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Paint Warhammer miniatures like a master.

Paint Warhammer miniatures like a master. Whether you’re a fledgling painter looking to improve your skills or a veteran in need of a quick reference guide, this is your essential companion.

Inside the Citadel Paint app, you’ll find:
- A breakdown of key painting techniques from drybrushing to edge-highlighting
- Step-by-step instructions to paint any colour
- Detailed colour scheme guides for a wide variety of miniatures
- Techniques and tips for basing your miniatures
- A colour picker: See a colour you like? Using your device’s camera, the app will find the best match
- Inventory & Wishlist - manage your paint collection and prepare for your next project

This is your free guide to the Citadel Paint System - a straightforward and simple method for painting Warhammer miniatures that breaks down the process into a series of easy steps.

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Skylar 5
This app is such a huge leap forward. Something I would happily have paid money for, but good folks that you are, you went and made it free! One more reason I'm a GW fanboy for life! I'd love to see a feature for custom mixed colors - ratios, and whatnot. Maybe some support for photos of finished product - even an area for submissions to Games Workshop for featuring on their website. Heck, if we're fantasizing, maybe even some kind of reverse augmented reality where we can add neat backgrounds and stuff to our finished product!
David 5
You know, I wasnt expecting to find this app terribly useful, though I thought it was a grand idea. But it's actually become as much a part of my painting as my brushes and paints themselves. Great stuff! However, I'd like to see more than just space marine backpacks as colour samplers, and the ability to create your own paint processes, maybe even a way to share them!
Ramiro 5
Very good for what it is. Help you select by colour what base and layers or drybrushing colours to do. Helps track your inventory of paints as well.
Reda 5
Amazing app especially for beginners. The color list is an amazing feature.
Chris 3
Needs to be able to sort by color as well as color name.
Tom 4
Cool app, good features so far. Suggestions for future development; Videos - Duncan and Emma in your pocket! Painters - Like the old flash painters from the website, so we can design our own schemes and get our listed colours. More Schemes - Colour schemes for all of the factions listed in the codecies/battletomes. Saveable Custom Schemes - A way of adding colours to your "scheme" in much the same way as one adds warscrolls to one's battle in the AoS app. General fixes - Better loading time optimisation for images.
Max 5
I don't normally write reviews for apps but I wanted to take the time to write for this because of how spectacular of a job Games Workshop did with this app. This app is incredible, particularly the predefinded swatches and the inventory. I went to my local game store the other day to buy paint and actually got all the paints I needed (a very rare occurrence for me). Thanks for the great work.
Raptor987 5
Great app! Been looking for something like this for ages. The search system works fine and the inventory is the most useful tool i have come across, but please can you add a couple of 40k vehicles. Thanks, keep up the good work Oh yeah, nearly forgot, thin your paints. EDIT: This app is still a great app, but some SM tanks would b nice. If u add those then this app will b perfect. Most factions from 40k are now supported as well and it is no longer centred around AoS.
Malev 4
Solid. One thing that I would like to see and think would be useful is for an actual picture of the Paint pot to be displayed when you click on it. The color in the swatches is sort of useful, but seeing the pot would help too.
Andreas 2
App doesn't do the things gamesworkshop said it would do. Paint by model is just stock images with a color that vaguely lines up with what's on it linked. Many times they obviously use different colors the the ones displayed. Games workshop advertised that we were going to be able to pick our own color combinations and demo what that would look like on the models. Not what they delivered at all. Also a very limited selection of models to choose from with very few color combinations represented.
Sutehk 4
Makes the 'eavy metal look a lot simpler to match. A great tool for the new painter that needs the extra help in laying out their scheme and paint purchases. Great idea for the camera, unfortunately it cant be directed to a central point if there is more than 1 color in the frame. So, the app reads a random point, not always what a person may want.

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