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Round up your device

Cornerfly adds rounded corners to your display for a much smoother look.

Most hardware cases of devices are designed with rounded corners but display itself has squared corners. This application will round your display corners to merge it with your case corners.
Cornerfly offers many settings for customization and you can configure it for each application.
Try Cornerfly now for yourself and report some Feedback.

Plus - Corner sizing and removes advertising
Donates - Support this project with some small donations

Internet - used for advertisements
Access network - used to receive advertisements
System overlay - used for draw over apps
Billing - used for in app billing products

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Abraham 4
It's a great app! Makes the phone look great! However there's a slight bug which really annoys me.. Sometimes, just randomly, the corners always show over the navigation bar, like it is supposed to do on some apps when the navigation bar is black, but this stays on all screes, even on the launcher. The only way to fix this temporarily is to force stop the app, and then re-enable accessibility services for it to start working properly again. Please fix this!!
Rix 5
This works surprisingly well. When I first installed this I expected there to be a lot of huge bugs that would make me want to not use it it. There are a few little tiny bugs but they are hardly noticeable and don't take away from the overall usability of this app. It even works right away after a reboot which is great. This makes my phone look awesome and am very pleased​ with the stability of it. However, if you don't have an AMOLED display on your device this probably won't look as good as the pixel in the corner will still be lit up and not off completely.
Adam 4
This is a great idea! But I think everybody else is hitting the nail on the head. It doesn't work 100% of the time, or in my case, my home screen hides the notification bar, so when I open an app, I see the corners transition upward to the top of the screen. Not a huge deal because I still like the look. Try it out though!
Faris 4
Works well enough most of the time. Some times it would bug out and show either the the corners above the nav bar or the corners below the status bar. Half of the time I can just use the notification control to fix that, but the other half I have to force close and redo the setup and enable accessibility service for it again.
Jaispislimu 2
I love it, but there is one issue that I either cannot figure out or that is happening for many people. What is annoying is how when I set it to always overlay the navbar and status bar, it does so, for a short time, then reverts. I'm not sure ifany people are experiencing this or just me. Also, when watching a YouTube video, only the bottom left corner is rounded (in landscape).
Ricardo 4
Nice app, I really like the effect but unfortunately it stops working after some time or the corners shift to below the status bar. As it has been refereed here, we have to stop the app and re-enable it's accessibility option. After this small bugs are ironed I'll gladly pay for the app 😉
Varun 4
Rounded corners are sooooo nice to have, never get tired of looking. Does take some customization based on individual apps though. I think the app should be able to detect if the navbar/statusbar is being colored/hidden by the foreground app and automatically base its settings on that. That would be nice, but its easy to set manually so no biggy
Harry 5
It works well and gives the phone a "G6" look. That being said, you are going to want a phone with at least OLED so the blacks are well defined. Otherwise it will be glaringly obvious that you are using an app. And it won't really work with phones that have white bezels.
Andres 4
Great app! Works almost perfectly! Doesn't seem to affect battery life or performance. But sometimes it does glitch a tiny bit. Seems to forget settings for some apps that you've already assigned settings for. This happens pretty often. If you multitask away and back to the app is will almost always correct itself. But it is a little tedious to set it up for a few apps. Really not a big deal though. If it could automatically detect of the Nav bar and the status bar were set to Black and change accordingly it would work flawlessly.
Techno 1
Caution.!!! Please don't use this app. My phone screen touch stopped working due to this app. Unable to operate my phone. Finally i have to wipe my phones data due to which i lost many important files. Hated this app I installed this app on my lenevo a2010
DA 4
This effect adds the icing on the cake, while it is very pleasing to the eye, the app can't manage to work all the time. Reply to this when this small problem gets fixed and I will possibly try it out again.


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