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Epic Summoners - Android Gameplay HD

Description & Details

Deploy, fight, collect and upgrade to accomplish your goals!

This year, ride the crest of the RPG wave with the next masterpiece in the genre. Join players from across the globe as you embark on a journey of enchantment to explore the Magic Ladder and the secrets contained deep within. Lead your heroes into the light and overcome all challenges that lay before you to emerge victorious!

Game Features:

1.Engrossing gameplay
Your heroes can’t wait to fight auto-battles on your behalf!
Epic equipment and legendary heroes waiting for you to collect!
Earn awesome rewards even when you’re offline. No need to stress when life calls!

2.Endless tactical and strategic fun
Utilize the skills of hundreds of heroes from a number of factions to secure victory!
Collect, upgrade and use your equipment wisely to show off your strength as leader!
Simple, yet effective strategy allows you to enjoy the game at home or on the go!

3.Thrilling content to keep you on your toes
Deploy, fight, collect and upgrade to accomplish your goals!
Between the Expedition Airship, Arena, Magic Ladder and Wishing Pond, there’s a huge world to explore!
Your interest will never waver with our steady stream of great content!

4.A high quality visual and audio feast
Exquisite aesthetics and artwork!
Jaw dropping combat animations and awe inspiring skill effects!
A soundtrack you’ll want to listen to even when you’re not playing the game!

5.Throw down with players from across the world
Step into the Arena and compete with skilled players from all over the world! Do you have what it takes?
Out-maneuver and out-think your rivals to see your name climb the rankings
Win awesome rewards on your way to claiming the ultimate victory!

Contact us:
Email: epicsummoners@feelingtouch.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epicsummoners2017/

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4.1 and up
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Jason 3
This game is fun but it does not bring anything new for this style of android game. This is only my opinion but I wish android games where more like pc and console games. Sadly I fear this is a growing trend because millennial e are lazy games lol. I just hate how android d gaming is dumb down. I guess if I think of anything that will improve the game i will let you know. I give this game 3 stars out of 5 for now.
Chade 4
This game is an inferior copy to idle heroes in every way, though it's still decent and rewards seem a bit better. Graphics are good, controls are clunky and needs work (clicking buttons sometimes does nothing) and the game generally needs optimisation. It's too slow between loading screens and it takes ages to start the game up as it gives network errors and for some reason does multiple reloads.
Raymond 5
So far so good just hate having to restart my game everytime I go to fb or anything. If you don't restart your game each time you answer a text or do anything not related to the game you have to reboot it. For those having problems with the clicking receiving daily quests and many other problems just reboot game and you should be good to go
Nicholas 5
Great clone of Idle Heroes. Much much less greedy of a Dev team behind it!
Fariz 1
This game copy of Idle Heroes with bad grapic , bad sound , everything bad
James 1
This is an Idle Heroes Clone. This version is terribly optimized and lags hard on my samsung s8+.
Gilbert 2
Fusing system is unfair and very hard to use
Wladimir 4
Fun game, but if I tap on a button it does not react every time and sometime the game hangs, what is annoying.
john 5
Really nicely designed game... love it.
Evil 3
Game keeps closing all the time
Mike 5
5 on 5 because I play daily but I'm at like 600+ wishes and no 5*


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