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Family-friendly, beautifully animated platformer game.

For Tegra-powered devices only - learn more on SHIELD Hub available on Google Play.

NOTE: JUJU requires a controller to play and runs exclusively on NVIDIA Tegra K1 and X1 hardware.

Jump to a new level of adventure!

Journey with the shaman panda, Juju, and his lizard sidekick, Peyo, as they embark upon a dangerous and mystical journey to save Juju's father and the world from an ancient evil. Run, bounce, chant, and battle humongous bosses with a friend or family member in this beautifully animated, lighthearted adventure.


Juju’s father, Jambee, heads out to perform his daily rituals, unaware that Juju and Peyo have followed. While the elder is momentarily distracted from his work, the curious duo steps in, accidentally releasing a terrible and ancient spirit. Jambee bravely dives into battle with the creature, but he is not victorious and barely manages to pass a magical mask to his son before being captured. Now, it's up to Juju and Peyo to gather the mystic keys and magic ambers needed to seal away the spirit and save the day.


Juju – our main hero. A small, brave panda embarking on an exciting adventure to save his father, and the world.
Peyo – Juju’s best friend. Despite his clumsiness, he’s ready for anything and will gladly help save Jambee and defeat the evil spirit.

Guardian of the Mask – the heroes’ guide and helper that leads them to the pieces of the mystical key and aids in the journey.

Jambee – a powerful shaman and Juju’s father. He’s captured by an evil force, but in his last moment of freedom gives his child a magical mask, and with it, a task to save the world.


Unique art style – the vibrant world of JUJU will leave every face smiling as players venture through brilliantly animated landscapes and come face-to-face with striking enemies.

Family-friendly multiplayer – grab a friend or family member for two-player cooperative play. JUJU is enjoyable for all skill-levels and allows the second player to jump in or out any time.

Intense boss fights – from towering robots to giant sea creatures, players will go head-to-head with nefarious (and huge!) bosses to gather the four pieces of the mystic key.

Secrets and collectables – the adventure isn't over yet. JUJU features secret areas, hidden levels, and other game modes to keep you playing long after saving Jambee.

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4.3 and up
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1000 - 5000
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Latest Ratings

Mark 4
Sadly on Shield TV if you have any type of keyboard, mouse, or 3rd party controller connected the Shield controller simply will not work. It's too much of a pain to continuously disconnect and reconnect accessories just to play one game. Otherwise the overall game is really good and fun to play. Fix that and it would make it was better to have in the old game library and play from time to time.
Brent 4
Really fun, I love it, kids love it... My only gripe, and this might just be my tablet (Shield K1) is the random crashes, often times with no option for a bug report. Really neat gameplay, detailed visuals, feels on par with a PS3 game. Feels influenced by Donkey Kong, yet has its own charm. Great game for the price. My nephew loved playing on the big screen with a Shield controller and showing his older sisters how it works. Great experience. It was passed through the HDMI on the receiver, wondering if surround sound was an option somehow. Even in stereo, the sound design was good.
Gary 3
annoying issue on nvidia shield tv....local multiplayer has a bug where only 1 controller works if any other usb or bluetooth device or controller is connected. in my case it was a logitech harmony hub connected via bluetooth, which i use as a universal remote. I have to unplug the hub in order to get the second controller to work. otherwise a fun game with coop multiplayer
John 5
Almost near perfect game. Reminds me of the DKC, very charming, great soundtrack, great production and great graphics. Someone was saying that it's not worth the $9.99 price but, then again that might be someone who complains about free games having advertisement. This game uses the unreal engine and Tegra K1 power and it shows. Like I said the production is top notch so, expect to pay. You won't regret it. 2 things that I wish they thought of is- first, I have a Nvidia Shield and it has the Tegra X1 chip which is more powerful than the K1 chip. The game doesn't allow for optimization of resolution, textures etc. Second, it is on the easy side. At times I did start to lose some interest and come back a day or 2 later because it didn't have a good amount of challenge. The secret stages do hold some challenge; there was a couple that reminded me of old NES Mega Man games which I wanted more of! Must have for Shield Android TV if you love platformers and a great production.
Noel 4
Pretty good. The game is great fun for younger gamers. It very near console quality but I think some areas let it down. Personally I would like to see improved animations when your character is hit or damaged . Hit detection is a little yanky.
Travis 1
Poor performance Too many bugs with trying to get controllers to work. Game also does not play smooth. Constant stuttering despite the simple graphics that are being displayed. I dont think they really cared much about this because they figured just kids would be playing it. Another lazy dev using garbage unreal engine. Dont waste your money here folks.
Josh 3
If you have problems playing JuJu multiplayer, unplug any usb devices from the nvidia shield tv then restart. -2 Stars for you guys ignoring fb messages and email.
Bradley 5
I played this on my Nvidia Shield TV with my 6 yr old son. It was perfect for the two of us. He could be the lizard and I could be the pink bear. It is similar game play to Mario Bro's Wii
Dirk 5
One of the best Jump'n'runs I played in the last years. Great graphics and co-op with 2 controllers on the Nvidia Shield TV is really fun. Also appropriate for young kids! Loving it!
Michael 4
Great console quality platformer for the SHIELD. Really like the game. Play mechanics are good, nothing is confusing. Solid level design. Great job guys!
Kevin 4
Great game Reminds me a lot of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Good controls and great platforming. Only if Juju default walk speed was faster. Quality game that is worth the money.


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