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A gamified expense tracking app helping you pick up good finance habits!

Track your spending, grow a city! Fortune City gamifies bookkeeping with a city simulation game. Record your expenses, and flourish your city into a beautiful metropolis.

Pick up good expense tracking habits with new finance experience, and grow your fortune into a prosperous city!

* Have Fun While Tracking Expense
Gamification brings a whole new face to expense recording. Track your spending easily and categorize transactions through simple taps.

* Easy to Analyze
Straightforward and detailed analytic charts help you understand your finances at a glance.

* Challenge Yourself
Stage goals help you maintain good spending habits. Flourish your city while keeping good habits and rank high among friends!

Fortune City is the third offering in a series of habit-building games from Fourdesire, the creators of Plant Nanny and Walkr. Join over 10 million users and build good habits with us!

- Gamified expense tracking app
- Simple and easy interface
- Automatic backups to the cloud
- Visit friends' cities

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Latest Ratings

Phoebe 5
Great app for taking your spending. I've tried other apps like Good Budget, but I would quickly lose motivation to document my spending. This app, however, is very fun and low maintenance and low stress. It actually makes me want to spend money so that I can see what new buildings look like. :P The only thing I would change is the tutorial section. I didn't know you could log that you didn't spend money for an entire day.
kyung 5
What this app offers is good, it makes me want to go back and use it. But, I don't know why they put a restriction of number of builders people can use a day. It should recharge within certain period of time instead of a day. Also it requires specific number of buildings to get a new citizen but my town is already almost empty and most shops are hiring... They say I can't get more citizens unless I get more buildings? That doesn't really make sense to me
DeadDoll 3
Loved where this app was going but once i saw the relation to other games that want you to come back and take care of the population I ininstalled. I am all about games but I dont want missions involved in my finances. I love the way you could gain achievements though that on its own without all the rest of it, it would have been fine. I could have personally used a little more finance and a little less random character missions.
J. 4
Interesting app. Cute design and easy interface. The restriction on buildings is dumb though. You mean people don't spend more than FIVE purchases per day? Defeats the purpose of recording expenditure if you ask me. Other than that it's nice to play while taking a break from other games.
Thu 5
This app might be /too/ fun. I'm finding myself wanting to buy things just to record them and get new buildings! Otherwise, it's a simple and good way to track your spending. The only problem is that I wish there were more builders to start with.
Zethria 4
New models of finance apps, hopefully it will make me easier to see how much spending i did everyday. But sometimes i have more than 5 transaction in one day, so its sad that i cant build something on the 6th transaction
Audrey 4
This is a great app to motivate me to keep track of my spending! I wish I could keep track of more than one account, but the system is really clean and useful. As for the "game" side of things: it makes it very fun, but the "you need x many more buildings to invite a new citizen" feels kind of like a draw back. Wish I could rate 5 stars!!! Super cute!
Ronghui 5
Would appreciate if there is the option of not having auto populate fields and fields of parks when there is no expenditure that day. Now i have a problem of too many parks
Christophe 3
Really well executed, but slightly lacking in depth. As far as I know, the city building actually encourages to spend more real money, which goes against the aim of being more careful with one's spendings.
Deva 3
You have to pay for diamonds to even move forward in this game... It is tedious. You should buy an Xbox and pay for a game that has more bang for your buck. These phone games are getting out of hand with the prices. But besides that, enjoy it... All these game play on patience; so if you have none then you will spend a lot of money.
Droid 1
For an app which supposedly aims to help users better manage their finances, and cut back on unnecessary spending, it's more than a little surprising to see in-game credits available for purchase. That's right - don't save that money, spend it on Fortune City! ๐Ÿค” It's easy to see where this games loyalties lie! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ

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