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DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak - Android gameplay GamePlayTV

Description & Details

Annihilate the walking dead to save humanity from the zombie apocalypse!

A few months ago, the secret Research Center leaked a lethal virus "DEAD PLAGUE". The warm tropical environment spread the virus rapidly, turning people into enraged zombie mutants.

An organization named “BIOCORP” stood out to prevent the virus from spreading. You have been assigned into their strike team to work in the dangerous infected areas to collect DNA samples and reveal the mystery behind the outbreak. There is hope that a cure can be made. Act quickly and decisively to defend mankind from a killer virus spreading across in this survival and action packed top down 3D shooter!

• Male and female characters (each with a unique skills).
• The game can be completed in a single- or multi-player campaign with unique quests, missions and battles with Zombie BOSSES.
• Up to 4 players in the online co-op mode! Play with your friends!
• Story driven single player campaign with unique quests and missions.
• Vast arsenal of powerful weapons and character skills to help you stay alive.
• Additional battle equipment: mines, frag and stun grenades, adrenaline shot.
• Different types of zombies, with varied behaviors and abilities.
• Realistic lighting and dynamic weather environment effects.
• Twin Stick Shooter controls optimized for phones and tablets.
• Tough BOSS battles designed to push you to the limit.
• Translated into English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian.
• No additional downloads after installing the game!

Annihilate the walking dead to save humanity from the zombie apocalypse in this awesome top down zombie shooter!

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Android and Me

Android and Me

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Droid Gamers

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Android Police

Android Police

Latest Ratings

Michael 3
Cant access crafting. Ive finished all the challenges on the 1st and 2nd map but my crafting material from boxes doesnt show up i am unable to progress
mikhela 4
Will no longer allowed me to collect my weapon pars smh love this game pls fix it
killa 4
The game is pretty good one of the best zombie shooter games
The 1
Crafting materials won't show up which prevents me from going further, fix this!!!!!
Muhammad 3
Can't craft it, i don't know why.. Should be more impressive and fix it
BukanEncik 3
control bit difficult but I manage.
Spicy_Penguin17 2
My craft parts aren't saving. FIX!!
Wayne 3
Good zombie shooting game. The CoOp mode is fun too. The problem is cost you need to fix the durabilty. Its way too expensive. Please make a difference between upgrading and fixing durability
Coy 2
Just didn't like it. Couldn't tell where the guy was or the zombies really. The laser sight was dull. I kinda like the idea of the crafting aspect
Mohamed 4
Best Action shooting game Need some updates​ part 2 I am waiting second part I can't able to play automatically closed
Jason 1
Old game good.THIS VERSION SUCKS!!!


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