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Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics - Best Android Game

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Action just got tactical! Join the Blitz Brigade in real-time tactical combat.

The most badass gun show on mobile just got upgraded with the latest in real-time tactical combat!
In Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics, deploy unit after unit in a fast-paced tactical game that lets you build an 8-man squad of doom from a pool of dozens of heroes, vehicles and power-ups. Will you deploy a steady stream of light and agile troops or bet it all on a few crushing waves of armored vehicular carnage? Will you run in guns blazing through the enemy frontline or battle them from afar with rockets and artillery? The combinations and strategies are infinite!
Supplies and goodies provided by Central Command will keep your army growing and open up new pathways to destruction. Do well on the battlefield, and you will be rewarded with crates full of weapons and tools of mayhem to collect and upgrade.
Expand the Blitz Brigade saga as you recruit iconic heroes like the notorious Satoru Hokama, the always dapper Duncan McCracken, and the explosive Albert Donati to your squad!

Join old friends and new allies in a vibrant reimagining of the Blitz Brigade universe and become the greatest commander of all!
• Fight in skirmishes with rivals from all around the world.
• Unlock, upgrade, and deploy dozens of units and power-ups in all-out war.
• Join a Faction and build a strong community of allies.
• Receive gifts and donations from Faction buddies and help them advance up the ladder.
• Collect and use iconic characters from the world of Blitz Brigade.

Contains in-app purchases
A network connection is required to play the game.


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Latest Ratings

Brad 1
Dull, generic, completely uninspired ripoff of the CR formula. Clearly just a knee jerk attempt at a cash grab capitalizing on CR's massive success. They could have done something different and innovative with it like Titanfall: Assault did but instead they were lazy and just wanted to whip something up as fast as they could. Deleted as quick as it was installed. If you need me, I'll be playing Titanfall.
All 4
Game is not much balance .even if u win 1 match u will get the chest but it's the end playing for a day I cannot spend all day open to get 1 chest. no auto opening . After your slot filled it useless to play any more. We only 4 slot it means 4 match it take only few minits make more playable game. After all it a good game
Nick 1
Great game but needs the option to view from the top. I know the side view is supposed to make it unique but it makes it unique and bad. The rest is great but they nag you to rate so one star. No nagging... 5 stars.
Aiko 1
Haha. I like how every enemy of yours is always a level higher than yours. It's like forcing you to buy supplies so you can be a level higher again but your enemy will still be stronger hahaha. Good work. This makes is a business and not a game anymore lol. Curse the one who develop this game.
lee 4
At first seems a copy of clash royale but deeper into the game it ends up playing slightly different. the modern war theme makes a difference! Also where's all the English players at?
Raymond 2
Alright. The only reason I tried to play this game is that I want something different from *the original* Clash Royale, but now I am really disappointed. The game is basically a reskin of CR; starting from gameplay, the ranking system, and, hell, even the units. I can easily identify the unit's counterparts from CR, and I just don't understand why, as a major mobile gaming company, do you have the need to copy other successful game. I don't mind *taking some inspiration* from CR, but not *copying* it entirely. Other than that, the graphic is OK, but I really hate the viewing angle. If only you can differ from CR more, I would certainly enjoy it. Thanks
Chris 3
So dang unstable. Coins and crates after winning matches weren't updated. Please fix immediately.
Cameron 1
Ever since the new update it leaves me on the start screen at 40 percent then says I have a bad connection which is obvious bs. Please fix, then I will change my rating.
Da 1
Provide an option to view from top and and make energy bars slower.Its so difficult to keep eyes on gameplay and characters at the same time. But most importantly,ITS HARD TO DIFFERNTIATE WHICH TROOP IS READY FOR BATTLE AND WHICH IS NOT.
iHeart 4
Don't let this become what clash Royal became ! A PAY TO WIN MESS! This game has alot of potential, Just don't follow the Royal Path !
Vaman 1
It sticks on 40percent and downloads files which takes 15 minutes I always open the game and get stuck on the opening screen


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