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Demoncer Android Gameplay

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《Demoncer》MMO free world mobile game, a massive 3D masterpiece!
●3DMMOARPG hundreds of people fight for their territory!
●Not your typical pay to win game—free trading market system!
●A brand new MOBA experience—10V10 team-fights happening in an instant!
●Domineering mount pets—never leave and never forsake! 
●Find your true love—experience a different lifestyle!
2017 Epic mystical mobile game, making a 100% PC gaming experience with your mobile, 《Demoncer》inherits the essence of the classic designs of a PC game, Brawl PK battles』『Free trading』『Changeable fashion outfits』『10V10MOBA』『World BOSS』『Territorial fight』and『Romantic weddings』 and more elements of a classic PC game all presented perfectly on your mobile device!
At the same time, using the newly integrated 3D engine, re-making the elegance of the PC game and a seamless gaming experience. Relive the excitement of fight along with your brothers, bringing a heavenly gaming experience!

——Life like characters: Fresh-new fighting experience, feel every hit happening in your device
Warriors, Assassins and mages, the classic triangular privity cooperation, performing the perfect 0 heavy sensation. Structured with fine and smooth movements, metals collision, blown away ultimate skills, an all show mobile fascination!

——Three Dimensional social circle: personalize your profile, multidimensional socialization!
Huge amounts of fine fashions, cute monsters, and multi changing weapons, showing your true self! Guilds and teams, fight for each other’s life; Holding the hands of your love, work together with the same heart. Make new friends and chat with each other, real-time voice message……exploring in the mystical world will not be alone again!

——Real-time PvP: Thousands of players in a massive battle, feel the battle on your fingertips
Brawl PvP battles, Single player PvPs, Cross server 3V3s, multiplayer fights, Guild flag battles, territorial battles, 10V10 royal battle and more real-time PVP gameplay, anywhere, anytime.

——Free Trade: Earn money with all equipment and items
Get equipment and items through battles, and get resources through life skills. The free trade system allows players to trade with high freedom. Be a creator of wealth rather than a mere consumer in this mythical world!

——Unique gameplay: versatile system, a game where skills is what matter
The game offers a vast range of events and dungeon gameplay, feel the intense fun of team farming. The revolutionary MOBA "dual stick" control. You can play it cool even if you are not a good action game player. Experience the epic actions in a world of MMO!

We would like to listen to the issues you are facing, don’t keep the inquiries to yourself, feel free to contact us!


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3.0 and up
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USK: Ages 6+
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Vince 3
It's more on vip purchase that you can only enjoy a little if you are a non vip. Not a challenge at all specially you only receive only few bonus diamonds.lacks generosity. Game action and movements is a bit slow normally. Lastly,you can only choose 3 characters at the beggining. How about adding witch, gunner, paladin etc.? It really needs some improvement.
Vanessa 1
i cant change my avatar. it always crashes before i can even confirm it. I do have a fast internet. your cust service told me that weakinternet connection is the cause of the problem.
Tammy 1
Game is restarted. No explanation on what to do with the stupid guild chat I've wrote in it and it's still not completed. I've asked for help and no one helped. I'm a gamer and this game is a second game with negative review from me.
Whats with this game? everything are autos, auto attack, auto pathing, auto locate of monsters. And leveling is very boring, I mean, do we really need to rely on boring quest??? Then after those quest per day you need to become VIP to increase you quota for doing quest for EXP??? Leveling without quest is totally waste of time giving you a figure of 2 to 3 digit of exp per monster to gain for approximately 300k for next level? What the f*** the dev of this game are just stealing your money. Top players are all VIPs and if you really want to compete with them you'll have to have a VIP previledge too. I wont waste money for this kind of game. Anyway the graphics are good.
Richard 1
You have to fix the C.S arena separate the old server to the new server you think can kilk 2millions cp to 200k cp what hek... If you not di something to fix it some player will find some new game tjat better that demonecer
Adi 1
The GM in game really cannot help u. They only reply ur complain with "Dear, we will check on it". So much illegal action happen in game such as racist words and illegal diamonds transactions. The weak in game trade system being exploited all the times. Do not hope for "free & generous" event, they only love u spent more for it.
Erik 5
I bought the sword and wings, but why i havent recieved them yet? I do have the reciept
Josette 2
I lost my game so I have to start over which sucks bc I had a guild and I was a lvl66 assassin. I had worked so hard on that character and now I lost her. I'm not happy at all.
Kazuhiro 4
Give me SS partner. ViP 9 spent from 120 to 6500 and no SS partner? Darkness 22s KazAmy VIP 9
Why I can't update my picture? It's already Been a week trying to update my Pic. And every time I'm trying to update it I got kicked out from the game and relogin again and again..Pls fix it thank you
Ycart 5
It's good but I need always to exit the game because it's a hang. It's tiring. About the fragment wings? How can I get that? By purchase?

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