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Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics - Best Android Game

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Action just got tactical! Join the Blitz Brigade in real-time tactical combat.

The most badass gun show on mobile just got upgraded with the latest in real-time tactical combat!
In Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics, deploy unit after unit in a fast-paced tactical game that lets you build an 8-man squad of doom from a pool of dozens of heroes, vehicles and power-ups. Will you deploy a steady stream of light and agile troops or bet it all on a few crushing waves of armored vehicular carnage? Will you run in guns blazing through the enemy frontline or battle them from afar with rockets and artillery? The combinations and strategies are infinite!
Supplies and goodies provided by Central Command will keep your army growing and open up new pathways to destruction. Do well on the battlefield, and you will be rewarded with crates full of weapons and tools of mayhem to collect and upgrade.
Expand the Blitz Brigade saga as you recruit iconic heroes like the notorious Satoru Hokama, the always dapper Duncan McCracken, and the explosive Albert Donati to your squad!

Join old friends and new allies in a vibrant reimagining of the Blitz Brigade universe and become the greatest commander of all!
• Fight in skirmishes with rivals from all around the world.
• Unlock, upgrade, and deploy dozens of units and power-ups in all-out war.
• Join a Faction and build a strong community of allies.
• Receive gifts and donations from Faction buddies and help them advance up the ladder.
• Collect and use iconic characters from the world of Blitz Brigade.

Contains in-app purchases
A network connection is required to play the game.


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Latest Ratings

helmuth 1
Where to start it's sooo bad! Balance is the worst I have ever seen. I am level 2 and it is putting me against levels 5 to 6. Camera angles are the worst also. That's just stupid how can you win. this game will go to the trash very fast if not fixed soon!! I will be uninstalling really fast. Also War zone is much better than this!! Still battling lvls 5 times higher than me you have to be kidding ME!! DON'T INSTALL THIS GAME. I AM UNINSTALLING NOW!!
Yens 1
I can't even explain how bad this is. First of all: it's a shameless Clash Royal rip off... Almost any card in this game is a copy in another skin. The graphics: oh god, everything looks clunky, bad animated or awkward. The camera angle really doesn't help, makes it even more awkward to play. There are some games I really love from Gameloft, but I do hope they dich this project. TL;DR: everything that's wrong with this game: everything.
Vincent 2
Clash rip off. Blatent rip off but not as good. And one of the best thi gs about clash i like is i can play with one hand. Not this because of stupid view. This game tries to be clash but simply not as fun. Not as many cards no spells. Very disapointed
Natron 4
Good! There are balance issues but your matchmaking is great! Engineer is way overpowered. I do really like it! Some units dominate though. Especially vs people that haven't been given any decent troops. Please fix.
Ali 3
The game is pretty good. It is just the type of game I wanted but I got a problem that the graphics are pixelated even though my mobile can run it pretty easily on high. Please fix this problem. It is really ruining my experience.
Biggest 3
This game is well balanced and all but there is one major problem. This isnt just for this game but for all of your games. The CONNECRION ERROR!!! As a game i think its better than claeh royale but the connectoin errors really ruin it. Please fix it. Its really annoying. Thanks
Garry 5
I like this game. I see a bit of negativity saying this is a rip off but the game itself is nicely done. Good graphics, controls are simple enough and a few different units to chose from. I have not unlocked all the units yet but its fun to try different combos. Keep up thd good work!
Derren 5
A cool MMO Strategy game.. and I like it more than Clash Royale.. The troops in each Division is less but I'm sure Gameloft will add more troops and events in next updates.. Gameloft u r great.. 😆☺😃😁
michael 3
The angled play field HAS to get changed! It's hard to tell where you're placing your troops, and there's way too much background area showing. The heath bars for trips and towers ( specifically the number of hitpoints left on the tower) are difficult to read. Outs a fun take on Clash Royale, but in trying to separate this game from Clash, they've made the game more difficult and less fun
faisal 4
Update : i cannot play this game in mobile data, it always says no internet connection, please fix this issue Good game i think, but i think the UI/UX not realy nice, to many back button, and the graphic not really cool (i think CR better) and somehow the character movement/animation look "rigid". Waiting for the improvement.:) BTW it's a good game, thank you.
Lord 3
I'm not going to call it a clash royale rip off, it has different troops and might be a nice alternative. Only problem is clash royale has great graphics that look crystal clear but this game looks horrible with blurry pixelated graphics, please add better support for my older mali 400 mp2 gpu device or I'll just stick to royale.


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