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Description & Details

Summon, upgrade and unleash your own Zombies in this addictive idle tycoon game!

Tap to dig up zombies, collect brains and prepare for Armageddon in this addictive idle tycoon game! Upgrade your undead, summon werewolves, invest in research, release zombie giants and tap tap tap away to create the ultimate zombie army!

Watch your graveyard grow from weak Zombabies to fully-grown Zombiggies. Activate an apocalypse to release your army and gain Infection Points enabling your zombies to collect even more brains!

This is an idler, so your zombie army are always collecting brains, even if you're not in the game!

• Introducing a new type of idle, clicker or tycoon game!
• Start with a shovel and turn a decrepit graveyard into a monstrous undead army!
• Unlock FIVE unique zombie classes!
• Visit new worlds and discover their secrets!
• Summon 10+ different zombies, each with their own personalities!
• Hatch the mysterious Big Wiggly Egg and discover what's inside!
• LIVE CHAT directly to the developers to make suggestions!
• Constantly earn brains, even if you are offline!
• Tap and upgrade your way to armageddon!
• No Internet Connection required to play

••• Will your Zombie Army take over the world? •••

Got any problems or suggestions with our zombie game? Tap the Chat button in Settings to speak with us! Or, even better, join our Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/dyYXVt2

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4.0.3 and up
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10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Riley 5
This is a great game. If you like clicker/tycoon/idle games, and a macabre twist, then this is your perfect game. I mean...come on, you collect brains with zombies! The developers are even more awesome. I reported a bug through Facebook messenger and suprisingly they responded quickly, and even let me know when the patch was released. As long as they have this good of customer service then I'll support them. BRRRAAAAAINNNNS!!! UGH
Theodoros 4
Great time waster. Only one question: what do I do with the infection points? How do I use them, what are they for? Edit: thank you for the quick response. I have 119 of those points and I cannot do anything with them, I cannot seem to understand how to upgrade the lab with them. It would be nice to get a little boost after every apocalypse, I have not seen that yet, although that was my first one.
Mark 5
Just started but so far pretty fun. The only thing I can say is annoying is when I dig for brains it says I already have a chest opening when I'm still waiting on it. But other then that very fun
Amanda 4
Fun, but seems to have issues with the areas to press different things. I have to press all around buttons and upgrades as it doesn't register right where it says to push, most times. But still a fun time waster.
TJ 3
I like it but the "party time" always feels wasted as the game doesn't register the amount of times you push the perks above zombies.... makes me want to throw my phone at the wall
That 5
Kk I didn't play the game yet but I saw you put a south park reference on dank lords comment so I am giving this 5 stars just for that gg m8. I bet this game is good. Probably is. Edit: This game is awesome. 72/10 rating. GG!
Chris 5
Fun game, but it does not give you your rewards for being away. You click to receive them and nothing happens. Update: seems to be fixed now! Great game and thanks for the reply.
Rob 5
Really enjoy the game but I feel the egg hatch time is too long and the game is too short at present. I have 26F infection points. Love the game though
MemeLord 5
Incredibly fair for a clicker. I would suggest like tap battles or something. 10/10 would resurrect again
leonardo 5
Nice job, good game made with unity keep it up so far so good and dev seem happy to answer players love this rare to see these days lol. 2nd world in 2 days cant wait to try 3rd world ;p
Ed 3
Needs an update. I can get all upgrades and level everything up over 1000 within 2 minutes after restarting. "Coming soon"? How soon?

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