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Gamify expense tracking, cultivate good financial habits in a fun, easy way!

Track your spending, grow a city! Fortune City gamifies bookkeeping with a fun city simulation game. Record your expenses, and watch as your city flourishes into a beautiful metropolis.

Pick up good budgeting habits as you track income and expenses, so you can grow your personal fortune into a prosperous city!

◈ Have Fun While Tracking Expenses ◈
* Gamification gets you hooked on recording expenses so you can build good habits while watching your city develop and grow.
* Simple taps allow you to easily track your spending and categorize transactions.
* Join Cashy the Cat, Fortune City’s Chief Financial Officer, and together expand your city into a flourishing metropolis!

◈ Analyze Expenses at a Glance ◈
*Easy to use interface lets you check income and expenses at a glance.
*Pie charts and bar charts allow you to quickly understand your personal spending habits.
*Weekly, monthly, and seasonal trends are displayed clearly for both long and short-term budgeting and goal-setting.

◈ Create Your Own Metropolis ◈
*Build it your way! Choose from over 100 different styles of buildings, unique transportation options, and friendly citizens to inhabit your town.
*Invite other citizens to join your beautiful city. The happier they are, the more prosperous your city will become!
*Compete with friends to see who can develop the most prosperous city! Watch your ranking increase as your city flourishes.

But wait... there’s more!
Special surprises for daily users
Automatic cloud syncing so you don’t have to worry about manual backups
Password protection keeps your personal data safe

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Latest Ratings

H 3
Ads adding in now and started to be more layers shown in the app, dragging to the sides could trigger the the rendering of buildings, needs a bit of good care of it, Keep it up!
Ruben 3
The idea is cool, but somehow they chose some weird categories to track your individual types of expenses. For example, there's an individual category called "electronics" where you can track expenses for things like a new camera, phone, laptop etc., another category for entertainment, one for "shopping" and then another for "miscellaneous". How many people invest in more than one electronic item each month? I would have preferred electronics and entertainment to be one category and have a separate category for sanitary or hygiene and one for clothing instead of shopping.
shouri 3
The idea is great, but need a certain configuration. Like type of money, debit and credit category need to be reconfigure, and the tutorial can be tweak to more precise. I will hope an incoming update can improve this setting. To be expected, this app a bit laggy on my device anyway
Maximilian 3
Good app, problematic user flow. It's just wrong to use first 5 input as building, it makes more sense using the top 5 of the day expense instead. For e.g. I need to change 3 transport to get to work and buy breakfast on the road, so it's already 3 transport and 1 food spent on that day. Even if I buy a $15600 laptop that day it won't count. And I am not gonna wait and input those later for more accuracy.
Mizuki 5
This is a budgeting app set up like a sum game. It's made to track daily expenses along with income in a very creative and fun way. There are achievements, but they aren't meant to rush you to spend - more so to pat you on the back for sticking with your recordings and making progress. It's cute, the characters are funny & it really does help you get into the habit of looking at where your money goes. I HIGHLY recommend it for young people trying to figure out money management.
Kenny 5
Very nice game/app. Takes away the boring part of recording income/expenses and instead tranforms it into very lovable city building game. Love the music and graphics. It really deserves a 5 stars rating.
Danny 4
Would have given it 5 star if local ranking would actually show my LOCAL ranking instead of United Kingdom. I don't even live there. Is there anyway to change that?
Hailey 4
I love it. I do however wish there was a setting to input nothing spent for a day or two as its frustrating not spending money but then losing a streak or something because nothing was logged
Amarina 5
First app that's made me want to track my expenses. Very surprising to see where my money is actually going and very useful to see how much I have left
nadya 4
It would be great if the categories is more various, like learning category isnt suppose to be with entertaining, etc
Alexandr 5
Now I associate all spendings with this app, and I must keep kt all tracked! Awesome

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