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By FLERO Games Co., LTD Category Casual

Description & Details

♡ Heart-melting Bistro Management Social Game ♡

▶ Cook various dishes from around the world!
- Make delicious drinks to compliment your dishes!
- Chef! One more plate of pasta please!

▶ Operate your very own cute bistro!
- Build your bistro up to 5 floors!
- Try to collect all of the unique servers!
- Find fascinating ingredients by exploring unknown lands!

▶ Do you have what it takes to be a master chef?
- Whew! It’s rewarding to help our friends with their orders!
- If you gather 6 chefs, it’s party time!
- Fun cooking challenges that you won’t want to miss!

▶ Fairy tale characters come to life as customers!
- From Snow White to Peter Pan and Red Riding Hood, meet your favorite characters
- Become a part of a fairy tale by helping out the characters in the quests!


IN-APP PAYMENTS: My Secret Bistro is free to play but you can buy virtual goods to use in the game.
Having problems? Got a question? We’d love to hear from you!
Please contact us at:

My Secret Bistro Supports English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, Tiếng Việt, Deutsch, Lingua italiana, ภาษาไทย, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, 中文繁體.

* Customer Service is supported in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese
* Minimum requirements for fluent game play are Devices above AOS 2.3.3
* My Secret Bistro supports tablet mode. Enjoy the games from a larger screen!

* If you're Android OS version is below 6.0, The following permission is required to play the game
- Access to device photos, media and files
- The permission is used to change in-game profile modification

* We recommend you to reinstall the app after a complete deletion including cache & data in case of a forced shutdown after updating My Secret Bistro.

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TarlaPrettyPaws 5
This game is a lot of fun and super cute. So far it's definitely one of my favorites, can't help but wish for the special staff to not be cash, but you don't feel like you have pay to play. A little more instructions or a place to look up info would be nice. So far the only time I've crashed is when equiping staff with gems directly in the bistro rather than the menu. Since using the menu, no problems. Overall, very good!
kristianee 5
I really love this game. The characters are so cute. I don't have any encountered problem so far since I'm still on level 13. The loading doesn't took too long especially in visiting friends unlike some other games. I wish we could have a group so we can have friends and chat with them and have a group events at the same time. That would absolutely fun. I never last any game since i got bored easily but this game is diffent. I will continue playing this. Thumbs up for the developers of this game.
I love this game, its better than other game with same category. I love the story and its exploration, and the quest, the concept, I love it all. but there still a thing to be fixed. 1. what's show/hide function on the bottom of screen? i click many times to see the difference but nothing happened 2. its a long time loading when i visit other players and recruit staff for expedition. (sometimes i close the game just to cancel the long-time loading) 3. when i accidentally click my main button on my phone (back, home, multi app manager), i can't click precisely on the game before i restart it.
This game is ridiculously underrated!! It's actually very cute and easy to play. The devs are very thoughtful. Gems are given regularly for free. Unlike those LINE games, it's hard to play them without buying in-game stuff with real money. Loading time is quick. The only downside I think is crashing once in a while. Try this game! Your own cute little bistro is waiting for you :-)
V 5
Really good cafe game with cute graphics. Unlike other restaurant games where you have to wait a long time to finish food, this game you can stay logged in and play and just keep cooking because waiting time is not long. While you wait for food to finish cooking (most takes at most 4 mins excluding specials) you can click on customers to finish quests etc. Everytime you master a recipe you get gems. Now the great part about this game which makes it superior to other restaurant games is the decorations you don't need to spend gems or real money. All the cute decorations and theme items is available to you by using coins. My only complaint to this game is boat deliveries take too long. 2 hrs is too long a waiting time. It gives me nothing much to do after a delivery. Cut time to maybe 1 hour.
Eimon 4
The DEVs are thoughtful, it's user friendly, nice interactions with other friends(It'd be nicer if we could send one▪one messages with more words to our friends other than guestbook). The graphic is very lovely, the twisted stories of classic childhood fairy tales are interesting. Please also consider to add very famous korean drama/manhwa/webtoon and their characters such as Goblin, Man come from Star, Cheese in the trap, and even, Coffee Prince. It'd be amazing to have Coffee Prince crew working in our bistro ^_* I too hope the server problem will be fixed soon. Fighting!
Rean 5
is better to entering number manually in the register market, I click many time just for the number I want.. Strategic marketing you know.. :D by the way, I can't change my profile picture. I choosed one photo, but it don't appear.. . I want to tell you more, but I'm forgot, and the server is error.. idk why.. maintenance? there is no notification about this..
Study, 5
This game is surprisingly fun and keeps you busy. There is a lot to do, the characters are very cute and it's not too expensive. You can still have fun and get to the end of the game without shelling out a bunch of money, but it will take you longer. I pay for some stuff just because its good to support the game developers. The game needs more instructions though because there is a ton of features I didn't even know about and just found by accident or through the community message board. Also, If I could I would take half a point off because the game does have a lot of bugs. Sometimes I'm supposed to get coins or prizes and never receive them. But overall the game is still fun and worth the little bit of problems
tammy 5
I have a lot of the pink tickets for low end characters and while I can use them once in awhile for a quest the rest of the time they are useless. Would you consider making it possible for players to trade the pink tickets for the yellow tickets? I realize it would take a lot of pink tickets to earn one yellow ticket but I think trading 500 or even a 1000 pink tickets for a yellow ticket would be appreciated by many of your players. Thank you!
Yosefa 4
Frequently forced closed, said no internet connection, or just blank and back to phone home menu. But im in love in this game so i just thru it and play it again. Lol. Better fix this bug please! It's nice cute game tho.
Amethyst 4
Hmmm... honestly this game is good in many ways. However theirs a MAJOR problem with the servers. Alot of times my game gitches and i have to restart the app or as im doing right now redownload it. This is honestly annoying me alot. If the developers can fix the problems ill change it to 5.

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