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By FLERO Games Co., LTD Category Casual #16

Description & Details

♡ Heart-melting Bistro Management Social Game ♡

▶ Cook various dishes from around the world!
- Make delicious drinks to compliment your dishes!
- Chef! One more plate of pasta please!

▶ Operate your very own cute bistro!
- Build your bistro up to 5 floors!
- Try to collect all of the unique servers!
- Find fascinating ingredients by exploring unknown lands!

▶ Do you have what it takes to be a master chef?
- Whew! It’s rewarding to help our friends with their orders!
- If you gather 6 chefs, it’s party time!
- Fun cooking challenges that you won’t want to miss!

▶ Fairy tale characters come to life as customers!
- From Snow White to Peter Pan and Red Riding Hood, meet your favorite characters
- Become a part of a fairy tale by helping out the characters in the quests!


IN-APP PAYMENTS: My Secret Bistro is free to play but you can buy virtual goods to use in the game.
Having problems? Got a question? We’d love to hear from you!
Please contact us at:

My Secret Bistro Supports English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, Tiếng Việt, Deutsch, Lingua italiana, ภาษาไทย, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, 中文繁體.

* Customer Service is supported in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese
* Minimum requirements for fluent game play are Devices above AOS 2.3.3
* My Secret Bistro supports tablet mode. Enjoy the games from a larger screen!

* If you're Android OS version is below 6.0, The following permission is required to play the game
- Access to device photos, media and files
- The permission is used to change in-game profile modification

* We recommend you to reinstall the app after a complete deletion including cache & data in case of a forced shutdown after updating My Secret Bistro.

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2.3.3 and up
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USK: All ages
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100000 - 500000
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Mattazor 5
Cute game. In the beginning it can be a little boring but once you unlock more things that won't be the case anymore. Friendly people, good atmosphere and vibe. One of those games where you can keep playing and be useful, even if you run out of energy.
Sara 5
It's actually super adorable. At times, it can be a bit clunky for touch speed, as I try to tap for a combo right after tapping something else, and it doesn't initially register, often times failing to respond whatsoever, and I lose the chance for 2x combo. I love the game otherwise, and hope there will be more ways to customize in the future. Pretty great idea!
Peiling 1
I'd definitely give a 5 star for everything this game offers. But when I'm at level 12, it keeps popping error msg. The problem still persist, in fact it became worse, it's constantly popping error msg almost every second after reinstalling, would appreciate if the developer can fix this asap!
Chua 5
Love this game so far. Became lv18 in just 2 days! But the game has been pretty buggy esp with the 'Staff and 'Friend's functions. The screen will hang and sometimes the app just force close. Pls fix soon thanks!! And keep up the great work!
Momiji 4
I just downloaded this. So far, so good. Only issue I have is, it crashes after I equip gems to employees. Even so, gems still gets equipped. But hopefully, it gets fixed asap. Good game. Please keep it interesting, don't let it die like the others. Love the graphics too.
Malicious 5
LOVING THIS GAME!! Hit lvl 26 in just 1 week. So many adorable characters to unlock. So hard to get "keys" tho but will strive to continue!! Strongly recommend this game! ❤ Hope more event will rise soon!!
Vanesa 4
Really fun game. I like the customization options to make the best looking restaurant you want. The only issue is that it crashes often or the server disconnects you often. Can be very annoying because you lose some progress when it happens.
nightcore 4
The game is adorable and easy to play, but there are some things that bugs me: 1. Getting money is really slow and I feel like the quests aren't helping much either 2. The time the food cooks is just a pain I really want to cook in a much faster way rather than to wait for hours 3. There is a bug where I buy something then all of a sudden it says "network lost" and when I go back into the game I lost my money and the stuff that I bought wasn't there T-T
hui 1
Hey your game is nice but why's the server connection constantly failing, I tried restarting the game and changing the Wi-Fi but it still disconnects every 1 min, I hope you can fix it :v Your game is a mess. I deleted it since I couldn't continue when the game server is constantly buggy. A pity, cute game but game server is trash.
Sári 3
It's a good game and not a bad story line. PS how do I unlock Mirror on Snow White story line. I'm on red Riding Hood right now. Does the dishes level have anything to do with it?
Fizah 4
Hello there. I loved to play game 'My Secret Bistro'. Now level 23. I decided to buy 250 rudy so I pay via using my credit card. After purchase, I opened this game but there is no 250 rudy which I paid already. I am so worried. Please fix it or something. Thanks.

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