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Challenge yourself in this exciting, fast-paced Action RPG with intense combat!

[Game Introduction]
Challenge yourself in this exciting and fast-paced single-player Action RPG with intense combat! Choose between two playable characters with different playstyles, and save the world from destruction!

Epic Conquest follows the basic tradition of ARPG rules that does not use any “auto-play” features, so that it will let players to fully experience the true sense of playing with effort just like traditional games.
The game does not use the “pay to win” concept, so player is possible to experience every content in the game simply by playing more. Resources like premium currency can be collected from monster’s drop, prize box, daily attendance, and more. Paying players can only achieve things faster, but the end result will be the same.

Epic Conquest is an offline game, means you can play anywhere without internet connection, unless you want to buy IAP, claim prizebox (internet access to time server is needed), or watching Reward Videos.

[Game Story]
Story is placed in a fantasy world that apparently invaded by demons through a dimensional portal. The demon invasion lead all kingdoms to unite as one -- the Alliance, to battle the demon force and bring back the peace. Many years have passed, half breed between human and demon is inevitable. Those half breed -- called “the Witch”, are hunted down by the Alliances because they see the witches as a great threat to mankind.

You will play as Alaster, The Royal Knight that uses melee combat with great defense and countering skill. And Edna, The Flame Witch that uses ranged attack with fiery skills. Each has their own unique personality that you can discover throughout their journey.

[Game Features]
- Battle unique enemies and boss each stages with great rewards dropped.
Grind your item by battling out enemies and bosses that dropped many goods such as gold, equipment, demon souls, and even rubies -- our premium currency.

☆ Epic RPG attribute system.
As you level up, you can learn new abilities and increase four different attributes freely such as Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and Vitality to match your desireable build.

☆ Epic Skills system.
Each active skill can be leveled up every time it’s used. Raise your skill to destroy your enemies faster. Discover your passive skill upon reaching certain level, using mastery point, you can choose any passive skill to be taken first or maximize, to met your certain builds.

☆ Epic Crafting system.
Four definitive craft system, consist of Dismantling, Appraising, Upgrading, and Crafting.
✓Dismantle: Convert unused equipment into materials to crafting or upgrading greater equipment
✓Appraise: Find out Hidden attributes in equipment or change it to your desired attributes
✓Upgrade: Enhance equipment power and effectiveness until the tier's limit.
✓Craft: Create better gears to help your journey (Common, Rare, and Epic tier available)

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Courtney 5
I just discovered this game today & got to say I love it already lol. Not to mention playable on my phone. Most games like this heat up my phone to the point I can't hold it anymore. This game so far hasn't done that & it's holdable. So I greatly hope this game remains playable for me. Not to mention no lag or anything. Also love the fact it's only around 75MB. But so far no complaints lol. Only thing is I hope the game remains lightweight & playable I can understand if the file size goes up but greatly hope it remains lightweight & playable ^^
Kevin 5
Quite a gem. Combat is intuitive, graphics aren't over the top, allowing for smooth game play on older phones, and a well written (current) story line with understandable English. No 'energy to play' system, which is a big win imo, and option between using either wizard or knight allows for different strategies. I have high hopes for this game, and I'm looking forward to future updates for the story and combat!
Toshiba 5
Simply amazing. A very nice storyline and i hope that you will update soon. As for my concerns, * If you already read The Gamer manhwa, then it would be easy for you to understand. When our skills reached max level, let us evolve it to a higher level, so that we will not be bored. *Include specialization for better gaming and for diversity. (but i dont think its relevant to the game)
Izumi 5
Finally easy to play game. Plus the devs are not really into money, this is a game worth the eyes of the players. I will really support you guys, for the first few moments playing this game, its not laggy but so damn smooth and i loved the characters. Though it should be best that you can link goggle play and facebook account to really secure the back up process specially when someone purchase it
jerry 5
You might want to redesign or reconfigure(I don't know what the term is) the 6 hour free chest. Yes, you get to open each chest for every 6 ads you watch to decrease time duration. You might see it as a win-win design but to me it is a major EXPLOIT. In the long run, players won't have to worry about gold or rubies or materials because you can open a chest for for every 3-4 minutes of watching ads with NO LIMITS. It will make the game too easy. Players will become strong much faster than what the game intends them to be.
Suman 5
Man!! It is like a dream come true.. I always wanted to play games like this on my phone.. Sure it does not have super flashy graphics.. But it has a superb storyline & engaging combat system that most of them lacks. I don't have money to support you guys, but i will sure to tell my friends to play this game. Keep up the good work guys!!
KeethKon 5
Pros: 1. Wind Waker from the Legend of Zelda graphics are amazing and it can be even better. 2. Appraisal system is lovely. 3. Gameplay is smooth as butter. 4. The characters have good dialog. 5. The story is very good. 6. Monsters have some variety, but could have modded bonuses added to them for more variety. 7. The game is noob-friendly. 8. The tutorial is helpful, but it can be improved. 9. The optional Ads are appropriate and clean. 10. The game mechanics, attacks and animations are fluid. 11. There is no energy bar that we don't have to worry about. 12. Voice actors for the characters are spot on. Cons: 1. The game could be more atmospheric. 2. The characters should have some kind of micro transaction for appearances and aesthetics. 3. Monsters don't have mods. 4. There is no auto-upgrade system. 5. There is no inventory organizer like something to sort by preference. 6. There isn't enough modes to enter for this game like special dungeon mode or raid mode or world boss mode. 7. There is no equipment lock to lock equipment. 8. There isn't enough types of weapons in this game yet. 9. Needs more equipment variations like for the face, back and possibly a belt too. 10. Needs daily, weekly, monthly quests. 11. Needs loyalty point system seperate from red gems and more types of currencies. 12. It needs some more interesting mechanics that are similar to the Action RPG, Path of Exile, on steam to spice up the game like a skill tree and currency to alter equipment.
Zulkarnaein 5
I'd love to see more improvement and update on this cool game, more gears, hero class or rebirth^^ Combo system will be nice(if added crit chance too. Also a button for next stage(if theres no story event) And the rest, im pretty sure you guys know what we want on every arpg game^^
Jose 5
Great game. Lightweight. And minimum lags. English translation is a bit rpugh here and there but otherwise its understandable. The title screen BGM is <3 <3. Great idea for using one of youre npc to get players to rate the app. Its a good game for now but it has a VERY HUGE chance to go from good to greatest with the right additional features. Will support the devs however i can. Thanks for the game.
Cqx 5
Omg! This is absolutely great, easy to play and everything is fair enough not like other game keep asking u to buy diamond and to upgrade. Right now just waiting for update. Hopefully there is new hero example like nerco, assassin, shaman, gladiator or paladin. If can rate 10☆ this game defintly deserve it.
Derek 5
For a game that just launched a week ago by 2 guys only, it turned out really good. Yes it needs inprovments but i look forward to seeing this game in a few months. Only thing im wondering is it says look on fb for promo codes. Maybe there not out yet but i cant seem to find them.


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