereum. Please flag this app as a SCAM and I am going to report this app and have it blacklisted and have them behind bars for scamming! Shame on you!
Richard 5
Total scam. I followed all the rules. I waited 8 days for the ether to show up in my coinbase account. Tried to claim 1000 finney on two separate occasions and still no payout. Please change your 5 star ratings to 1 star so other's won't get scammed.
l. 1
This is scam app. Do not waste your time. They do not pay. They abuse peoples time and let app developers to benefit.fact that it is a scam, they never reply to negative responders. They give people few points in exchange for 5 stars to attract people. Scam from the beginning. Do not waste your time
Quintin 1
Well waited and also gave it an extra day, sent an email but to no surprise nothing. Not ionly is bitcoin or ethereum hard to obtain for out islanders but now we got scammers. Thanks for wasting two weeks
Sheryl 2
I'm surprised how many people are giving this positve reviews & say they're making money. I'd like to note, just because it shows credit of Finny, doesn't mean you're making money. Wait til you reach 1k, do a payout & see if you actually get a deposit to know. If you get a deposit, then (& ONLY THEN) would you really be making any money. If you actually do, THEN rate it 5 stars. But not before. I saw a good rating so I installed it, but thought about it after awhile how it sounds too good. After which I decided to read the reviews. If you think about it, you could reach 200 in several hrs. I did. Calculate @ today's rate, that's about $60 US. No app pays that for a few hrs. Sounds 2 good 2B true. I saw only 1 user say it pays (a shill?) & a bunch say it doesn't. If it doesn't pay U in 10 days, write to Google Play so the scam app can be removed so more ppl don't waste anymore time. PLEASE! (1K Finny= 1 ETH=about $300). $300 for playing an app for about a week sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? I think the only ones making money are those behind the app from ad reveue.
Ferenc 1
I requested 1ETH today. Responded message is: 8 days waiting. So I wait, and maybe later I give more stars I didn't get my money. This app is scam. (8/11/2017)
K 1
Reached 1000 f. Witch is 1 eth. And clicked withdraw. I never received money. But this app got paid alot from all the adds they had me watch don't waste your time
Naufal 5
Fix the issues, please. I'm requested for 1 eth. Just wait for it. Maybe too much finney is the problem. Just solve it. Thank you. Don't be scam.

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